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  • Is Filtered Water Good For You?

    September 11, 2022 8 min read

    We can improve our health by taking care of ourselves in a few very straightforward and important ways. Before investing in superfood powders, we must first get the fundamentals right. Let's discuss the value of proper hydration in this blog article and give you some food for thought on the type of water you should be drinking.

    Previously seen as a luxury, filtered water is needed for millions of homes and companies. Unfortunately, city water supplies in some places have been deemed dangerous for consumption since they are not always trustworthy. People who use filtered water can stay hydrated without worrying about ingesting chemicals, pesticides, or other pollutants because tap water quality fluctuates. One of the primary advantages of water filtration is the elimination of contaminants.

    Besides chemicals, tap water from the faucet frequently includes debris, suspended particles, viruses, and bacteria. Any combination of these substances can lead to significant disease and leave the water tasting or smelling unpleasant. Any hazardous particles deemed detrimental to the body are completely removed from water that has undergone a rigorous filtration procedure, leaving only pure freshness.

    Everyone benefits from having a trustworthy, healthier option to tap water in terms of health and wellness. If you decide it's time to switch, read more below.


    Woman drinking water Stock Photos, Royalty Free Woman drinking water Images  | Depositphotos

    A body that is well-nourished and healthy must drink enough water. Make sure you're getting enough water to maintain your energy and vitality.

    You'll continue to feel young, alert, energized, and radiant. To feel energized, rehydrate your body, and support your body's numerous processes, you must drink water. It is a crucial nutrient needed for effective digestion, food absorption, transportation, thermoregulation, waste disposal, and many other processes.

    Dehydration is most frequently caused by inadequate water consumption on the part of most people.

    Are you drinking enough water? It's one of the key concerns we should address. How much better for you is filtered water?


    We like to imagine our bodies as a vehicle. If you wanted your body to perform as well as a car, would you prefer to fuel it with bad quality "fuel" or high-grade fuel?

    One of the most neglected components of wellness is water. For optimum health, drinking clean enough potable water is crucial. While drinking water of poor quality may negatively affect your body, especially over time, we are fortunate enough to live in an area where we have a choice in the water we consume.

    We are only left with two choices for filtered water: either bottled water or filtered tap water.

    Given the enormous harm that single-use plastic bottles have caused and continue to cause to our ecosystem, I prefer bottled water to one that promotes the environment by using a water filtration system. Bottled water is not as environmentally beneficial as filtered water.

    It would be best if you also thought about the subject of microplastics. In most bottled waters and tap water, microplastics can be detected in significant concentrations. Despite its negative effects on the environment, bottled water is no longer a particularly healthy choice.

    Long-term plastic bottle storage of bottled water that frequently involves prolonged exposure to heat raises concerns about potential plastic-related contamination of the water.

    It's extremely simple, healthy for the environment, and economical to filter your water. Using filtered water, we may lessen contaminants, pollutants, and chemicals in our water.

    If you're anything like me, you can taste and smell the chlorine in tap water, which is why I prefer filtered water - to enhance flavour while reducing order.

    A water filter system will be far more economical and environmentally friendly in the long term than buying bottled water.



    Filtered water systems assist in removing contaminants such as sediments, chemicals, diseases, minerals, and cysts that may occasionally be present in tap water and may be harmful if ingested. Systems that employ filtered water can also lower the incidence of disease and other health issues that bacteria or pollutants (found in drinking water) may contribute to.

    Offers a Cool, Crisp Taste

    The flavour of water is influenced by its purity and temperature. There are water filtration technologies that only remove the most significant contaminants, leaving behind minor particles and persistent odours.

    Remove Heavy Metals

    Heavy metals are another typical pollutant found in tap water supplies. Numerous contaminants, including mercury, lead, arsenic, and dioxins, have been identified in water sources around the UK. The real impact of ingesting them through water is still unknown, even though they are only present in very minute concentrations. For instance, lead is recognized as exceedingly toxic and has been connected to several health issues. A 2011 study in the journal Clinical Biochemistry discovered a connection between postnatal lead damage and the emergence of autism. Other studies have connected lead exposure to male and female reproductive disorders and concerns with the prostate.

    Remove Chlorine From Tap Water

    In the UK, chlorine is the most widely used disinfectant for treating water sources. The small amount of chlorine left in the water after dangerous germs and illnesses have been eliminated might cause the odour we've already discussed in tap water.

    According to a study by the US Council of Environmental Quality, exposure to chlorinated drinking water increased cancer risk by 93%.

    The World Health Organization also discovered that populations that drink chlorinated water had a higher risk of bladder cancer than those not exposed to it for at least half their lifetimes.

    Promotes Absorption of Vital Nutrients

    The absorption of nutrients can be aided by filtered water. You will be drinking not simply filtered but alkaline water if you are utilising an alkaline ioniser water filter. In addition to tripling the rate at which water molecules and vitamins are absorbed by your cells, such filtered water is beneficial in various ways. Your metabolism and general health both significantly improve as a result.

    Filtered water has several more benefits for our metabolism besides improved nutrition absorption. Additionally, filtered water aids in accelerating our metabolism, which is essential for healthy bodily operation. According to statistics, households with water filters drink more water overall.

    Filtered water aids in weight loss by accelerating our metabolism. A quick and efficient metabolism is beneficial for sustaining our bodies' normal functions and for better digestion, leading to weight loss.

    Rich in Minerals

    A good whole-house water filter will remove the worst impurities from your water supply (the tap or the well) without removing naturally occurring minerals essential for optimal health.

    However, how effectively your water is filtered depends on the type of water filters you choose, such as whole-house, ledge, under-sink, or pitcher.

    In a sense, most drinking water filters that use more than one type of filtration will produce water far cleaner than water from a filter pitcher. Visit our water filter reviews page to learn how to choose a water filter.


    Promotes Hydration

    People are encouraged to drink more water by using filtered water, which is one of the essential elements of good health. But a lot of folks don't consistently consume it. While the precise amount varies depending on the study, eight 8-oz should be your daily target to stay hydrated. Dehydration can occur when people drink coffee, sports drinks, or other refreshments instead of water.

    Dehydration has a wide range of adverse symptoms, including dry skin, weariness, and headaches. Because your body isn't performing as efficiently as it should, it may also make you more prone to illnesses like the flu.

    Minimize Acid Reflux Symptoms

    While not all ordinary water filters will result in this improvement, alkaline water filters have been shown to lessen the ailment known as acid reflux or heartburn. Alkaline water can aid in neutralizing the acidic buildup that causes the uncomfortable burning feeling in your esophagus since it changes the pH level of drinking water.

    Easy to Use

    Most faucet water filters, such as a ledge or fixture filters, may be set up quickly and without the help of a handyman.

    After that, you must open the faucet and let the water pass through your filter before using it for drinking, cooking, or brushing your teeth.

    No more trips to the store. Plus, no carrying of filtered water containers, no refilling of empty 3-gallon bottles, and no managing of water delivery services. There's no trips to the recycling bins to get rid of plastic containers, etc.

    To maintain your water filter, you must change the filters and clean the frame by the manufacturer's instructions.

    Lesser Plastic Waste

    You will gain from drinking filtered water over bottled water regarding your health and the environment. Researchers predict that by 2050, plastic pollution in our oceans will surpass that of fish. It's due to the lack of widespread recycling of plastic, particularly plastic bottles. When this happens, garbage spills into the ocean from landfills. Plastic that is left on land takes hundreds of years to decompose naturally.

    Drinking filtered water from reusable bottles helps stop further environmental deterioration. Refill stations are more common, making getting water on the go easier without purchasing bottled water in crowded venues like gyms, airports, and hotels. It is a better option for the environment and customers. You only need one water container you may regularly use to get the required hydration.

    Reduce Limescale

    The awful scaly layer you see in your boiled water is caused by limescale, a byproduct of calcium carbonate. Limescale will be a significant issue in regions with very hard water. Limescale in your water will no longer be an issue thanks to a water filter. A countertop water filter can assist you in removing limescale from your drinking water., as stated in reason number 12.

    Water Quality Control

    Despite what it says on the label, one of the biggest problems most of us have with filtered water is that you never really know what you're getting.

    Numerous reliable investigations have shown that up to 40% of all filtered water is reprocessed faucet water.

    Improves Health and Wellness

    One of its biggest benefits is the extent to which it promotes optimal health and wellness. In addition to promoting hydration, water also aids in detoxification, lowers acidity, and maintains healthy joints and organs. The alkaline enhancement filter, one of the seven filters used in the advanced purification system, increases the water pH by adding ten trace minerals, helping to balance the acidity.

    Certain diets, stress, and other environmental variables can easily cause the body to become acidic. The filter helps the body achieve better equilibrium as a defense against this. This feature is just one more way that drinking filtered water has considerably more advantages for us than drinking tap water.

    Everything advantageous about consuming filtered water has a common thread. People are more likely to drink more water with a crisp, reviving flavour and enhancing hydration. People are looking for alternatives due to the growing desire to limit the quantity of plastic trash produced by bottled water. By using fewer plastic bottles, we can afford to purchase purified water for less money. Then, everything comes full circle by enabling us to concentrate on doing what is best for our health and developing a wellness-centered lifestyle.

    Healthier Skin

    Water is wonderful for our inside organs and helps our skin look younger. It increases the skin's elasticity and moisture content, giving it a suppler and clearer appearance. When the weather is exceptionally dry, drinking extra water helps to rejuvenate skin cells for a smoother, more radiant surface.


    awesom water filter 8 stage infographic


    Recent years have seen an increase in the popularity of water filters, which is fantastic news for anyone interested in promoting healthy living. Browse the Awesome Water Filters collection if you've been thinking about using a water filter pitcher or any other water filter and want more information on whether they're the best option.