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RO 3000 3 Stage Benchtop Reverse Osmosis Made in USA

RO 3000 3 Stage Benchtop Reverse Osmosis  Made in USA Benefits:

  • Removes Heavy Metals
  • Removes 99.9% of Chlorine and Fluoride
  • pH level 8.5 - 9.5

    This RO 3000 3 Stage Benchtop Reverse Osmosis has been newly configured to improve the filtration efficiency with larger high capacity cartridges than its 4 stage predecessor.

    This system removes contaminants that are of concern to the consumers – such as chlorine, dissolved solids, fluoride, bacteria, parasites, viruses, inorganic chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals. It has been made using NSF-certified, premium components and is fully portable. It is both hand-built and tested in Australia and includes a 5-year warranty*. 

    This system meets The WaterMark specification AS/NZS 3497:1998 Amdt 1 2001 Drinking water treatment units—Plumbing requirements. Certificate Number 23124. 

    RO 3000 3 Stage Benchtop Reverse Osmosis  Made in USA Features:  

    • No plumbing required – simply connect to the kitchen, laundry, or bathroom tap/aerator 
    • 5 Year Warranty – Hand-built & factory tested in Australia 
    • Filtered water does not pass through established home plumbing – thus avoiding potentially corrosive and pH-induced change in older whole-house plumbing and faucets 
    • Convenient Portable Design – Ideal for renters and can be moved from room to room easily if needed 
    • Superior contaminant-free water quality using proprietary 4 stages inline filtration 
    • The RO Membrane typically only needs replacing every 4-5 years 
    • Water tastes crisp, clean, and satisfying 
    • Can be adapted to dental surgery or medical conditions with an optional Ion-exchange filter 
    • Optional mineralizer filter cartridge easily added.  

    Filtration Process

    Stage 1 – Carbon Pre-Filter Made in USA

    Removes particulate matter, chlorine, and other organic pollutants for membrane protection. 

    Stage 2 – Ultrafine TFC RO Membrane Made in USA
    Screens to 0.0005 micron, filtering viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Repels heavy metals and removes fluoride and hydrocarbons.


    Stage 3 – Carbon Post Filter Made in USA

    Polishing filter results in great tasting, pure water.

    Package Includes:

    • IT001375 Plastic Cover RO4000
    • IT001374 Plastic Base RO4000
    • IT001172 Diverter Lever 1/4 Brass
    • IT000685 CTop Adaptor
    • IT000669 CTop Hose Cont.White 1mtr 1/4"
    • IT000675 CTop Hose Cont. Black 1mtr 1/4
    • IT000676 CTop Soft Hose Cont. Blue 1mtr 1/4"
    • IT001702 Gauge 40mm WS Logo 1/8 150PSI Liquid WS/logo (A)
    • IT002490 Bulkhead Union 1/4 x 1/4
    • IT002543 Gauge Adaptor 1/4 tube x 1/8 Female thread
    • IT000195 QChange GAC WL5540 5 Mic
    • IT002761 WS QC5 Membrane USA 2
    • IT000985 JG Rigid Elbow White 1/4 tube x 1/4 male NPT
    • IT002411 Membrane to Membrane Double Clip 2.5" x 2.5"
    • IT002497 Bracket to Membrane Single Clip 2.5"
    • IT000998 JG Equal Tee - White 1/4
    • IT000967 JG Stem to Tube Elbow 1/4 x 1/4
    • IT000236 QChange Head (WL-NV-1/4)F Threaded
    • IT001048 JG Locking Clips 1/4
    • IT0025952 in 1 Flush Valve - 200ML 


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