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  • How To Use Prill Beads

    September 03, 2021 4 min read

    How To Use Prill Beads

    Because water affects 70% of our bodies, the quality of the water we consume must significantly impact our health. Drinking clean, contaminant-free water with live water prill beads is a cost-effective option. They’re also made of magnesium oxide, generated from naturally occurring magnesium salts found in rich brine deposits about 2500 feet down. When utilized in conjunction with your water dispenser, the water from live prill beads is PH balanced to around 7.4. Let’s learn how to use prill beads in this article.

    How Prill Beads Started

    When Jim Carter introduced Prill beads to purify and invigorate water a few years ago, he created a wonderful low-cost solution. It uses a novel bioresonance method. These beads are from conventional magnesium oxide prills. The Prills were originally designed to clean up wastewater from nuclear reactors.

    Magnesium Prill Beads

    How It Works

    The amount of appropriately formed hexagonal water that we can use to hydrate cells in ordinary tap water is less than 10%. It necessitates drinking a gallon of this water every day. After a few weeks of use, correctly energized water can achieve the same results with only three glasses of water each day.

    Some energized water sources are more important than others. Surprisingly, the cost of the devices used to manufacture energized water has no bearing on the final product’s quality.

    The volume of electrified water retained in the cell determines the rate of aging. Electrified water is abundant in young and fresh cells—densely packed dying cells with metabolic wastes and poisons with very little energized water.

    How To Use Prill Beads

    Wash them under running water to eliminate any dust, then place them in your bottom bowl to soak them overnight. It generates your live water, and you can then continue to fill your bowl as usual. Prill beads do not degrade or dissolve over time. There’s no need to replace them, so you’ll only have to buy them once.

    Prill water is excellent for hydration and can be added to your bath for rejuvenation. To make Prill water in your bath, use the Laundry Appliance or Bath Prills. In your hot tub, use Crystal Cupcakes made of ceramic.

    Prill water is useful in a variety of situations:

    • It can be consumed or used to clean with.
    • To increase flavor, clean or soak your fruits and veggies.
    • Restore dried fruits to their former glory. Spray on produce to keep it fresher longer and increase moisture.
    • To clean, spray and wipe the counters and sinks. To assist clean septic and sewer systems, add to toilet tank (may harm plastic parts).
    • As a respiratory aid, add to a humidifier. People who have a sinus or lung ailment will benefit from the water vapor. It helps to reduce odors and repels black mold, resulting in a better interior environment.


    Are Prill Beads Safe

    You can use magnesium prill beads in any water. The higher the quality of the water you start with, the better your Prill Water will be. While you can use plain tap water, we preferred drinking filtered water. In that manner, your Prills will last considerably longer.

    For Drinking

    Fill a glass or glazed ceramic container with roughly a gallon of water and the bag of Precious Prills (do not use metal or soft plastic). It is ready to use after a charging period of 12 to 24 hours. You can keep prill water in a hard plastic container, but soft plastic will degrade.

    Prill water can overcharge if kept for an extended amount of time, giving it a metallic taste. With continued use, your taste tolerance will improve.

    For the Bath

    After draining the wastewater, you can use it to alter the water in your region. Fill a bathtub halfway with hot tap water and add Bath Prills (a 2-pound bag) to rejuvenate soak. You can also make Prill water in your bath or hot tub with the Laundry Appliance.


    Prill inhalation People who have sinus or lung difficulties benefit from water vapor. Prill water helps to reduce odors and repels black mold, resulting in a healthier interior environment.


    Whole House Water Filter Comparison

    Most of our body pain traces back to a lack of moisture, also known as “dehydration.” Precious Prills Water can alleviate pain and, consequently, the stress that comes with it. It’s an incredibly hydrating liquid.

    When ordinary water comes into touch with Precious Prills, the water thins dramatically. Dew is the name given to the resulting liquid in nature. It’s much thinner than ordinary water, and tissues absorb either the wet internal tissues or the somewhat dry external tissues (skin). Appropriately hydrated living cells have good dynamics. But, under-hydrated cells, or even worse, over-inflated, are very susceptible to poisons and disease.

    Liquid stasis is directly proportional to cellular longevity, and cellular longevity is proportional to health and vigor.

    Because cells instantly absorb prill water, you get maximum hydration when you drink it. We believe that all-natural water contains more than H20 (two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom). Other physical traits have an impact on how we interact with water.

    FINAL THOUGHTS: How To Use Prill Beads

    How to use prill beads for your daily life maximizes their goodness to your health. It doesn’t by just filtering the water you drink. It has more to offer to you and your family.

    Awesome Water Filters offers Magnesium Prill Beads in the whole of Australia. Add to cart it today and have it delivered right to your doorstep!