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Find Out Why Maifan Stone is a Showerhead Bestfriend

July 18, 2021 4 min read

Know more about Maifan stones and how it works to make sure you get quality water every day.


Have you ever wondered what that beads-like in your shower do? Has it ever occurred to you to wonder what it is and what’s their purpose? One of them could be maifan stones. A maifan stone is an incredible, unique mineral rock used to heal various skin ailments for many years, making it a perfect addition to your shower!

What is a Maifan Stone?


Maifan Stone is a one-of-a-kind mineral rock made largely of silicate minerals. It includes a large capacity of ion exchange and can filter chemical contaminants and heavy soluble metals from water. It releases rich minerals gradually and raises pH alkalinity levels.

It’s also high in nutrients, trace minerals, and microelements like iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, and selenium, which are all necessary for human health. It is very effective in the treatment of ulcers and skin cancers.

The soluble heavy metals and chemical contaminants adsorption while also releasing rich minerals on the water and boosting pH alkalinity levels gently. It’s also high in micronutrients like iron, calcium, zinc, copper, magnesium, and selenium, which are all necessary for human health.

What is Maifan Stone’s Adsorption Effect?

Maifan Stone has a dual adsorption effect, with a great adsorption ability for heavy metal ions and toxins in the water. It also contributes to the reduction in bacteria numbers, slowing their reproduction rate. Mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, other heavy metals, and fluoride and disinfection dissolved gases like chlorine are all successfully removed by Maifan Stone.


Aside from a Maifan Stone, what are the other stones used in filtering water?



7 stage charcoal mineral water replacement filter cartridge

Maifan Stones are usually accompanied by alkaline tourmaline stones and antibacterial activation mineralization stones in your showerhead. Individually, these mineral stones have been used for generations to treat a variety of skin allergies. They are high in micronutrients, including copper, selenium, calcium, and magnesium, necessary for human health. Heavy metal ions and pollutants from water are also filtered effectively by mineral stones. It decreases the number of germs in the environment while also reducing their reproduction.

Because of its negatively charged ion, the combination of beads ensures chlorine filtration of up to 99 percent and removes minerals and bacteria. They are the most effective in turning hard water into soft water.

Maifan Stone, popular in ancient Chinese remedies due to its multiple advantages and qualities, is one of the most valuable stones in the mineral showerhead.

What does it do in your shower?

Maifan beads for filter showers are produced with high-quality Maifan stone, clay, and multi-functional health ceramic elements to soften and purify your water in a natural way. These small beads increase the activation of your water and the critical minerals that our systems require. It can elevate the pH of the water to 7.0-7.5, which is somewhere between neutral and weak alkaline.

Filter showers enhance water pressure by up to 200 percent (2x) and conserve water by 30%, making them environmentally beneficial. The showerhead features 250 laser-cut spray holes made from anodized aluminum for a flawless finish. The nicest feature about this showerhead is that you can use it on children with thick and thin hair, as well as fuzzy pets.

Furthermore, filter showerheads are typically portable and offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Clean access to hard-to-reach body regions
  • Easy and simple pet bath
  • Leg shaving without the hassle
  • Ideal for persons with disability
  • Filling tubs or buckets is simple.
  • Numerous shower settings available (Rainfall, Jetting, Massage)
  • What are the advantages of a shower filter consisting of Maifan Stone?
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Chlorinated water can cause problems when you drink it and when you bathe in it. Filters in bathing water have been related to fewer asthma attacks, eczema flare-ups, and skin irritation. Dryness issues caused by chlorine’s adverse effects can also benefit from using this shower filter. That is why it is critical to cleanse your water to neutralize chlorine. Shower filters are incredibly useful instruments to rely on if you notice high chlorine levels in your water and wish to lower them.


A professional shower filter system can also help you soften your water. Some shower filters have active ceramic spheres that provide soft, non-scaling water that keeps your hair from becoming dry and brittle.


You can also customize shower filters. They are available in various shapes and sizes, including inline, portable, with or without spray settings, and so on. It means you have many options for finding a filter that suits your current shower, like inline filters or takes things up a notch.


Another major feature of sower filters is that they are quite durable, even when used daily. They last as long as conventional water filter cartridges compared to other water filter systems (3-6 months or even 6-12 months). Some shower filters need replacement entirely, while others contain integrated filter cartridges that must change regularly.


You don’t have to be concerned about the short- and long-term consequences of bathing in unfiltered water. Furthermore, because you’re not exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals that might damage your skin and hair, your general well-being will improve by using a professional shower filter system.

Where else can you use a Maifan Stone?

Maifan stones are ideal for use in various water purifiers, drinking water dispensers, water supply systems and equipment, agriculture, and industrial, among other applications.


Filtering water doesn’t only have to stop with the water you’re drinking. We use water in different kinds of forms like showers. A Maifan stone filtering the water that touches your body can have long, positive effects, which will make you say that using it is the most sensible thing you’ve done.

Buy a Maifan Stone for your shower today and experience a better bath experience! Awesome Water Filters have everything you need when it comes to water filtration systems. Send an inquiry today, and we’ll be more than willing to talk to you!