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  • Best Whole House Water Softener Filtration System

    July 30, 2021 5 min read

    Best Whole House Water Filter And Softener System

    People always wanted to look for the BEST in everything and that’s not bad. We deserve the best especially when we talk about health. The easiest approach to deal with hard water concerns is to use water softeners or conditioners. However, they scarcely enhance water quality. On the other hand, water filters are effective in house filtration at removing dangerous chemicals and taste and odor, but they are ineffective for removing hardness minerals. In other words, you may require both a water softener and a water filter on occasion. What is the best whole house water filter and softener system combo?

    In this article, we’ll help you find the best whole house and water softener combo for your home.

    Best Whole House Water Filter And Softener System Benefits

    whole house filter system

    The advantages are numerous. Whole-house water filtration ensures that you get pure, awesome water at all of your home’s outlets, including the shower. All water-using household appliances will benefit, and their lifespan will almost certainly rise. Installing water filtration before a water softener can also assist keep it from clogging.

    A water softener, for example, is another piece of equipment that not only saves your household appliances from damage caused by hard water scaling. But it also ensures that your complete plumbing system requires less maintenance and repairs and lasts up to 30% longer since it prevents scale formation.

    Water heaters that have less or no scaling perform more efficiently and use less energy. Reduced spots on bathroom fixtures and dinnerware, as well as softer and brighter garments and improved lathering of soaps and shampoos, are all cosmetic benefits.

    • Scaling is minimal to non-existent.
    • Some systems don’t require any maintenance at all.
    • Even existing scale deposits will eventually disappear.
    • Water with no added sodium is beneficial for persons on a salt-restricted diet and for the environment.
    • You don’t need purchase new softening salt on a regular basis.
    • There will be no downtime and no wastewater if there is no regeneration.
    • The conditioned water isn’t slick at all.

    Best Whole House Water Softener Filtration System: How It Works

    how to filter tap water for drinking

    A whole house water filter, in general, employs one or more filter stages to remove specific impurities from the water.

    All traditional water softeners use ion exchange to remove hard minerals from water. The procedure takes place in a large tank that is filled with softening resin. It also processes via a media bed made up of thousands of small microbeads. The sodium ions supersaturate in the beads. It draws calcium and other hardness minerals out of the water when it comes into touch with the resin bed. They cling to the beads, which act like magnets, and replace the sodium ions in solution. The water is softened and ready for distribution before it reaches the bottom of the resin tank.

    When the resin beads can no longer bind any more hard water ions, you must regenerate the water softener. Backwashing the resin tank to expand the softened resin and remove any potential debris is the next step. The process starts with a brining phase in which highly concentrated salt brine draws from the brine into the resin tank during a regeneration cycle. The brine washes over the resin beads, removing any hard water ions and replacing them with a fresh layer of salt.

    Best Whole House Water Softener Filtration System Buying Guide

    best whole house water filter and softener system buying guide

    Check out Awesome Water Filters’ Buying Guide to help you choose the best water filtration and conditioner.

    Water Supply Quality

    Finding the best water filter and/or water softener begins with learning more about your water quality. If your water supply doesn’t have a recent quality report, you should have a direct sample evaluated by an independent lab. You can also get a test kit and conduct your own testing to get a general sense of the water pollutants and hardness levels you’re dealing with.

    Choosing the Best Water Filter Type

    • If your water holds a lot of sediment, you should invest in sediment (pre-)filter.
    • Install a carbon water filter system to remove chlorine, chloramines, and other pollutants and organics often found in tap water. Carbon is also useful for removing odors.
    • Iron water filters are used to remove iron, manganese, and sulfur from water.
    • Not only is KDF bacteriostatic, but it also lowers disinfectants and a variety of heavy metals.

    Choosing the Best Water Softener Type

    First, get acquainted with a water softener and water conditioner. Ion exchange is used in salt-based water softeners to replace hardness minerals in water with sodium or potassium. Also available are salt-free water conditioners that use a variety of methods to lessen the scaling effects of hard water without adding or subtracting anything.

    In order to refill their softening resin, saltwater softeners must regenerate. The capacity of a system is the number of grains it can remove between two regeneration cycles. Capacity ranges from 8,000 hardness grains when it comes to portable water softeners to 80,000 grains when it comes to whole-house systems. It can be higher if necessary, depending on size.

    Simply said, your new water softeners must be large enough to handle the hardness and demand of your water.


    In whole-house water filters, look for NSF Standard 42. It ensures that chlorine is reduced effectively. For cation exchange water softeners, NSF Standard 44 was created, and it covers topics like salt and water efficiency, as well as the effective elimination of hard minerals.

    Water Flow Rate and Pressure

    Both the whole house water filter and the water softener must be capable of processing enough water to feed the complete household – kitchen, bathrooms, appliances, etc.

    If this isn’t the case, your water pressure may suffer if you utilize too many water outlets at once, or raw feed water may flow through. For whole-house applications, a water flow rate of 10-15 gallons per minute is typical.


    The upfront costs of a whole house water filtration system and softener are crucial, but so are the operating and maintenance costs. Filter cartridges and media do not all last the same amount of time. Some are also less expensive to replace than others.

    When it comes to water softeners, keep in mind the costs of salt and the water required for regeneration (salt-based systems only). In the long run, a more expensive but more resource-efficient item is likely to be more cost-effective than something incredibly inexpensive.


    Installing a whole-house filter and softener is no more complicated than installing a whole house water filter or a water softener separately. So long as you have the proper tools, enough time and patience, and perhaps some past knowledge, you should be able to complete the installation on your own.

    If you don’t feel comfortable tackling the project on your own, hiring a plumber to conduct the installation for you will put you back at least a few hundred dollars.


    In terms of maintenance, the brine tank of a water softener must be cleaned once a year. You must also keep the salt level above the water level at all times. There are also a number of other maintenance jobs to complete. The same may be said about maintaining a whole-house water filter.

    Whole House Water Filter And Softener Combo Installation Cost

    FINAL THOUGHTS: Best Whole House Water Filter And Softener System?

    The best whole house water filter and softener system actually depend on your needs. You can find many water filter companies in Australia that may offer this amazing combo just like Awesome Water Filters. Contact us today to know more about the whole house water filter and softener system combo.

    This filtration method hybrid will guarantee you the BEST quality water you can ever imagine in Australia. Now, you can live in peace as your family uses only the water they deserve.