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10" X 4.5" Twin 10-in Big Blue Water Filter


The Big Blue filtration systems are specifically designed to cater to areas where a high flow rate is needed, for example, an entire house, industrial area, or commercial zone.

Installed on mains plumbing, sediment and chlorine are removed from all faucets/ showers throughout the premises at up to 75 litres per minute, protecting tap washers, hot water systems, and appliances.

The system size you require can be determined by the water quality and what is required to be filtered from the water.


This Twin 10" Big Blue High Flow Whole House Filter is the most comprehensive and cost-effective system available today. Engineered for maximum filtration and maximum performance, it comes with minimal maintenance. This multi-filtration system filter housing easily handles your tough water problem. It provides great tasting, safer, softer, cleaner, better-tasting water while removing hundreds of other contaminants and providing an adequate water flow. Twin 10-inch Big Blue Water Filters are ideal for high-flow water filtration applications. The 10 inch Big Blue Water Filter's unique, wide cartridge can filter enough water for a large house, apartment, or busy office!

Filtration Process

Supplied unassembled as installation flow direction varies | All parts made from approved food-grade materials 

Twin 10" Big Blue High Flow Whole House Filter Options:

Twin 10" Big Blue High Flow Whole House Filter Options

5-micron Pleated sediment water filter cartridges 

Twin 10" Big Blue High Flow Whole House Filter Benefits: 

✔️For sand, rust, mud, particles, algae, filterable cyst, rust particles from old piping, animal parts, and any other sediments.

Water filter cartridge Sediment Carbon Block

5 Micron Sediment & Activated Carbon Cartridge 


✔️Reduces herbicides

✔️Improves taste, smell, and quality


5 Micron Carbon Block with Polypropylene Sediment Replacement Cartridges

Polypropylene Sediment Filter


✔️The filter is a 3-layer density type. The service life is 30% higher than the general sediment filter.

✔️Accurate micron rate control. The outer layer is 10-micron. The inner layer is 5-micron. Then, the middle layer is 7-micron. A 5-micron Particle removal rate is over 95%

✔️100% Fresh Polypropylene.BPA Free

✔️Manufactured by a fully automatic production line.


Carbon Block Filter 


✔️Effectively reduce unwanted tastes, odor, chlorine

✔️Cleaner, softer water for bathing, cleaning, washing

✔️No channeling, fluidizing, and bypassing

✔️Maximum service life and resistance to fouling

✔️Protects other water filters, heaters, and appliances from sediment

sediment Coconut carbon filter

5 Micron Sediment Filter & 1 Micron Coconut Carbon Block Filter


✔️Remove 99.99% Chlorine

✔️Food Grade Material

✔️Low-Pressure Drop

✔️Standard 10" x 4.5"

✔️Include Chlorine Tester


Spun sediment filters are poly-spun filters. It removes sediment particles like dust, dirt, clay, leaves, debris, and suspended solids in water. Also, the pleated filters will remove sediment. You can clean and reuse it.

Carbon water filters are made from activated coconut carbon. It will reduce or remove chlorine, odour, colouration, taste, pesticides, herbicides, volatile organic compounds, and a wide range of impurities in water. But, not that only a 1-micron absolute or 0.5-micron nominal carbon block will remove cysts and micro-organisms. It includes giardia, cryptosporidium, and blastocysts. While the nanosilver carbon block will remove all of these as well as 99.99% of bacteria that may be present in your water.

Manufactured according to NSF + FDA + WQA certification standards | Dependent on water quality + usage filters should last 6-12 months or +/- 30,000 litres.

Customer Reviews

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Spencer Burnie
Great Savings

This whole house filter is a game-changer for my family's health.

Excellent Product and Service

I no longer have to worry about hard water buildup damaging my appliances.

Melvin Doyle
Improved our water

The filter is effective at removing sediment and rust particles.

Justine Dubbo

Improved the taste of my coffee and tea dramatically!

Easy to assemble

Easy to replace filters.