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Are Shower Filters Worth It?

September 23, 2021 3 min read

Are shower filters worth it?

Are Shower Filters Worth It

Every day, we as humans face so many choices that it can be overwhelming at times. Which route will I take to work? What are the plans for the kids after school? What are we going to eat for dinner? And when the decision concerns a large sum of money, the decision becomes even more difficult.

We can’t afford to buy meaningless goods because many of us live paycheck to paycheck. But now and then, a product comes along that speaks for itself. It’s shower filters in this scenario. All we can say is that it’s a product that’s well worth the money!


Minerals and chemicals, such as chlorine, can be found in water supplies all around the country. Shower filters aim to remove some of these toxins from your water, making it cleaner and safer. The majority of filters will state which chemicals and minerals they remove.

sprite shower filter system


It removes chlorine from your tap water.

Chlorine can irritate your skin and lungs. Chlorine in water even links to an increase in asthma symptoms! By adding a shower filter, you might potentially improve your skin and respiratory health.

It protects you from other chemicals.

Shower filters work the same way water filters do, limiting or eliminating your exposure to dangerous particles. Filters for baths and showers are made to target toxins that could harm the skin microbiota or compounds that could harm your lungs if inhaled.

Warm water causes chemicals to vaporize and our pores to open, making it easier to absorb and inhale hazardous compounds. As a result, it’s thought that showering with unfiltered water exposes us to more chlorine than drinking it.

It can make the water softer.

Hard water (typically caused by magnesium and calcium) can dry out your hair and skin. It makes it frizzy and difficult to maintain, according to hair and skin experts. Removing these contaminants from your water source is said to improve your skin and offer you the lustrous locks you’ve always wanted.

It’s easy to install.

Depending on the model, shower filters are linked to the shower hose or mounted on the shower arm. It’s a simple technique that takes only a few minutes and requires no special tools or plumbing knowledge.

It’s easy to maintain and replace.

Shower filters, like other water filtration systems, need to be replaced from time to time. If your shower filter has a removable filter cartridge, all you have to do is replace it.

On the other hand, other shower filters do not have removable cartridges, necessitating the replacement of the entire filter. It’s just as simple to replace a shower filter as it is to install one.

It gives you healthier hair and skin.

It all boils down to what’s in the water in this case. Before it reaches your bathroom plumbing, public water undergoes a thorough cleansing and treatment process. Adding chlorine to the water is one way that our cities ensure that the water is disinfected. Chlorine is extremely powerful at destroying microorganisms, yet it is hazardous to humans.

Even in tiny concentrations, chlorine can have a significant impact on the body. Chlorine destroys not only the harmful bacteria we don’t want around, but it also kills the good bacteria. It eliminates the Vitamin E as well as other fatty acids that make your skin supple and silky when it washes over it. Dry skin, rashes, itchy skin, and even acne might result as a result of this.

Your hair goes through the same thing. The natural oils that keep your tresses appearing healthy are stripped away by the chlorine in the water you use to wash them. Your hair may get dry and frizzy as a result of this.

A filtered shower head nullifies the chemicals in the water. It will leave you super clean while providing all the minerals your skin and hair require.

It helps delay visible aging.

Do you recall the free radicals? It turns out they have an impact on your appearance as well! Free radicals attack your tissue’s cells, causing wrinkles, creases, and dryness, which are similar to the consequences of prolonged sun exposure.

Use a filtered shower head to keep aging skin at bay.


Are shower filters worth it? Yes, it’s worth the splurge! The majority of people believe that filtered shower heads remove minerals and other contaminants from your water. And, while this is true, it is only the beginning! Filtered showerheads capture germs, microbes, and even hazardous substances like chlorine.

Using a filtered shower head is beneficial to your health, complexion, and hair, as well as your longevity. Browse shower filters from Awesome Water Filters in Australia today and start changing the way you shower!