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Are Prill Beads Safe?

August 30, 2021 3 min read

Are Prill Beads Safe

We’ve heard a lot about how magnesium prill beads are great in filtering our drinking water. But are prill beads safe to use regularly and for a long time? Let’s find out!

What are prill beads?

Prill Beads are an all-natural water filter and revitalizer that creates “vital water” from any source. At the cellular level, Prill water cleanses and moisturizes the body. It helps it heal by boosting nutrient absorption and toxin elimination.

How does it work?

Prill beads are made from magnesium oxide prills using a proprietary bio-resonance technique that enhances life force and results in an alchemical metamorphosis. Prills were originally designed to clean up nuclear waste. But they’ve also been used to remove pollutants and toxins from open bodies of water, allowing wildlife and plant life to flourish once more. The new liquid is theoretically just water when Prill water replaces the energy of ordinary water (with molecules more tightly bonded). The water, on the other hand, is extremely different energetically.

Are Prill Beads safe?

Prill beads are safe! It keeps you and your family safe from drinking dangerous pollutants lying in your water. Because tap water has a hard time getting into your cells, you’ll need to drink more of it to maintain the same level of hydration. If chemicals kill the bacteria in your water, it will eliminate the bacteria in your stomach as well. Please try taking a probiotic supplement to help restore the balance of good bacteria in your gut. Your immune system will appreciate you when it comes to fighting flu season!

Precious Prills do not dissolve in water and appear to be indestructible. They don’t provide any minerals. When you replace the energy of normal water with Prill Water, which is similar to dew, the new liquid is technically merely water. These molecules, on the other hand, are smaller and take up less space than different energies. As a result, this water is easier for living cells to absorb, and it is a lot of superior body moisturizers.

How good is Prill Water?

  • It tastes better than any bottled water.
  • It’s free of toxic chemicals.
  • Every cell in your body is properly hydrated.
  • Improves nutrition absorption and toxin removal
  • It has a greater pH, lower surface tension, and increased oxidation-reduction potential than the water you regularly use.
  • Cleans your kitchen effectively and aids in the cleaning of septic systems and sewers.
  • Enhances the flavor of fruits and vegetables
  • Cut flowers and plants have a longer life span when using this product.
  • Enhances the appearance of your skin, firms drooping wrinkles, and aids digestion and elimination
  • Reverse degenerative diseases (aches/pains, joint health) over time.
  • When used with a humidifier, it aids in the treatment of sinus and lung disorders.
  • It kills germs, bacteria, and fungi are among the lowest life forms.

Are Prill Beads Safe: FINAL THOUGHTS

Are prill beads safe? Here at Awesome Water Filters, we believe in the power of nature! Your tap water may hold contaminants that you won’t see. Even chlorine that the municipal adds to your water is not safe for consumption. We have to make conscious efforts to keep ourselves and our families safe. Start by purifying your water with Magnesium Prill Beads!

Don’t compromise your health by drinking tap water. Start filtering your water using prill beads and other filtration systems available at Awesome Water Filters in Australia!