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  • Do You Need a Benchtop Hot and Cold Water Dispenser?

    September 06, 2022 7 min read

    Is it a must to have a hot/cold water filter dispenser?

    Having a countertop water cooler in the workplace or at home is useful, but there are some things to consider before buying one. Because of technological advances, several companies now provide powerful features that could have been extremely expensive a few years ago. Unfortunately, a large number of the items that are made in our throw-it-away world are not long-lasting.


    People no longer question whether tap water is entirely devoid of contaminants or metals because tap water is now the standard option for most families. The pipes that carry your tap water to your home should be your first point of consideration. You may have heard that lead poisoning used to be a common occurrence in the past since lead can rust over time and mix with anything left on lead plates. Your tap water follows suit since the pipes that carry the liquid are frequently constructed of lead or copper. Small quantities of these minerals gradually make their way into your water, and their concentration rises overnight as they have had more time to linger in the pipe. It is frequently advised to discharge some water at night only to eliminate the build-up because overtime can affect your health.

    The primary water storage method for a water cooler is via water jugs. These containers are quite inexpensive and work well for keeping significant water reserves. In addition, unlike tap water, all that water is not left in direct touch with copper or lead pipes because it is held separately. Using a water dispenser, you can have a delightful and secure beverage whenever possible because your water will interact less with copper and lead pipes.

    Using a Refillable Bottle Means Eliminating Plastic Waste

    Performing your part now is more crucial than ever because plastic garbage is havoc on the Earth and the ecosystem. Since tens of thousands of plastic water bottles are manufactured and bought daily, the amount of potential trash starts to pile quickly. Access to quick, easy-to-filter water is considered rare when it is not, which is why this worrisome product is being bought. Refillable water dispenser jugs can store much water at once and are ideal for active lives. They are a fantastic option if you want to live more sustainably.

    You might ask why a huge jug is perfect for a fast-paced lifestyle. Refillable water dispenser jugs are excellent for the environment because of how they are made and what they are used for. When used in conjunction with a thermos as well as other refillable temperature-sealing water bottles, this device can accomplish more than it can on its own. Together, these two enable rapid, icy water that is delightful without using wasteful plastic water bottles.

    Helps Improve Your Lifestyle and Health

    Owning a water filter will positively impact your health and way of life. When you can access filtered water, you will notice a gradual improvement in your everyday mood through direct and indirect improvements. How does that function? Continue reading.

    The first simple fix is filtered water; this removes all the undesired minerals and antiseptics from your water, which is fantastic for your health because these contaminants can be harmful if ingested in large amounts. There is always the thinking that perhaps you should get a cup and rehydrate yourself to check it out whenever you see those adorable water dispensers that are frequently present in waiting rooms. Given that the majority of your physical functions depend on water, it is generally recognised that water can boost energy and morale. Due to the ease of using a water filter over purchasing a bottle from the store, you will likely drink more water daily if you have one.



    How much water the countertop dispenser can supply is typically one of the first factors consumers consider. It has two water delivery options: refillable bottles or tying into your home's water supply.

    Home Connection

    A water dispenser connected to your home is always available and never runs out of water. When connected to the water supply, you won't have to strain to change the bottle, spend money on refills, or do it yourself. The drawback of installing the installation kit is that it frequently makes connecting the device to your home difficult. There are variations in configurations among dwellings. To let the system function, you could need a variety of adapters. Additionally, the water is typically not as thoroughly filtered as bottled water, and even then, you'll probably have to pay for and replace the filters regularly.

    Refillable Bottles

    Refillable bottles are significantly more prevalent and simpler to install than home-connected systems. Many of these devices only need a water bottle placed on the top and don't require any hoses or connections, while many must be plugged in. Additionally, thoroughly filtered bottled water has less chlorine and other minerals than typical tap water does. Due to the weight of full bottles of water, this dispenser has the drawback that water frequently spills when the bottle is inserted into the device. When using bottles, there is also a chance of running out of water if you use them more quickly than you intended. Most refillable containers are one to five gallons in size.

    Hot and Cold Taps

    Hot and cold water spouts are a fantastic addition to your countertop water dispenser. These devices contain chambers that produce and store both hot and cold water. It's convenient since the hot water is frequently hot enough to prepare tea, and the chilly side provides refreshing ice-cold water.

    Unfortunately, it would be best to exercise caution in this area because different brands define hot and cold water differently. Finding a model that can cool the water to at least 45 degrees is advised. Any warmer than that, especially on warm days, the water will seem warm. For making tea, hot water must reach a temperature of roughly 160 degrees. Many brands will indicate the temperatures on the package. However, if they don't, you must exercise caution.

    When you need a drink, it will frequently be the wrong temperature. The time the dispenser will take to reach the desired temperature is another factor to consider when selecting a water cooler with hot and cold faucets. The longer it takes the unit to attain temperature, the more electricity it will consume.

    Child Safety Lock

    A hot water child safety lock is crucial if you choose a model with hot and cold water spouts. A high-quality machine's hot water can grow much hotter than the advised 160 degrees, easily and quickly scalding and burning your skin.

    Hot and Cold Switch

    Cold and heat If you get a water dispenser that offers both hot and cold water, shutdown switches are another crucial element to look for. If you are not utilising a particular machine component, shutoff switches let you turn it off. If you rarely use hot water or are traveling on a short trip, it can be useful to reduce your utility bill.


    Makes Life Easier

    Have you ever considered the effectiveness and use of a water cooler dispenser? Drinking more water would be much simpler if you had quick access to cold or hot water. While having access to cool, cold, or hot water whenever you need it's wonderful, having a water cooler dispenser also encourages you to lead a healthier lifestyle. Since it's so simple to choose unhealthy options, most individuals tend to do so. If you had easy access to healthier options, you might choose them more frequently.

    Makes Hot and Cold Water Instantly

    Most likely, you have used a water cooler dispenser throughout your life without giving the workings of the device much thought. The blue toggle has the opposite effect from the red toggle, but how does this work? When you press the red toggle, you get hot water. Well, it is incredibly interesting while also being very simple. We take advantage of the fact that people won't always be drinking water when we design a water dispenser. By diverting some water from the main tank to a tiny sector committed to heating, our water dispensers can give hot water instantly. It also applies to the chilly side. However, there are additional procedures for safety. To ensure that the water flowing out is pure and refreshing, microbial cleansing procedures are in place for both types.

    Tap Water and Water from Water Cooler with a Filter

    The thought of microorganisms being present in tap water is horrifying. It implies that water straight from the faucet can have extremely small amounts of germs in it. Plumbing regulations for tap water require it to be fit for human consumption; any further requirements rely on your water provider's capacity.

    Encourages Rehydration

    You have probably heard the estimate that 70% of your body is made up of water. It's accurate because water is used for many internal bodily processes. Because of this, you can go for weeks without eating, but if you don't get enough water, you risk dying. In addition to keeping your skin clear of pimples, drinking water can help you stay hydrated. Drink some water the next time you have a chance, or get some from one of our dispensers.


    You've decided to purchase your company's hot and cold water dispenser. There is undoubtedly a water dispenser that will meet your requirements, depending on your demands! Consider your available area, budget, the type of dispenser you want, and other factors before hiring or purchasing a water dispenser.

    No matter what type of water cooler you prefer, Awesome Water Filters has the right style for you. We also have water cooler accessories that you may need to make your healthy water journey more convenient than ever.