Awesome Freestanding Water Cooler With Fridge

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Our Awesome Freestanding Water Cooler With Fridge is the perfect solution for your home or office's hot and cold filtered water cooler requirements.

So, if you're looking for a hot and cold fridge with water dispenser with additional storage space, this could be the perfect solution for you.


  • Microchip controlled, VFD display
  • Freely setting heating/cooling temperature
  • Gas Compressor cooling-heating
  • Heating capacity: >=90Deg. C 5L/H
  • Cooling capacity: <=10Deg. C 2L/H
  • Heating watt: 500W
  • Cooling Watt: 98W
  • G.W./N.W.: 21KG/19KG
  • Dimensions: 36x31x95CM

Water Cooler Fridge Features

  • Hot and cold pure filtered fresh awesome water saving you 80% compared to bottled water
  • 20-liter fridge compartment (the water condensation tray in the fridge compartment needs to be emptied every three days)
  • Premium quality 8-stage KDF Carbon Mineral Awesome Water Filter
  • BPA-free food-grade premium quality bottle set has enough storage space/volume for the busiest office or largest family
  • Hot water safety child lock
  • Easy use simple digital display will give you total control & peace of mind with quick reference icons and color display so you always know that your Awesome Cooler is functioning correctly.
  • Hot water (>92°C) & cold (<04°C)
  • Easy-to-use push button faucets providing pure awesome filtered water
  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Utilize where benchtop space is at a premium
  • 2-year warranty on the efficient electric compressor that economically chills the water is very quiet, and you can hardly hear it running.
  • 12-month warranty on all other parts.
  • Tested to Australian standard SGS/140380 current.
  • Awesome Cooler dimensions are 36cm x 31cm x 94cm.
  • Unrivaled after-sales customer service can count on by calling us at 1800 789 781.

Child-Proof Lock

This freestanding water cooler and dispenser has a smart, hot water safety lock feature. The water cooler fridge
also features an easy-to-use digital display that lets you control the hot and cold water temperature. In addition, it also helps maintain energy efficiency at all times.

Comes With A Genuine 8 - Stage Water Filtration Cartridge

The premium quality 8-stage allows you to have pure healthy alkaline filtered water at an affordable price 24/7. Minimum savings of 80% when compared to bottled water.

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