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6 Reasons To Add Stone Water Filter System

July 15, 2022 2 min read

Makes your water clean, pure and healthy to drink!




There are six compelling reasons to add a stone water filter system to your home or office, including the ability to remove impurities from tap water, the inclusion of a ceramic filter for improved filtration, and the addition of mineral stones for enhanced water quality and taste.

Stone Water Filter System delivers a clean, delicious, and truly healthier water. Rare, exotic volcanic minerals and bio ceramic filter produce a vibrant, 'living' water imparted with the structural, energetic, and trace mineral qualities found in the most acclaimed mountain spring and deep well waters on the planet. Today, we'll provide 6 reason to buy Stone Water Filter system:

  1. No batteries or electricity required.
  2. Convenient, small, light weight and portable.
  3. Produces alkaline water at 8.2-8.5 pH.
  4. Low cost
  5. Filters out 99.9999% of contaminants.
  6. Tastes Great!

Additional Benefits:

  • Provides a physically and energetically clean water with structural, energetic,
    and complex mineral components making for a very healthy drinking water.
  • Provides bacteria and virus protection and the removal of physical and
    chemicals contaminants, additives and environmental toxins, heavy metals
    endotoxins, etc.
  • Cleans water of polluted energy frequencies, and imparts energy to dead
    tap water.
  • You can install it in most water dispenser bottle so you won't have to stock on big gallons of water. Just refill it with tap water and the mineral stones will filter it.

Stone Water Filter System infuses natural mineral back into the water after filtering through minerals, just like nature does. This patented process gives the water the taste you and your family will swear came from a mountain spring! These make great benchtop water filters!

Above all, the stone compose of finely ground stone, ground to a fine powder. In other words, this allows almost no space for water to flow without being filtered by the stone. The stone in bound together with a patented formula that also inhibits bacteria growth. Importantly, the stone is designed to last for a lifetime. as it can be cleaned easily with mild abrasive cloth.

Note: this filter was designed to make your water clean, pure, drinking water. Check this suitable Water Coolers for this filtration system.

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