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How To Assemble Water Dispenser: Bottleless Type

September 02, 2021 5 min read


Water coolers are useful in both the home and the office since they provide wonderful filtered drinking water on demand. While most people are familiar with typical water coolers that employ five-gallon bottles, bottleless water coolers are another option. Water bottles don’t need for delivery or installation with these devices. Instead, they attach to a water faucet and filter, chill, and heat the water to ensure it’s always clean and safe to drink. This how-to assemble water dispenser guide helps you understand this type of water cooler.

A bottle-less water dispenser for the office or home saves money and protects the environment while boosting convenience.


There’s no limit to where you can put bottle-less water dispensers because they’re so small! They’re connected to your water supply and may be installed anywhere in your office or home using flexible tubing that’s hidden from view.

  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Rooms for breaks
  • Gyms
  • Coffee Station
  • MORE


Since bottle-less water coolers use your main supply of water, you may need a professional plumber to help you install them. Find a trusted plumber to install the unit or you can contact the manufacturer of your dispenser.


How To Assemble Water Dispenser

Choose a perfect site for the cooler between a water line and an outlet before taking it from the box. You can begin the procedure of connecting a waterline after cleaning the area. The waterline has been turned off.

  • Assemble the water dispenser on a leveled, firm surface next to a grounded wall outlet.
  • Install the provided T-shaped Feed Water Adapter after disconnecting the current cold water supply. Connect the cold water supply to the top of the adapter and the water dispensing line to the quick attaching piece once the adapter is in position.
  • WARNING: DO NOT connect to a hot water supply; the hot water will harm the filters.
  • By gently pushing on the lines, make sure the connections are secure to the cold water line.
  • Turn on the waterline and the unit once all connections have been secured. Water will be pumped through the filtration system and stored in stainless steel reservoirs by the water dispenser.


Step 1. Finding the best location.

A professional technician will consult with you to find the optimum location for your bottle-less water cooler. You can place the dispenser practically anywhere in the house or office. Ensure there’s a grounded power outlet within 6 feet and a potable water supply within 200 feet.

Step 2. Testing the water quality.

Technicians assess the building’s water quality and pressure once they believe they’ve discovered the optimal placement for your countertop water cooler and free-standing water cooler.

Step 3. Connecting the water line to the main water supply.

Some installers can run a water line nearly invisibly behind walls, above drop ceilings, or under baseboards. It’s the case if it isn’t right adjacent to the water source. Food-grade tubing and high-quality fittings are the recommended materials for installation.

Aside from that, all installation work complies with local building codes. Tubing can be fed through a hole in the wall if necessary and then terminated with an outlet plate. For quick shutoff and machine maintenance, ball valves are attached at either end of the bottle-less water dispenser line.

Step 4. Trying your new water dispenser!

Finally, your technician will test the item to ensure that it is in great working order. After the installation, the plumber will demonstrate how to utilize your new water cooler. It will help keep you and the rest of your family hydrated for years to come.


awesome bottleless water cooler


The cost of a bottle-less water cooler is one of the most significant advantages. Compared to a standard water cooler, this type of appliance can be substantially less expensive. Many brands provide inexpensive office floor units and smaller countertop variants that are appropriate for use at home. The bottleless design eliminates the need for costly five-gallon bottles of filtered water to be delivered or removed, lowering subscription expenses.

Built-In Filtration

The opportunity to have filtered drinking water is one of the key reasons many people like having a water cooler in their homes or business. Filtered water has a pleasant taste and is devoid of pollutants, germs, and minerals. The filtering technology in a bottleless water cooler can remove all unwanted components from entering tap water. Some companies give customers the option of choosing between a conventional filter and a reverse osmosis system, allowing for more personalized filtration.

Easy To Use

Empty bottles must be removed and replaced in a standard water cooler by someone with the knowledge and physical strength to do so effectively. There may not be anyone around in some houses or offices who desire or skill to change the bottles. A bottle-less water dispenser eliminates this need, making it very simple to use. Individuals can enjoy the convenience of having hot and cold water on demand without bothering with bottles.

Lesser Maintenance

Bottleless water coolers are simple to operate and keep clean. Most devices require an annual service appointment to check for managing concerns and change the filter after the first installation. In general, users do not need to do anything for the water cooler to operate correctly.


Users who use a bottless water dispenser will never run out of filtered water before their monthly delivery or have to pay more for extra bottles. The cooler can accommodate the additional demands of houseguests or conference participants because it has direct access to the building’s tap, which offers endless water. This type of cooler helps the environment by reducing the use of harmful plastic. Additionally, by eliminating monthly deliveries, the bottleless method becomes even more environmentally efficient.

How To Assemble Water Dispenser: FINAL THOUGHTS

We hoped this how-to assemble water dispenser guide has helped your journey in switching to a botlleless water dispenser.

Individuals who want filtered drinking water at their homes or office might profit from bottle-less water coolers in numerous ways. These systems are low-cost and simple to use, as they do not require monthly supplies or the carrying of large five-gallon bottles. They’re also easy to keep up with and are better for the environment. Any home or office would benefit from having a bottleless water dispenser.

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