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  • Whole House Water Filter in Australia

    July 17, 2021 4 min read

    Whole House Water Filter in Australia
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    A whole house filter is a filter connected to the main supply and treats the water before it enters your home. Buying a whole house water filter in Australia has never been better with our buying guide.

    Water filtering is a simple procedure that ensures that the water flowing has a pleasant taste and is pure. Point-of-entry filters, unlike point-of-use filters that filter water from the house, allow filtered water to flow from your water dispensers. Kitchen faucets, laundry machines, bathtubs, showers, and toilets are all examples of dispensers.

    Why do you need a whole house water filter in Australia?

    Pollutants in water can be found in lakes, seas, rivers, and tap water, the primary water supply for millions worldwide. Experts don’t consider contaminants in the water a real threat because many of them are innocuous. Minerals, for example, are even good for human health.

    Whole House Water Filter in Australia: Buying Guide

    whole house water filter cartridge
    Pure water in glass and water filters on the blurred background. Household filtration system.

    Determine the Type of Whole House Water Filter You Need

    There are a few different types of whole home water filtration systems depending on the materials used (stainless steel or plastic housings) and the filters used (mesh, ultraviolet, carbon, or reverse osmosis).

    • Whole-house water filter housing made of stainless steel: Stainless steel has a reduced failure risk and flooding than plastic housing.
    • Housing for whole-house water filters made of plastic is more durable and less expensive than stainless steel housings.

    Your water supply should determine the sort of whole home water filter you choose. Chlorine and other chemical pollutants are typically present at higher concentrations in municipal water. It’s a little more difficult to get water from a private well. To organize proper testing, you would need to communicate with your municipality or call an outside party.

    Sediment, heavy metals, and hardness materials are the most common contaminants in well water. These might range from annoyances to dangerous substances. These whole house water filtration systems are often better suited for well water supplies because you may organize a changeable cartridge filter according to your needs.

    Think About the Best Size of the Filter for your Home

    The amount of time it takes to filter water and its pressure is affected by the filter size. As we noted in the pros and drawbacks section, whole-house water filters are often significantly superior in these areas. The port size of your filtration system, on the other hand, will have a significant impact on both GPM and water pressure. The recommended filter size for most houses is 4.5″ by 20″.

    Flow Rate

    The flow rate of your whole house water filtration system is measured in gallons per minute (GPM), and it defines how much water it can filter. Showers require a flow rate of 2.5 to 5 gallons per minute, toilets 5 gallons per minute, and dishwashers 3 gallons per minute. Demand ratings, printed on appliances and toilets, are worth looking at. Depending on the size of your home and family, a normal household requires a flow rate of 15-40GPM. A whole house water filter with a flow rate that matches or exceeds your needs will provide uninterrupted, optimal water pressure during peak hours of water usage. Larger homes recommend a minimum flow rate of 25GPM.

    Filter Life

    The type of water you plan to filter usually determines a filter’s lifespan. When purchasing a whole house filter system, it would be best to examine the quantity and quality of sediment in the water. 

    Another thing to look into is the amount of water that the filtration system can filter before it needs replacement determines how long it will last. If your water pressure has dropped, you’ve probably left it too long between filter changes. We recommend keeping track of filter changes so you can establish a pattern.

    Characteristics of a Good Whole House Water Filter in Australia


    High Capacity

    A standard-sized residence requires a high-capacity system. Otherwise, you may experience problems like partially filtered water or low water pressure. The minimum required capacity is five gallons per minute for serving a complete home. Smaller houses, flats, condos, and mobile homes may be able to get away with a lower capability. Still, unless the cost difference is significant, you’re best off with the maximum capacity possible proportional to the functions you want it to perform.

    Filters the WHOLE house

    Not all “whole house water filters” are also complete systems. Some firms sell individual components of the units. If the system is for the entire house, the cost will be lower, and the performance will be much greater.

    Good Filtration

    A whole-house water filtration system should include a pre-filter, a primary filter, and an installation kit with all necessary hardware.

    Easy to Replace Filters

    There is no need for a plumber to replace the best whole house filter. 


    Buying a whole house water filter in Australia is easy if you keep in mind these tips. If you’ve decided to replace your old filter systems or replace them with a modern one, these suggestions will help you choose the best whole house well filter systems. They’re not only in compliance with state safety and protection regulations, but they are also effective in meeting all of your water filtration requirements.

    Here at Awesome Water Filters, we strive hard to assist you in your need for clean water. Message us today for more questions and concerns! We have a whole house water filter in Australia that might help you.