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Guide In Cleaning Water Coolers

July 16, 2022 4 min read

You wouldn't think a water cooler could get dirty, but it can. That water dispenser, believe it or not, needs to be cleaned and sterilized regularly.

Keep your water dispenser clean to ensure it lasts a long time. Maintaining its cleanliness makes sure it continues to produce healthy, great-tasting water, whether hot or cold.

To make it easier, every time you change the bottled water is also the best time to clean the water dispenser. But you can also create a reminder on your calendar to do it every two to three months. But do you know how to clean water coolers?

In case you feel unsure about how to do it properly, don't worry! We'll help you out! When it comes to determining the best approach to clean a water cooler, you should wait until the jug is empty.

You won't have to lift large bottles of water or start worrying about liquid splashed all over the place. So, trust us when we say this will make your life a lot easier.



You'll Need:

• White Distilled Vinegar Solution

• Small Bowl

1. You should remove the water hose from your water cooler system. Be careful not to cause any damage to the important parts.

2. Make a white distilled vinegar solution. This ingredient is an excellent natural cleanser because of its high acidity. It allows it to lift even the toughest stains. Fill a small dish with distilled vinegar (large enough to fit your hoses) to clean your hoses. To avoid stains, make sure the vinegar is white and not colored.

3. Place your hoses in the vinegar solution, making sure they are completely submerged.

4. Wait for about 10 minutes for the acid to work its magic.

5. Remove your hoses after 10 minutes.

6. Run them under your kitchen faucet to flush out the vinegar.

7. After that, reconnect them to your water dispenser and use them as usual.


Sanitizing your water cooler every three to six months is recommended by most manufacturers. However, double-check your care instructions to ensure that you don't need to undertake this task more or less frequently.

You'll Need:

• Long-handled Brush

• Lots of water

• Sanitizing Solution

Buy a sanitizing solution, or you can make one. Here's what you'll need:

• 15m1 of 5% unscented bleach

• 5 liters of water

1. Make a sanitizing solution first if you don't have one. Some water cooler companies have cleaning solutions, especially for water coolers. Combine 15 mL unscented 5 percent bleach with 5 liters of warm, clean water. Before using bleach in your cooler, make sure it's approved for use on food contact surfaces.

2. Unplug your water gallon dispenser from its power source and remove the empty water bottle to confirm it is safe and ready for cleaning. There may still be some water within the cooler that you must empty through the tap on the system. Remove the drip tray. Set it aside to be washed in the sink or dishwasher.

3. Carefully pour the cleaning solution into the cooler's water reservoir.

4. Scrub the reservoir's inside walls and bottom. Use a long-handled brush with bristles, such as a scrub brush. To avoid damaging the reservoir during cleaning, choose a brush with softer bristles.

5. Allow 2 minutes for the cleaning solution to clean the tap after draining some of the cleaning solutions. Once you leave the solution in your machine for more than 5 minutes, it may cause corrosion. So watch out. Drain the remaining solution into a bucket and flush it down the toilet.

6. Fill your reservoir three times with clean tap or bottled water. Drain the water through the tap each time to properly rinse away the cleaning solution. After you've finished emptying the rest of your water, wash and replace the components you took out.

7. Replace the water bottle.


You'll need:

• Dishwashing Liquid (Mild)

• Microfiber Cloth/Soft Clean Cloth

• Distilled White Vinegar

1. Remove the taps and trays from the sink and wash them with a solution of dishwashing liquid and

warm water.

2. Using a microfiber cloth, dry the taps and tray.

3. Spritz the outside of the cooler, including the area where the tray would sit, with vinegar.

4. Wipe away any filth and vinegar residue with the microfiber cloth.

5. Replace the taps and trays in their original locations.

6. Reconnect your water cooler.


Is it necessary to clean a dispenser before using it for the first time?

Yes, the manufacturer will teach you to do so in the user manual for your dispenser. Cleaning your dispenser before use will aid in the removal of any impurities or chemicals that may have entered the system during storage. Clean the dispenser according to the manufacturer's directions or use the cleaning recommendations we provided earlier in this tutorial.


Your water cooler is one of the healthy investments at your home or office. It's a silent motivator for you and the people around you to drink more water. You can benefit from knowing how to clean water coolers properly. Cleaning will help maintain the quality of your water and lengthens the life of your dispenser.

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