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How To Clean Ceramic Dome Filter?

August 26, 2021 3 min read

How To Clean Ceramic Dome Filter

The majority of water filter media in the market are now disposable. The filter media should be replaced every 6 to 9 months, according to the manufacturers’ recommendations. Some use ceramic as a filter medium in some types of water filters. They come in three different shapes: dome, dish, and cylindrical. Ceramic dome filters are some of the popular styles. If you’re interested in this filter, you might’ve asked yourself, “how to clean ceramic dome filter?”

In this article, we’ll help you maintain your ceramic dome water filter in Australia to give the best water quality you deserve!

What should I use to clean it?

Manufacturers of these filter media frequently recommend sandpapering the surface with sandpaper or a rough sponge if it becomes clogged with dirt. However, this cleaning approach will no longer be effective after a few operations, particularly in gravity-flowing water filters like this one. The water wouldn’t flow properly.

Why? Micro living creatures such as live fungi, microprobes, microorganisms, or single-cell living eukaryotes are constantly present in water. Water filters, especially ceramic filters, have tiny microscopic micropores to catch dirt and microorganisms larger than 0.3 microns.

These microorganisms can block the ceramic filter media’s micropores, rendering it unusable as a water filter unless removed regularly. Some of these microorganisms will also release air, which can become caught in the filter’s micropores and reduce water flow.

How To Clean Ceramic Dome Filter?

Filter Backwashing Or Priming

If the air trapped in the pores is largely air, you can use a soft rubber washer to prime the ceramic filter. However, careful monitoring of the water pressure is required for this procedure, as some ceramic filters can readily shatter under such pressure. Furthermore, this approach has little or no effect in killing live microbes.

Boiling Method

#1 Pour water into the filter until full.

Fill the filter with water by placing it under a faucet.

Poke the outlet hole with a chopstick or anything similar. Do it until all of the air inside the filter is expelled.

#2 Place inside a pot.

Fill a small pot halfway with water and place the filter upside down (with the outlet pointing up) in it. Make sure the filter is only 12 to 3/4 submerged.

#3 Start boiling the water.

Bring water to a boil over low heat for around 3-5 minutes. To guarantee that the water inside the filter is always filled, use a little straw to take up some hot water from the pot and slowly put it into the outflow hole of the filter.

ceramic dome filter with benchtop water purifier

Safety Precautions

  1. Always keep the filter half or 3/4 submerged in hot water, and never let hot water touch the filter’s plastic component. It’s since boiling water can harm and deform the plastic’s shape.
  2. Never pull the filter from boiling water while holding the plastic base since this can easily dislodge the bottom from the filter. It’s because the boiling water used to heat the ceramic may soften the hot glue used to secure the plastic base to the filter.
  3. Use caution when handling hot water. Before removing the filter from the pot, use an electric fan to cool the pot and the filter material together.


Learning how to clean ceramic dome filter properly is essential. It will help you use the filter to the fullest and drink clean and purified water. Clean the ceramic filter’s exterior surface. You can use a plastic brush, soft scouring pad, or hard toothbrush. Do it under running water to refresh the flow rate. Because the top ceramic layer is swept away and contaminants are rinsed away, a new layer becomes available.