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Awesome Water Filters 8 Stage

Our class-leading awesome water filters 8-stage water filters fit most water coolers.

This is the perfect solution if you are seeking pure filtered alkaline mineral water at an affordable price.
  • Turns tap water into alkaline water
  • Fluoride reduction
  • Removes all heavy metals
  • Adds natural minerals
  • Removes chlorine in town water
  • Removes all bad taste and smell

8 Stage KDF Water Filter Infographics



Our Awesome Water Filter 8 Stage Water Filter restores your tap water to a clean, great-tasting, mineralized, and alkalised pure state.  Firstly, every water drop drips through our famous class-leading Awesome Water Filters 8 Stage KDF Water Filter system.  Secondly, our awesome water filters cleans and infuse your water with earth-derived natural minerals.  Overall, it's the perfect solution for home water filters or office water dispensers.

KDF is a filtration process. In other words, it can greatly reduce contaminants in water using an oxidation/reduction (redox) reaction. Moreover, they're used in treatment applications in order to reduce heavy metal contamination, chlorine, and hydrogen sulfide.


The Awesome Water Filters Result

It's great-tasting, mineralized, pure, alkaline water that helps your body stay pH-balanced, healthy, and hydrated.  In other words, it's a great way to keep the entire family or office properly hydrated and healthy with our awesome water filters.

If you have ever considered purchasing an awesome water filters 8 stages KDF water filter for your water cooler for your home or office? That's to say, the information below will help you understand the different smart technology and functions available on how our Awesome Water Filters will change the way you drink your water.  Most importantly, to improve our most precious resource water, by using our Awesome Water Filters. 

Awesome Water Filter 8 Stages:

1. Primary Filter Felt Pads – Acts like a silt pad removing rust and sediment particles suspended in the taps.

2. KDF – Assists the next stage (activated carbon) to remove chlorine, organic matter & heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury & arsenic.

3. Activated Carbon – Removes chlorine, organic sediment as well as the bad smells & taste associated with chlorine used in town water.

4. Mineralised Balls – These natural minerals derived from natural clay's adding back valuable minerals to the body. Examples of these minerals are iron, zinc, lithium, magnesium, potassium & iodine.

5. Mineral Coralite Balls – Slow release minerals mostly calcium is released into the water over time.

6. Activated Carbon – An additional finer granular layer of activated carbon making alkaline water.

7. Mineralised Balls – Finer grade of stage 4 above.

8. Ceramic Plate – Final stage of filtration that has the potential to remove some forms of bacteria. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is KDF?

KDF is known to kill algae and fungi, control bacteria growth, and remove chlorine, pesticides, organic matter, rust, unpleasant taste and odour, hydrogen sulfideironleadnickelchromiumcadmiumcalciumaluminummercuryarsenic, and other organic compounds.
Effectiveness, 24/09/2015, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KDF-55 

What are  the benefits of KDF Media?

The KDF medium can remove over 99% of free chlorine by reducing dissolved chlorine gas to water soluble chloride ions. As a result, this media is incorporated to our 8 stage water filter and into shower filters and into cartridge at the tap.

Additional benefits:

  • There are many benefits you can get on KDF.
  • Firstly, it's effective in removing a wide range of contaminants.
  • Secondly, cost effective and extend life and efficiency of carbon filters.
  • Thirdly, it's recyclable.

And add much-needed trace elements to your water including:

Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iodine, Lithium, Potassium, Iron.

Why people want to drink pH-balanced alkaline, antioxidant, mineralized and hydrogen-rich water? Most wants to feel better, perform better and enjoy a healthier life. More importantly, it's easy to install, operate and replace the filter!

Look at the cost of buying bottled water each year for a family of four and compare it with the cost of using our super economical Awesome Water Filters. 

Water Filter Cartridge Replacement

The Awesome Water filter will last depending on the water source and its usage rate. The water filter cartridge replacement ensures good performance of your filter. We recommend changing the water filter every 6 months. The replacement helps maintain its optimum effectiveness to convert regular tap water into premium quality pure filtered alkaline mineral water.

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