Benefits From Drinking Filtered Water

April 07, 2022 3 min read

Water is essential in our busy lives. Aside from quenching our thirst, it boosts our immune system, aids in bodily functions, and cleanses our body of toxins promoting better health and wellness at home or in the office or workplace. Drinking pure and clean drinking water is essential in our everyday lives at work or at home. However, you might have encountered different kinds of water-tap water, bottled water, distilled water and filtered water. Is filtered water the best option for you?

Filtered water is water purified by going through a fine barrier or through stages of biological or chemical processes. Impurities such as chemicals and bacteria are removed from the water through the filtering process. Awesome Water Filters offer a premium quality 8 stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Filtration System. This class leading technology removes many harmful chemicals and replaces much needed minerals to improve your health and well being.

Benefits From Drinking Filtered Water



Here are some of the benefits from drinking filtered water.

Cost-efficient water filter

Buying a water filter or water machine for your home means shelling out a significant amount of money at the onset. However, owning a drinking water filter will be cheaper in the long run rather than buying bottles of water which average at about $12 each. You only need a water filter and water from the tap to have an unlimited amount of clean and filtered water. If you choose to buy bottled water for your daily filtered water consumption, imagine how much you will be spending for water in a year.  With our smart premium quality Instant Hot and Cold Filtered Drinking Water filtration system, you can save 80% when compared to bottled water.

Clean and safe filtered water

Filtered water reduces the risk of drinking water contaminated by bacteria, chlorine and chemicals. You can be sure that through our premium 8 stage water filtration system, you can effectively clean and filter your tap water and economically drink clean and disease-free water 24/7.

Healthy and purified water

Even if water filtration systems purify water and remove impurities, they do not remove the important minerals that our body needs like zinc, iodine, calcium and magnesium. Drinking filtered water has a lot of proven health benefits. It enables our body to absorb more nutrients, speeds up our metabolism, is anti-aging and neutralises the acidity of our body.

Eco-friendly processes and systems

Something as simple as drinking a few bottles of water a day has a huge impact on the environment. Millions of water bottles are consumed in the world every day and this contributes waste to our already polluted environment. Not to mention the amount of energy needed to manufacture all those bottles, the entire water bottle industry is harming the environment. By drinking bottled water, you contribute to the damage in your own way. Drinking filtered water is eco-friendly because you do not need to use bottles. All you need is a water filter and your tap water to produce clean, unlimited and healthy water saving the environment and your hard earned money.

How to have safe and healthy filtered water at home or office

The good news is, you can own and install your own Awesome Coolers premium quality water filtration system in your home or office. Water coolers for home and office water coolers are convenient economical and easy to use. The amazing thing about a water filter is it can also function as a hot and cold water dispenser. For all your water filter requirements, contact Awesome Water Filters. You and your family deserve clean, healthy and premium quality filtered water right in your own home at an affordable price.

Benefits From Drinking Filtered Water