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2 x 1 Micron Coconut Carbon Block Water Filter 10" x 4.5

This whole house water filter system is compatible with our 10" x 4.5" Triple Stage Whole House Filter 10" and 10" X 4.5" Twin 10" Big Blue Whole House Filter


Features & Benefits

  • Remove 99.99% Chlorine

  • 10" x 4.5" Standard Size

  • 100% Coconut Carbon

  • 1 Micron Low Pressure Drop

Package Includes:

  • Carbon Block Filter x 2 

Cartridges Life:

  • Carbon Block Filter: Up to 6 months

Operating Parameters:

  • Inlet Pressure: 20~120Psi
  • Temperature: 4~40°C 

Filtration Process: 

Coconut Carbon Block Filter:

Remove sediment, particles, chemical, heavy metal, and some colour extraction. Slightly taste achieved.

Carbon Block Filters are manufactured using powdered COCONUT activated carbon with specially designed adsorbent media for chemical and reduce chlorine taste & odor and other contaminants.