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Our Freestanding Awesome Cooler water dispenser delivers premium quality ice cold & piping hot awesome filtered water.


FREE Genuine 8 stage KDF water filter and now larger 20 litre BPA free bottle set included.




    This stylish FREESTANDING WATER COOLER is the perfect solution for your home or office hot and cold filtered water requirements.  If you are looking for a hot and cold water dispenser for your home or office this could be the perfect solution for you.  The FREESTANDING WATER COOLER has a smart hot water safety lock feature as well as the easy to use digital display that enables you to have total control over both the hot and cold water temperature at all times.

    The premium quality 8 stage kdf carbon mineral water filtration technology allows you have pure healthy alkaline filtered water at an affordable price twenty four seven with minimum savings of 80% compared to bottled water.

    If you are using a FREESTANDING WATER COOLER in your home, office or workplace as your water filter we recommend replacing the drinking water filter every six months.  If you are using a FREESTANDING WATER COOLER in your home water filter we recommend replacing the drinking water filter every six months as well to ensure optimum performance. FREESTANDING WATER COOLERS are Australian standard tested and certified along with our industry best two year warranty on the compressor that will allow you to purchase this FREESTANDING WATER COOLER with utmost confidence.

    If you need clean pure filtered awesome hot or cold water to make that perfect coffee or simply that awesome glass of chilled filtered water this FREESTANDING WATER COOLER it will serve you well.



    • Hot and cold pure filtered fresh awesome water saving you 80% compared to bottled water
    • Premium quality 8 stage KDF Carbon Mineral Awesome Water Filter
    • BPA free food grade premium quality bottle set has enough volume for the busiest office or largest family.
    • Hot water safety child lock
    • Easy to use simple digital display will give you total control & peace of mind with quick reference icons and color display so you always know that your Awesome Cooler is functioning correctly.
    • hot water (>92°C) & cold (<04°C)
    • Easy to use push button faucets providing pure awesome filtered water
    • Stainless steel bowl
    • Utilize where bench top space is at a premium.
    • 2 year warranty on the  efficent electric compressor that economically chills the water  is very quite and you can hardly hear that it is running at all.
    • 12 month warranty on all other parts
    • Tested to Australian standard SGS/140380 current.
    • Awesome Cooler dimensions are 36cm x 31cm x 94cm.
    • Unrivalled after sales customer service you can count on by calling us on 1800 789 781




    Awesome Water KDF Charcoal Mineral Water Filter Properties

    STAGE 1 – Primary Filter felt pads – Effectively removes rust and sediment particles and stops propagation of bacteria.
    STAGE 2 – KDF – Removes chlorine, pesticides, organic matter, heavy metals, iron, lead, nickel, mercury and arsenic.
    STAGE 3 – Activated Carbon – Removes chlorine, organic sediment and bad smell & taste.
    STAGE 4 – Mineralised Balls – Restore natural trace minerals required by the body, such as iron, zinc, lithium, magnesium, potassium & iodine.
    STAGE 5 – Mineral Ceramic Balls – insoluble, gradually releases mineral substances
    STAGE 6 – Activated Carbon – An extra layer of activated carbon
    STAGE 7 – Mineralised Balls – An extra layer of mineral balls
    STAGE 8 – Ceramic Plate – Removes bacteria and parasites e.g. Giardia
    KDF is a high purity copper zinc formulation that uses a basic chemical process known as redox to remove chlorine, lead, mercury and iron and hydrogen sulphide from water supplies.

    Dont forget to check out our awesome magnesium prill beads when placed in the bottom of your water cooler bottle they make the water into alkaline water of approxamately 9.4ph

    Magnesium Prill Beads




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