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  • User Reviews: Real-life Experiences with Hot Water Dispensers

    June 18, 2023 4 min read

    Hot water dispensers are a great addition to any home or office, providing quick and easy access to hot water for tea, coffee, and other hot beverages.


    In this article, we will explore user reviews of various hot water dispensers from the Awesome Water Filters website. We will cover six products, and by the end, you'll have a better understanding of which hot water dispenser is right for you.

    • Awesome Freestanding Water Cooler with Fridge:


      The Awesome Freestanding Water Cooler with Fridge is a popular choice for those looking for a multifunctional dispenser. Users love the convenience of having a fridge at the bottom for storing cold beverages and snacks. The hot and cold water dispensers work efficiently, making it perfect for busy homes and offices. Some users have mentioned that the fridge is small but perfect for storing a few items. Overall, this dispenser is highly recommended for its versatility and convenience.

    • Awesome Bottle-less Water Cooler:


      The Awesome Bottle-less Water Cooler is a fantastic option for people looking to save space and reduce their plastic waste. Users appreciate the direct connection to their water supply, eliminating the need for heavy water bottles. The dispenser offers both hot and cold water, and users find the temperature controls easy to use. A few users have mentioned that installation can be a bit tricky, but the customer support team is always ready to help. This dispenser is a great eco-friendly option.

    • Water Cooler Bottle Cover:


      This Water Cooler Bottle Cover is a simple yet effective accessory to enhance the appearance of your water cooler. Users find the cover easy to put on and remove, making it convenient for cleaning. Many users appreciate the design, which hides the water bottle and makes the cooler more visually appealing. Some users wish there were more designs available, but overall, they are satisfied with the product.

    • Awesome Coolers Benchtop Water Cooler:


      The Awesome Coolers Benchtop Water Cooler is perfect for those with limited space. Users love its compact design, which fits easily on countertops. The dispenser offers hot and cold water, and users find it reliable and efficient. Some users have mentioned that the hot water could be hotter, but this seems to be a minor issue. This dispenser is a fantastic choice for small spaces.

    • Awesome Coolers Freestanding Water Cooler: 

      The Awesome Coolers Freestanding Water Cooler is another great option for those seeking a standalone hot water dispenser. Users love its sleek design and the fact that it provides both hot and cold water. The dispenser is easy to use and maintain, making it a favorite among users. A few users have reported occasional leaking, but customer support is quick to address any issues. This dispenser is a reliable and stylish choice for any home or office.

    • Benchtop Alkaline Water Purifier:

      The Benchtop Alkaline Water Purifier not only provides hot and cold water but also purifies and alkalizes the water. Users rave about the health benefits of drinking alkaline water and appreciate the dispenser's filtration system. The dispenser is easy to set up and maintain, with users reporting that the filters last a long time. Some users wish the dispenser was more compact, but overall, they are thrilled with the product's performance and health benefits.


    With so many options available, choosing the right hot water dispenser can be overwhelming. However, the user reviews discussed in this article should help you make an informed decision. Consider your space, budget, and needs before selecting the best dispenser for you. Whether you need a multifunctional dispenser like the Awesome Freestanding Water Cooler with Fridge or a health-focused one like the Benchtop Alkaline Water Purifier, there's a perfect hot water dispenser for everyone.

    When making your decision, keep in mind the following factors:

    1. Space: Determine how much space you have available and choose a dispenser that fits comfortably in your designated area. The Awesome Coolers Benchtop Water Cooler is perfect for those with limited space, while the Awesome Coolers Freestanding Water Cooler is great for those who prefer a standalone unit.

    2. Functionality: Consider the features you need from your dispenser. If you want a multifunctional unit, the Awesome Freestanding Water Cooler with Fridge is an excellent option. For those looking to reduce plastic waste, the Awesome Bottle-less Water Cooler is the way to go.

    3. Aesthetics: If you want your dispenser to blend seamlessly with your decor, consider a water cooler bottle cover to hide the water bottle. This simple accessory can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your water cooler.

    4. Health Benefits: If you're interested in the health benefits of alkaline water, the Benchtop Alkaline Water Purifier is an excellent choice. This dispenser not only provides hot and cold water but also purifies and alkalizes it.

    5. Customer Support: Choose a company that offers excellent customer support to help with any questions or issues you may encounter. The user reviews for all the products mentioned in this article indicate that Awesome Water Filters provides exceptional customer service.

    Final Thoughts

    By considering these factors and the experiences of other users, you can confidently choose the right hot water dispenser for your needs. Enjoy the convenience and benefits of having hot water readily available at your fingertips!