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Learn More About Maifan Stone Australia

August 29, 2021 3 min read

Maifan Stone Australia

Maifan stone Australia has properties such as purifying water, restoring PH balance, activating water, and improving physiological function in the body. It’s a mineral or medicinal rock that’s non-toxic and biologically active. Inorganic aluminosilicate is the major chemical component.

Maifan Stone has a large capacity for adsorption of soluble heavy metals and chemical pollutants in water. It’s also great for ion exchange. It does all of these while also releasing rich minerals and boosting pH alkalinity levels in a moderate manner.


Aside from filtering tap water, you can also use Maifan Stone in your aquarium or pond as a supplement to typical filter media or as part of the gravel layer. High absorption is one of its most useful qualities. It releases beneficial microelements such as manganese, zinc, and borum while absorbing heavy metals and eliminating chlorine. They’re highly soluble.

Maifan Stones are popular for their advantages to fish livestock. In effect, normal water changes into artificial mineral water. Maifan Stones can also aid in maintaining the PH balance of water and have several traditional medical benefits. Conventional Chinese therapy of numerous maladies also uses stones to help digestive disorders, high blood pressure, and inflammation.


Maifan stone is high in minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, and selenium, all necessary for human health. It helps return the lost minerals such as ionized magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium ions lost during the purifying process.

Medication, water quality enhancement, food and health, environmental protection, beverages, deodorant, crops, flower cultivation, poultry, and aquaculture are just a few businesses that use it.


Mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, other heavy metals, and fluoride, and chlorine are all successfully removed by Maifan stone.


Maifan Stone is a rare mineral rock from nature used as alternative medicine. It aids in the improvement of the human body’s metabolism and the speeding up of blood circulation. It can help ease signs of high blood pressure, numerous skin disorders, rheumatism, and chronic gastritis. When you cook with Maifan enriched water or make tea or coffee with it, you’ll be able to get all of the benefits. For all of the benefits it provides, you can put it in the bottom of your water cooler container.



Maifan Stone has two types of adsorption. The adsorption capacity of Maifan Stone to heavy metal ions and toxins in water is high, allowing it to reduce bacteria concentrations and delay their reproduction rate. Mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead, and other heavy metals, as well as chlorine and other harmful substances, can be removed from the water.

Water pH

Maifan Stone’s PH value can be changed from 4 to 7, making it close to neutral or weak alkaline. So, you can apply the characteristics to the food industry to improve the quality of water and food and the human body’s function.

Biological Activity

Maifan Stone can boost biological activity in water by increasing dissolved oxygen concentration. It converts biologically inactive or degraded water into activated and physiologically active water. Maifan Stone’s mineralized water is termed “cell detergent” because it can eradicate dangerous heavy metals.

Regulation of Water Elements

Mineralized water and other related items made by Maifan Stone have obvious health benefits because Maifan Stone has the power to manage trace elements and constants in water in two ways to achieve the highest human body equilibrium.

Maifan Stone Australia: FINAL THOUGHTS

Maifan Stone Australia has a dual adsorption action, making it perfect as a water filter. It allows it to absorb heavy metal ions and pollutants from the water. It also reduces bacteria counts and delays their reproduction rate.

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