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Learn What Are Prill Beads Made Of

August 25, 2021 3 min read

What Are Prill Beads Made Of

Prill Beads altered the structure of water’s geometry, making it more bio-available, powerful, and delicious. There’s no wonder more, and more people are turning to these amazing, natural beads. But what some don’t know is what are prill beads made of?

Awesome Water Filters will try our best to explain and let you know more about Prill Beads in this article. Read on to learn more about these amazing rocks!

What are Prill Beads Made Of?

Prill Beads come from nature’s occurring alkaline-rich minerals. After burning at a very high temperature, it gives them a ceramic-like look and rendering them insoluble in water. After that, the beads go through a patented energy-charging technique that gives them their unique renewing properties.

Magnesium oxide generates prill beads made from naturally occurring magnesium salts. You can find these salts in rich brine deposits 2,500 feet underground. It uses dolomitic limestone to extract Magnesium from the brine. Using a high-temperature fire technique, the resulting magnesium oxide prills into small, hard pellets, earning the nickname “prill beads.”

How Can I Benefit From Prill Water?

Magnesium Prill Water improves your health by boosting the absorption of nutrients and the removal of toxins. The treated water becomes “thinner,” allowing it to permeate deeper into and around the body’s cells.

For successful communication, every cell in the body needs has a specified size and shape, as well as a specific space between them.

Our diet, pollutants, heredity, disease, and other things affect our cells. Once not properly hydrated, the spacing between them becomes incorrect. As a result, our bodies do not work at their best.

Because it aids in hydration and detoxifying, Prill water has an alkalizing potential. Note that the body only becomes alkaline when it is healthy. It’s impossible to be healthy if you’re consuming alkalizing drinks and eating an acidic diet. The type of water necessary by the body to carry out all living processes is prill water.

For proper nutrition absorption and removal of metabolic waste products, cellular water flow is essential. Those who consume it gain in both directions. Every process in the body will run more smoothly with increased nutrition and waste disposal.

How Does Prill Bead Work on My Body?

How Does Prill Bead Work on My Body?

Our skin easily absorbs dew, while common water repels it.

Purifying water by removing physical and chemical impurities costs a lot of money. You can find many examples of how chemical pollution, fluoride, chlorine, and mechanical disturbances in today’s water supply harm you, your pets, and even your plants. Then harmful chemicals like chlorine and fluoride go back into the water, which is irrational unless the purpose is to cause disease.

Where Can I Use Prill Beads?

  • Use magnesium prill beads in drinking water, cooking, therapeutic bathing, plants, moisturizing spray, and laundry.
  • In the washing machine, you can improve your health by avoiding chemical residue on your clothing. The chemical will eventually end up on your skin, where it will be absorbed. Our bodies absorb everything we put on our skin. If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin!
  • When you fill the bathtub with ordinary tap water in the bath, use the Magnesium Prill Bath Ball to turn it into Prill water. It’s useful for removing toxins from water since it makes the water thinner, allowing better skin penetration. When you start with Prill water, whatever is in the bathwater will be more effective, whether you’re detoxing or adding Magnesium.
  • Make a Prill Toilet Tank Ball starting with filling an organza bag or anything similar with 1.5 pounds of magnesium prills and placing it in the tank of the toilet. With each flush, the water softens, making it easier to clean the bowl. It would help if you did not use bleach pills in the tank.


What are prill beads made of? It came from the natural recurrence of magnesium oxide. The prill beads will provide you with prill water with a pH balanced to 7.4. These beads provide you with a nearly limitless supply of pure glacial water. Purified water is safe to drink, cook with, bathe in, and clean with, and it has numerous health benefits.

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