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Benefits Of Alkaline Water

April 10, 2022 3 min read

Benefits Of Alkaline Water


Benefits of alkaline water have been well known for a long time in the wellness community that Alkaline Water is good for you.  Alkaline Water is a must have ingredient for the health-conscious individuals who utilize organic foods and living a healthier lifestyle through better diet, nutrition and lifestyles.  Alkaline Water is now one of the must have ingredients when cooking or drinking water.

By now you would be asking yourself how good is Alkaline Water and how is it different from regular tap water or any of the bottled water brands in the market today?  If you want to know about Alkaline Water and how this awesome water can assist you in changing your health for the better read on.

Here are some revelations about the benefits of alkaline water


Hydration on a cellular level

When water has been turned into alkaline water the body can absorb it better and this term is called “super hydrating” the body.  When the body is hydrated from consuming alkaline water, the process of aging is slowed down as cells can regenerate faster.  The antioxidant rich alkaline water protects against free radicals that cause cell damage.


During any normal day’s activities when consuming foods and drinks that have large numbers of acidic chemicals that create toxins as a form of water.  These can be stored in the body’s tissues and cells resulting in poor health.  Alkaline water is a great option to neutralize the acidic levels in the body and provide a natural detoxification.  This is achieved by reducing the acidic waste products from cells and tissues in the body.  This helps prevent poor health and even many cancers.


Brings the body into an alkaline pH

Alkaline water assists in regulating the proper level of PH in the human body.  Once this goal is reached and the human body is in an alkaline state cancer and many other illnesses cant live in an alkaline environment.  Drinking alkaline water will assist in keeping the human body’s PH at the right level.  Alkaline water regulates the immune system allowing it to facilitate the immune system to work at its best potential to help the human body heal itself.  Alkaline water also helps to keep your digestive tract in good order.  Your skin is much clearer when you drink alkaline water.  Keeping the human body in an alkaline state is great for your cellular health as well as your organ health.

Acts as an antioxidant

Alkaline water produces electrons, this enables the ionized water to counteract free radicals that are know to damage the human body.  Ionized water converts free radicals into oxygen which is used by the body to produce energy and tissue oxygenation.  Antioxidants as we all know look for free radicals to assist the human body in maintaining a healthy position.  With this in mind we all can now drink alkaline water as to maintain a healthier body instead of eating a piece of fruit or other food items that are rich in antioxidants.

If you thought alkaline water can only assist in the points raised so far you are wrong.  Alkaline water also assists in weight loss, reducing cholesterol, mental clarity, great hangover cure and increased bone strength.  If you are looking for an excellent source of alkaline water you have come to the right place.  Awesome Water Filters have the best alkaline water in Australia.  We are an Australian Company who have been providing Alkaline water in the Australian market since 2011.  You can see our range of alkaline water coolers and alkaline water dispensers here.