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Filtered Water Dispenser For Home: Why Do We Need It?

May 05, 2019 3 min read

What Are the Advantages of a filtered Water?

There is no doubt that water plays an important role in your life. With it you cook, drink, laundry, bathe and do so much more. It’s a fact that you would want to make use of water that doesn’t include unnecessary contaminants like fluorine compounds, chlorine, pesticides and even small amounts of prescription drugs. That’s why the need for a whole house water filter comes into the rise.

There are so many health advantages of installing a Filtered Water Dispenser For Your Home that list could go on and on but here we have covered ten top most benefits:

There are a lot of pros for choosing the filtered alternative.

Here are some of them:

1. filtered water dispenser for your home eliminate out chlorine for a healthier drink

pouring water in a glass 

Chlorinated water is fine for swimming pools since it’s a great way to treat the liquid. But swimming pool water isn’t made for drinking since chlorine is harmful to humans. Nonetheless, tap water does contain some chlorine, so it’s best to filter out your drink before tipping your glass.

2. Lead is eliminated

Exposure to lead is greatly reduced because filters instantly remove them. Thus, you will be able to avoid diseases brought by this toxic substance. Experts even indicate that lead is one of the primary causes of learning disorder among children, so it’s best you filter your drinking water if you have kids.

3. Save on water expenses

dollar draining in the lavatory 

You get to save big bucks too since you wouldn’t have to buy expensive bottled water anymore. Imagine the amount of money you can save in just a year! Buying a filtered water dispenser for your home can cost around $100 and can be used for a year, depending on how much water you consume.

4. You reduce your carbon footprint and your strain on the environment

Drinking bottled water means you have it delivered regularly. You also throw away the bottles. Even if you have these things recycled, the cost of having to process the material into something reusable still has a strain on the environment. When you use a filtered water dispenser to your home, you reduce your trash and the cost of transporting the water.

5. Reduce risks of cancer

graph of reduced risk of cancer

Since chlorine and, by extension, other chlorine byproducts are already removed, you and your family will be protected from different types of cancer such as breast cancer, bladder cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, and more.

6. Preserves water quality

Since you’re removing contaminants in the water, this means that there is less in the liquid to decay. Water becomes foul over time because of the things in it, not because of the water itself. Filtering water takes away the substances that can rot or decay over time.

7. Decrease medical-related expenses

Since your water is safer and your family is healthier, you will spend less on medicines prescribed for waterborne diseases. Eliminating one way to contract diseases can help you keep your family out of the sickbed.

8. No off-days due to sickness

You can live a more productive life. Kids can go to school, adults can go to work plus you won’t have to skip on scheduled family vacations because of water-related sickness.

9. No gastrointestinal problems

girl making a circle shape in the tummy

Enjoying your meals with a tall glass of water is essential for your body to digest your food properly and it can also protect you from getting sick. You have greater protection against gastrointestinal diseases since drinking water filters eliminate cryptosporidium and giardia from your drinking water. Some diseases like amoebiasis can be prevented and thus maintain the quality of life.

10. Stronger immune system for your children

Your children, in particular, need access to the best drinking water. It will boost their immune system and make them stronger. This means that they get sick less often and can enjoy childhood even more when they aren’t down with the flu.

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