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  • Importance of Water Consumption in Children

    April 10, 2022 3 min read

    Importance of Water Consumption in Children

    importance of water consumption in children
    Importance of Water Consumption in Children, Water’s numerous roles in the different body processes including nutrient transportation, metabolism, body temperature regulation, cellular activities, and toxin removal, proves how important proper hydration is in the human body.

    Children compared to adults have essentially higher fluid intake requirements to keep their body working at its best condition. This is due to the fact that children are always exposed to higher physical activities during their play time so they should replace these excessive amount of water loss. Consequently, it is a misconception that children need smaller amount of water in the body than grownups do since they need more water intake for growth and development.

    Therefore, parents and their guardians at home or in school should always monitor the fluid intake of the kids. It is because oftentimes, children do not notice signals of dehydration since their thirst mechanism is still not developed to instantly prompt thirst. We wouldn’t want our kids to be dehydrated and experience headache, fatigue, dry skin, or even reduced concentration and mental performance in school.

    What is the Recommended Water Intake for Children?

    According to Healthy Kids, this is the recommended daily intake of water for children in different age groups:

    Importance of Water Consumption in Children

    Age Males Females
    9 – 13 1.6L/day = 6 glasses 1.4L/day = 5 to 6 glasses
    14 – 18 1.9L/day = 7 glasses 1.6Lday = 6 glasses
    Adults 2.6L/day = 10 glasses 2.1l/day = 8 glasses


    Among the fluids your child may take to keep his/her body in good shape, water is the best and healthiest option. It is because it may be filtered to remove harmful substances and at the same time be added with natural vitamins and nutrients our body needs through the use of effective water filtration system.

    Why is there a Need for Accessible Water Dispensers in School?

    Having accessible water dispensers in schools would encourage children to drink water regularly and most importantly, whenever they feel thirsty after long lecture time, playing, or sports activities.

    importance of water consumption in children


    There are several benefits in setting up accessible water dispenser in schools and here are some of them:

    • School performance of the students will be improved.

    As stated earlier, dehydration causes reduced concentration and mental performance so setting up accessible water dispenser in schools will help prevent this problem. Once children drink water regularly in school, then they can perform better in class without the risk of experiencing headaches or decrease in concentration on academic activities. Thus, keeping the kids properly hydrated through the use of water dispensers in school, they can focus during discussions and will be able to retain everything they learned which will consequently result to higher test results. As such, a child that is well hydrated performs better in school than those who drink less and is usually dehydrated because of lack of accessible drinking water in school where they spend most of their time.

    • Children will do better in sports and other physical activities.

    Since children are often exposed to strenuous physical activities because they love to run and play around, they need to replenish all the lost water from their body by drinking more water. Being hydrated will help your kids have more endurance as they play and prevent any adverse effect associated with dehydration such as fatigue and headache. Moreover, children who love to play their favourite sport will be able to perform better because there are accessible water dispensers in their school where they can get purified water. There could also be a water cooler where they can get a refreshing drink to quench their thirst after the tiring sports training or game they had. Importance of Water Consumption in Children

    • Proper hydration results to adequate growth and development.

    Children require higher fluid intake especially if they are in their developing stage. This is because their metabolism tends to be faster so they should take more water to replenish these fluid faster as well. Drinking the recommended number of fluid intake would also lead to optimum growth for your child.

    Where Can You Get a Safe and Healthy Water Dispenser for Your School?

    Now that you understand how important it is to encourage children to drink water regularly, you must also recognise the necessity of setting up water dispensers in school with efficient water filter system to ensure that the children will consume premium quality of pure filtered water. The good thing is Awesome Water Filters has everything you need with regard to water filter systems in your home, school, or office. Your kids will not only get healthy filtered water. So, for safe and awesome water for your children, trust only Awesome Water Filters and its guaranteed quality water coolers and water filters!

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