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    September 12, 2021 4 min read

    How To Distill Water Easily

    Purified water processed by condensing water steam into liquid water is known as distilled water. In most cases, distillation entails boiling unfiltered water and collecting the condensed vapor in a new container. Have you ever wonders how to distill water easily? You can purify water to make emergency drinking water or to improve the quality of your tap water. Here are a few ways to make your own distilled water. Which one you choose bases on your circumstances and financial resources.


    Use a Stove

    Use a cooking stove or any heat source in distilling polluted water for consumption is preferable to boiling it. It’s because boiling kills many infections but leaves chemical contaminants and certain bacterial spores unaffected. You can use this procedure with any water, including seawater, tainted tap water, and even water from a puddle. A large container to store the impure water, a smaller container that floats in the larger one or maybe propped up above the water level, and a rounded cover that fits the large container are all required to distill water. If you have some ice on hand, the process will proceed much faster.

    You’ll Need:

    • Aluminum or stainless steel 5-gallon pot
    • Pot lid with a rounded shape
    • Floating metal or glass bowl inside the pot
    • Cubes of ice


    1. Partially fill the huge pot with dirty water.
    2. Allow the collection basin to float in the water. The aim is for the inverted lid to leak water into this bowl, so make sure it’s big enough to capture the drips.
    3. Put the lid on top of the pot and turn it upside down. Water vapor rises in the pot as it heats, condenses into droplets on the top, and falls into the collection bowl.
    4. Preheat the pan. The process will go faster if the water boils, but it’s fine if it merely gets hot.
    5. Place ice cubes on top of the pot lid. The ice cools the pot’s cover. It helps the water vapor condense into liquid water.
    6. To avoid being burned by steam or boiling water, carefully remove the lid from the pot. In a clean container, store the distilled water (the water in the collection dish). Store the water in a sanitary container (one soaked in boiling water) or one that has been cleaned in the dishwasher. Use a water-storage container to prevent pollutants from leaching into the clean water over time.

    Distillation Kit At Home

    Since it costs fuel or electricity to heat water, it’s generally cheaper to buy distilled water than to prepare it oneself. However, home distillation kits can be less expensive than bottled water, especially if you heat the water with sunshine (solar heat). The cost of a home distillation kit might range from $100 to several hundred dollars. For labs or processing huge amounts of water, more expensive kits are employed.

    Distillation Kit At Home

    Using Rain Water

    During calamities or natural disasters, knowing how to generate drinking water from rainfall can come in helpful. Rainwater is distilled water from nature.

    Step 1:

    To gather as much rainfall as possible, place your huge container outside in a sunny location. Keep an eye on the weather forecast for a few days of rain in a row to make this work.

    Keep rainwater in a clear place away from trees and overhanging branches to keep it as pure as possible. To avoid contamination, you should keep it away from any roof or gutter.

    To catch anything that might fall into the water, cover the container with a fine wire mesh. The container should be light-proof to prevent algae growth, t. You should also seal tightly to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in the water.

    Step 2:

    Allow your container to sit outside for two days once it is as filled as you desire. As a result, the minerals will disperse, leaving you with clear water.

    Step 3:

    Pour the distilled rainwater into one or more clean jars and store as needed after two days.

    Using Steam

    If you don’t mind letting your distilled water cool before using it, the above approach is perfect. If you need to use the water right away after filtering it, follow these steps.

    Instead of catching the condensation in a dish inside the pot, you should route it outside to a separate container.

    Connect the tubing to your separate bottle and place a huge funnel over the pot. Because you’ll be relying on gravity to draw the different bottles through the tube, you’ll need to set it on a lower plane than the pot.

    What is the easiest method?

    Purchasing a kit is probably the simplest way to manufacture distilled water. However, if you want to accomplish it without any special equipment, this is how you do it. Fill a big pot halfway with water and float a bowl in the center. Turn your stove on and set something cold (like a couple of ice cubes) on the pot’s cover upside down. Inside the bowl, condensation will gather.

    What is the easiest method

    Why Drink Distilled Water?

    Distilled water is used for a variety of applications, including medical research and laboratory experimentation. By evaporating the water and then condensing it back into a liquid, distilling water removes the majority of impurities and pathogens.

    The method you use to manufacture distilled water will determine how you make it. Distillation kits are available for purchase, or you can make your own with a large pot and a glass bowl or bottles. If you create your own distilled water, make sure to keep it in a clean container, ideally glass, to keep it fresh.

    What’s The Taste of Distilled Water?

    Distilled water isn’t particularly fond of anything. If you’ve been drinking tap water for a long time, distilled water may seem strange. You’ll get used to it, just like you did with softened water.


    How to distill water easily? Indeed there are several methods to get filtered water, but if you ask us, what’s the easiest? We’d say get a water distiller kit. It will you much time and effort. Awesome Water Filters offers quality-made water distillers. Contact us today to know what your options are.