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All You Need To Know About Alkaline Water

April 07, 2022 2 min read


What is alkaline water?

The pH of water is neutral, around pH 7. Chemicals and gases can change this to make it more acidic or more alkaline.


The pH of water is around 7, but some people say it may be more healthful to drink water that is alkaline.

Rainwater’s pH is slightly below neutral, because there is carbon dioxide from the air, and this increases acidity.

  • Acidic substances have a pH of below 7.0, down to zero. The pH of vinegar is around pH 3, lemon juice around pH 2, and battery acid around pH 1.
  • Alkaline substances have a pH up to 14. Baking soda’s pH is between pH 8 and 9, and milk of magnesia is between pH 10 and 11.

Water can be high or low in pH, but if it is too high or too low, it can have adverse effects.

Water that is too alkaline has a bitter taste. It can cause deposits that encrust pipes and appliances. Highly acidic water may corrode metals or even dissolve them.


Alkaline water has become popular in recent years due to a belief that it may benefit health. Awesome water  8 Stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Replacement Water  will filter and alter the Ph balance of your tap water. This filter is typically an activated carbon filter which will remove impurities and pollutants from the water.

It can prevent cancer. Some studies have shown that acidic environments help cancer cells grow. So the idea is that a diet high in alkaline water (high pH) and low in acidic foods will raise the body’s pH levels (make the body more alkaline) and prevent or even cure cancer.

It’s good for your skin. in your body to get rid of those free radicals eating foods rich and antioxidants like berries kale. and drinking lots of alkaline water will provide antioxidants. … but did you know that your skin actually needs a little bit of acidic water to help balance the pH.

You save time and money with an alkaline water. No more having to run to the store when you run out of water. No more empty plastic bottles to recycle. 

Suitable for any water coolers. Increase it’s effectiveness pairing it with our awesome benchtop water cooler to improve the quality of your drinking water!

Bottom line

If you want better health, and like to save money, an alkaline water is a smart investment. Think about it: You will be drinking water for the rest of your life; you will save thousands of money over your lifetime.

Call our team at 1800789781 or email us at and we’re very happy to accomodate your enquiries in regards on how we can transform your tap water into a very clean, pure drinking alkaline water.