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Real Benefits Of Office Water Dispenser Coolers

April 10, 2022 3 min read


Real Benefits of an Office Water Dispenser

There has been a lot of news about the real benefits of an office water cooler in the office.  There are real advantages of using an office water cooler.  The office water cooler is not only a neutral place in the office or workplace to catch up with workmates and colleagues it is literally a fountain of youth.  Office water coolers increase productivity at work with their obvious health benefits.  There are three main areas where office water cooler benefits employees in an office or workplace.

Increased Office productivity through healthier employees

There have been studies that have shown that smart offices with office water coolers provide awesome positives that offices without one. With pure filtered drinking water on offer with some office water cooler users are more hydrated.  Being hydrated well is integral to increased productivity.  This happens through substituting sugary drinks for filtered water that tastes awesome.  With employees drinking more filtered water they will not get a sugar high. Such isntance results in employees experiencing a sugar high crash around 3 pm.

Increased Productivity through brain Function

There’s a lot of data to support the idea that people who consume filtered, sparkling water in the office regularly have a better brain function than those who don’t.  So, if your employees stay hydrated throughout the day it proves that they stay focused for longer. They also increase their productivity through brain function avoiding the dreaded 3pm speed hump.  In workplaces where there is a lot of talking, your employees will benefit from an office water cooler. It will help keep their mouths moist.

Sounding out Ideas at the Office Water Cooler

Bouncing ideas off colleagues at the office water cooler allows employees to gauge the effectiveness of their ideas.  Offices where there is no office water cooler does not allow this to happen.  Offices where employees segregates into their own workspace doesn’t allow the face to face interaction that a office water dispenser allows.  The office water cooler or office water dispenser facilitates conversations through providing a meeting place in the office environment.

We offer you a complete solution for your water cooler filtration system.  You can also add magnesium prill beads to your water supply to make the filtered water alkaline water.  Our cooler filters are class leading eight stage KDF activated carbon mineral water filter cartridges.

Best Water Coolers

Awesome Water Filters have a huge range of office water coolers and office water dispensers.  You can quickly install and service these office water dispensers with our local sales representatives who are in your area. Awesome Water Filters offer a floor standing water cooler or a benchtop water dispenser.  There is even a cost-effective and space-saving water cooler with fridge.  These high quality hot and cold water dispensers are top of the range premium quality and easy to use. No more bottled water!

Water dispensers offer several benefits, including providing access to great tasting water without the need for plastic bottles. Fed dispensers are connected to a source of clean and fresh water, ensuring that users have access to high-quality water at all times. Unlike plastic bottles, which contribute to plastic waste and are harmful to the environment, water dispensers offer a sustainable and eco-friendly solution. In addition, the use of water dispensers can also help to reduce costs associated with purchasing bottled water, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run. With their convenience, sustainability, and high-quality water, water dispensers are an excellent choice for any setting.


Our local sales representatives are able to service your hot and cold water dispenser every six months. We’ll help ensure optimum performance for your great tasting, filtered water.

If you’re looking to buy a water cooler or water dispenser with filter, call our team at Awesome Water Filters now on 1800 789 781.  You can also email us at . We are here to help.