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Do Shower Head Filters Work?

September 22, 2021 5 min read

Do shower heads filter work

Many of our clients frequently inquire about the advantages of adding a filtered shower head to their home’s filtration system. So, do shower head filters work? According to studies, filtering the water in your shower is more beneficial to your health than using the tap water filter on your kitchen faucet.

While you’re cleansing, scrubbing, and exfoliating filth and bacteria off your body, your shower head is spraying you with chemical-laden water and creating steam. It can be much more harmful. Additionally, it can result in various health issues, ranging from skin irritation and dryness to life-threatening infections.

Do Shower Head Filters Work?

The simple answer is yes.

Water is becoming a more significant concern as people pay more attention to their health and know how. This time it’s about the water we use every day in the shower and how it could be hazardous to us. Not to pick on municipal water utilities, but you should always question chlorine use. There are concerns about how our bodies are affected by our everyday showers and how the shower separates chlorine in aerosol form.

Shower Filters

How Does It Work?

Some manufacturers commonly use the KDF-55 piece in a shower head filter. Chlorine, heavy metals, and other toxins are reduced in your water, thanks to the KDF component.

Other companies also use chlorgon in some shower filters. Chlorgon is a chemical that transforms chlorine into chloride. At higher temperatures, chlorine can successfully remove chlorine.

Install your water filter and replace the cartridge regularly.

Chlorine in Your Water

The presence of chlorine and one of its metabolites, chloroform, is the most serious problem with unfiltered shower water.

The government water supply adds chlorine to our drinking water as a disinfectant. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claims that chlorine is added at acceptable amounts for us to drink, although the chemical’s metabolites can be dangerous.

Overexposure from chloride can lead to:

  • Dandruff: Chlorinated water causes more dandruff because it dries out your scalp, causing skin particles to flake off more easily.
  • Dry Hair: Chlorinated water disrupts your scalp’s natural moisturizing process, causing your hair to dry out and become brittle.
  • Hair Loss: Because dry hair is more delicate, chlorinated water can cause and hasten hair loss.
  • Damaged Dyed Hair: Chlorinated water has the potential to reduce the effectiveness of your hair color by hastening to fade.

Reasons Why You Should Install Shower Filters That Work

Here are some reasons why showerhead filters work and why you should install one:

Shower Heads Houses Bacteria

Your showerhead may have bacteria and germs that could make you sick. According to studies, a coating of biofilm on showerheads contains bacteria that cause sickness.

Biofilm bacteria thrive in wet, dark, and warm settings. Showerheads provide the ideal habitat for these microorganisms to thrive. A spray of bacteria from the biofilm can wind up on you when you take a shower.

Although the bacteria are not intrinsically harmful, they can cause illness in those who have compromised immune systems.

Mycobacterium avium was identified in 20% of the shower heads studied. This bacteria can cause lung infections in healthy people and people who have weakened immune systems, such as smokers, alcoholics, or people who have chronic lung disease.

Chlorine Can Cause Dry Hair

Chlorine doesn’t only dry out your skin but also damages your hair. Do you have the impression that your previously glossy locks aren’t as silky as they once were? Do you have brittle, dry hair that you can’t seem to get rid of?

Another reason to invest in a filtered shower head is for this reason. You can grow healthier, stronger hair by filtering out harmful substances like chlorine.

Prevent Premature Wrinkles

Do you have a problem with dry skin? When you get out of the shower, does it irritate your skin? It’s possible that chlorine in your shower water is to blame.

When we have chlorine in our water, it kills bad bacteria and kills good bacteria. It destroys gut flora, which are microorganisms that aid in digestion and produce vitamins B12 and K.

It also kills vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Eczema and rashes are common skin irritations as a result of this.

Chlorine also showed to hasten the aging process. Chlorine dehydrates our skin by sucking the moisture out of it. It can deplete the protein our skin needs, resulting in dry skin.

What are your options for dealing with this? To limit the amount of chlorine that your skin absorbs, invest in a shower head filter.

Makes Your Skin and Hair Healthier

There are some compelling aesthetic reasons to invest in a shower head filter. The problem with even trace levels of chlorine in your shower water is that it attaches to your skin and hair, eliminating moisture and altering the balance of beneficial microorganisms on your body.

Your skin may become dry and irritated as a result. Plus, it may lead to wrinkles and discoloration, both of which are early aging signs. A shower filter helps neutralize chemicals. It will leave your skin soft and lustrous from the your first use. Do you have itching, red skin after showering? You may use a filter to help you out.

The same thing happens to your hair. The natural oils that help moisturize your hair follicles are depleted by chlorine, resulting in an irritated scalp and dry, curled hair. Also, it can help restore the natural gloss and structure of your hair while also enhancing elasticity and reducing frizz. You wouldn’t be the first person to regain their youthful, smooth, and lustrous hair. You’ll also save costs since you won’t need to purchase expensive conditioners, hot oil treatments, or expensive coloring treatments at the salon. After switching to a filtered shower head, several customers have claimed that they no longer need to treat their scalp and their hair color lasts longer.

Cleaner Showers and Shower Glass

The presence of watermarks or silt that forms on the shower glass or walls is one of the most visible features of unfiltered showers. Its evidence of the numerous chemicals and pollutants ejected by the showerhead. The filter will reduce water streaks in your shower if you use a filtered shower head. It gives you peace of mind that the filter is working and reduces the amount of time you spend cleaning your shower of hard-to-remove filth and watermarks.

A cleaner shower is always an added benefit of filtering your shower water!

types of sprite shower filter system

How do I know when it’s time to replace my shower head filter?

Though it’s practically difficult to predict how long your shower head filter will survive, we constantly consider how you frequently use the filter. Also, we take note of what kinds of impurities are present in your local tap water. The basic rule of thumb is:

  • Change your filter every 4-6 months if you’re a single person (or don’t use it much).
  • Replace your filter every 3-4 months if you’re a couple (or if you use it a lot).
  • Change your filter every 2-3 months if you have a family (or use it a lot).


Do shower head filters work? Most definitely! In the end, your health and safety come first. You deserve a nice shower experience and softer hair without toxins, whether it’s your drinking water or the water in your shower. You’ll notice that it makes a difference without being prohibitively expensive.

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