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Are Hot Water Dispensers Worth It?

May 05, 2022 7 min read

If your team is a major tea or coffee drinker at home or work, waiting for the kettle to boil might eat up a lot of time over the year. However, installing a hot water dispenser can regain those hours while also saving energy and money and having steaming hot water literally on tap.

Kettles are a thing of the past, but the best hot water dispenser will let you prepare that brew in a flash. They boil water more quickly, more effectively, and in larger amounts. So whether it's for a morning coffee, miso soup, or a baby bottle, there are many uses for one around the house. So are hot water dispensers worth it?


Do you still need persuasion to buy a hot water dispenser? Filling, transporting, lifting, and pouring a kettle can be challenging for certain people with chronic pain or mobility limitations, a problem that hot water dispensers tackle with their simple push-button controls and static vertical spouts.

Another significant advantage of a hot water dispenser is the speed you may get a perfectly boiled cup of water – in many circumstances, up to four times faster than with a traditional kettle. They're also more energy-efficient because they only boil as much as they require at a time.


A hot water dispenser is a mains-fed system, which means that the water comes straight from your plumbing system, ensuring the water is fresh and not stagnant due to storage in a tank.

Water is drawn from the main water system into the water boiler machine when the machine is turned on. The water passes through a filtration procedure to reach the appliance from the mains. To begin with, the water is filtered using modern carbon filters, which gives it a clear, crisp flavour with no odour. Contaminants such as chlorine, volatile, organic chemicals, sediment, and any other disagreeable tastes will be removed by the carbon filters.

The water is then sent to the machine's heating element after passing through this filtration mechanism. A hot water boiler's heating element is much faster than a kettle. Therefore it just takes a few moments to heat up. The filament in a hot water boiler guarantees that the water is heated to above 90 degrees Celsius, killing any bacteria that may be present in the water, making it entirely safe to drink and at the ideal temperature for all of your favourite hot beverages.

The hot water boiler is the ideal complement to that perfect hot drink, with the operation of the filters and heating filament providing fresh, clean tasting water at the appropriate temperature.


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Water Tank Capacity

When purchasing a hot water dispenser, make sure it has a large enough water tank to meet your requirements.

There are a variety of machines available, each with a different water tank capacity. If you find yourself standing at the kettle between 5 and 7 times a day waiting to boil, you should invest in a hot water dispenser with a tank capacity of around 2-2.5L.

If you're a casual hot beverage drinker, a hot water dispenser with a quantity of 1.5–2L is a good choice.

Water Filter Feature

Several of the hot water dispensers now include built-in water filters. These water filters can purify any water you put in the dispenser, providing clean, delicious water in every cup.

It's important to realise that these filters aren't indestructible, and you'll need to replace them eventually.

Heating Element Power

You don't want to spend a lifetime waiting for your hot water to be dispensed and your cup of coffee to be finished. When it comes to getting the best hot water dispenser for you, selecting a hot water dispenser with a powerful heating element is critical.


An extended warranty on any product is a terrific way to gain consumer trust, and hot water dispensers are no exception. Most manufacturers include a two-year guarantee with their products, with some going much farther.

Water Temperature

The majority of water dispensers available on the market dispense water at the ideal temperature for your daily hot beverage. On the other hand, some hot water dispensers may dispense hot water at a temperature that you specify.

The ideal water temperature is 85 degrees Celsius if you like herbal teas. Still, you also like coffee, the perfect temperature is 95 degrees Celsius, and then a hot water dispenser with varying temperature settings is the way to go.


The utilisation is slightly more than 1/2 kilowatt hour every 24 hours, which corresponds to roughly 6 or 7 cents per day, depending on your local electricity rates.

Installed beneath the counter is a time-saver you'll be glad you found. Of course, you can make hot beverages much faster than you can with a stove or microwave, but there are other benefits. For example, if you're making pasta, you'll need to boil water. The time it takes to bring this water to a boil is considerably decreased by dispensing water pre-heated water to roughly 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Time has been saved!


You want to get the most out of your instant hot water dispenser investment. Cleaning and maintaining your unit is necessary to ensure a long lifetime, so you need to do it regularly.

Look for self-cleaning features and built-in filtration when purchasing a dispenser to reduce the time you have to spend maintaining it.

Depending on your water source, you will need to descale your machine every few months by filling the tank with bicarbonate of soda. To get rid of residue, run a few full water tanks through the unit. You'll be ready to go!



These days, everyone wants to be environmentally conscious. You help the environment, but you also help your cash by lowering your energy expense. It's all about how you use it when it comes to efficiency. Since they only heat your water once, under-sink hot water dispensers are extremely efficient. The water is insulated at the desired temperature until you use it.

If you only use your dispenser for the occasional cup of tea, boiling a tank can be excessive, and a countertop option allows you to fill up as needed.


A clean aesthetic is a king in modern kitchens. The beauty of an under-sink hot water dispenser is that it integrates into your kitchen design, providing heating water right from the faucet.

Most countertop hot water dispensers are sleek and sophisticated, but an under-sink device will appeal to you if you like minimalism.


You're tied down with an under-sink hot water dispenser since your hot water comes from the tap. While you'll have hot water when you want it, you'll have to go to the sink to get it. Countertop devices are portable and can be set up anywhere there is an available source of air conditioning. It's ideal for both parties and business meetings.


Is it true that a hot water dispenser boils the water?

Although a hot water dispenser boils water, we've discovered that it's no longer at boiling temperature by the time it's dispensed into a glass. The temperature of water delivered from a hot water dispenser into a room-temperature mug is 91°C.

We repeated the experiment with a freshly boiled kettle, and the water reached a temperature of 96°C when poured into the mug. Tubes link the heating tank to the dispensing nozzle of a hot water dispenser. Heat is lost during boiling and travelling through these pipes. That's why the water has cooled by a few degrees when delivered.

What is the best way to descale my hot water dispenser?

Yes, hot water dispensers, such as kettles and coffee machines, should be descaled regularly to ensure that they continue to function effectively. The frequency with which you descale them will be determined by how frequently you use them and how harsh the water supply is where you live. Several manufacturers suggest descaling every three months. However, we recommend consulting the instruction book for your specific appliance for more details.

Are Hot Water Dispensers Better than Kettles?

Yes, we believe they are superior to kettles if you search for a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to boiling the kettle numerous times each day.

Because hot water dispensers only reboil as much water as is needed from cup to cup, you'll save energy and money in the long term.

Hot water dispensers, in most situations, will also boil the necessary volume of water far faster than a regular kettle. So, if you replace your kettle with a hot water dispenser, you can say goodbye to the agony of waiting for that morning caffeine surge.

What is the average lifespan of a hot water dispenser?

According to our experience, the best hot water dispensers last between 5 and 10 years. However, how much you use it and how much care you give it will determine its duration.

Is it worthwhile to invest in a water dispenser?

Again, if you want to reduce the quantity of water you waste while simultaneously lowering your energy bills, a dispenser will be well worth your money.

What is the best way to clean hot water dispensers?

Most hot water dispensers also have detachable hot water tanks that you can clean easily with hot soapy water. Please refer to the instruction booklet with the hot water dispenser for more detailed cleaning instructions.

What is the temperature of water from a water dispenser?

The water temperature from hot water dispensers varies depending on the unit. However, it's generally around 94°C (201°F). Variable temperature control is available on some machines, allowing you to choose the exact temperature you want.

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A hot water dispenser is an easy to use device whenever you need a nice cup of hot water. Here at Awesome Water Filters, we offer some of the best water dispensers in Australia that'll help make your life easier. Have a glass of filtered cold or hot water anytime you need one—no need to wait for several minutes for your water to boil.