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    September 18, 2021 5 min read

    How To Install Shower Filter

    Let’s discuss how to install shower filter and why do you need to install one immediately!

    Water service isn’t always the finest in some locations. It can happen with harmful compounds like mercury and lead. Waterborne pollutants are so tiny that the skin can readily absorb them.

    When this happens, your skin isn’t the only thing at risk; your general health is as well. It is critical to install water filters in your home to avoid this. Installing a primary filter for the entire property may seem prohibitively expensive if you live in a large house. You can install a water filter on the showerhead if you want to have more pure water coming out of it.

    How To Install Shower Filter

    You’ll Need:

    • Shower Filter
    • Teflon
    • Pliers

    Step 1: Remove the showerhead first.

    With a pair of pliers, remove the showerhead from the shower arm in the first step.

    Depending on the showerhead you have, you may need to use a different tool to loosen the bolts. As a result, consult your manufacturer’s handbook to establish the nuts’ size to secure the showerhead to the shower arm.

    Step 2: Seal the Shower Pipe

    Now, wrap the plumber’s tape around the male threads of the shower pipe and make sure it’s securely in place, so the filter doesn’t leak water once it’s connected to the shower pipe.

    Step 3: Put the Shower Filter in Place

    Place your shower filter on the pipe that has been covered with plumber’s tape, and then rotate the filter clockwise with your hands.

    It will aid in the filter’s attachment to the pipe. If the filter comes with nuts, use the pliers to turn the nuts at a 14-degree angle.

    Step 4: Activate the Water Supply

    Turn on the cold water and place a bucket beneath your filter. Allow the water to run through the filter; the water will get brownish owing to carbon deposits.

    It’s typical, so keep running the water until all of the discolored water is gone, and regular water begins to flow out of the filter head.

    Step 5: Keep Flushing Until The Water Is Clear

    Turn on the hot water slowly as well, and flush your filter until the water runs clear. Then turn off the water and take the bucket out from under the filter head.

    Step 6: Return the Showerhead and Enjoy!

    Finally, place your shower head on top of the shower filter and turn it with your hands until it is securely in place.

    Now that your shower is ready to use, it will only spray clean, chlorine-free water. The filtered water will protect your skin and hair while improving your skin and hair condition with regular use.

    Benefits of a Shower Filter

    Shower Filter

    Healthier Skin

    While frequent cleaning and general cleanliness are important for healthy and smooth skin, showering with chlorine-treated water can degrade the quality of your skin, making you appear older than you are. The filtered shower water can enhance your skin’s health and appearance. It makes it more toned, smoother, and younger-looking. Plus, it effectively protects your skin from rashes, hives, freckles, and other contamination and irritation consequences.

    Better Health

    It may seem far-fetched to you. But chlorine, chloramine, and other chemicals in shower water can harm your mental and physical health. Start using a shower filter immediately, and you’ll notice a difference in how accurate and clear your brain function is. While filtered water won’t help you lose weight as quickly as you’d like, it will make you feel fitter than you did before. The benefits are probably due to increased blood flow to various body regions, such as the brain and muscles.

    Filters Chemical Impurities

    Chlorine, chloramine, and other chemicals are commonly used to eliminate bacteria and other germs in drinking and bathing water. Unfortunately, these substances can have dangerous side effects when they come into contact with your skin. The water companies do not mean to harm you, but chlorine and other chemicals to disinfect household water is the most effective way to eliminate infectious germs. You can remove these chemical contaminants with a shower filter.

    Safe For Children

    Chlorine and other pollutants in shower water can be harmful to your children’s health. It’s due to their precarious health. By removing chlorine and other chemicals from their bathwater, they can avoid the negative consequences. As soon as you begin filtering their shower water, you will notice your children becoming healthier and stronger.

    Helps Lower Cancer Risk

    Chlorine exposure links to a higher incidence of bladder and breast cancer. Although the link between the two is not well defined, there is enough data to support it. Many people have died as a result of cancer, which is one of the most feared killers. Many people develop cancer, but they do not believe it’s caused by unfiltered shower water. By filtering chlorine from shower water, you can reduce your chances of getting cancer.

    types of sprite shower filter system

    Types of Shower Water Filters

    In your shower, you can use one of three different types of water filters:

    KDF Shower Filters

    It’s a low-cost alternative for eliminating chlorine from water, but it is useless in the presence of chloramines, so use it only if you don’t live in an area where chloramines are a problem.

    Carbon Shower Filters

    A simple carbon filter will filter chlorine from the water, but it will not remove chloramines and will not function well in hot water.

    So, if you prefer cold showers over hot showers and are looking for a low-cost filter to install in your shower, a carbon filter is the way to go.

    Vitamin C Shower Filters

    It’s the most effective water filter. It can remove chlorine and chloramines by causing a chemical reaction that is ineffective for both of these components.

    This filter is good for your skin and can help you improve your skin and hair condition after a few showers.


    How to install shower filter properly is the key to fully enjoying its benefits. These filters are good in filtering out pollutants, chlorine, and other impurities commonly found in water.

    Although chlorine and chloroform are necessary for domestic water treatment, they can also be extremely hazardous. Other than drinking and showering, you can use such water for a variety of applications. These issues might be caused by ingesting the water or absorbing it via your skin. As a result, you should install the best shower filter you can find on the market as soon as possible to remove any chemical contaminants from your bathing water.