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Water Cooler for Office: Benefits for Employees

April 25, 2019 2 min read

woman drinking water at the office

Paying attention to employee wellness is an important part of running a successful business. After all, when your employees are healthy and happy, your most crucial assets are protected: your employees! Numerous studies have shown that workers perform the best when they feel good mentally and physically.

While your business may already be utilizing a variety of wellness program initiatives such as health fairs, gym memberships, and flu shots, you may also want to think about installing a water cooler for office. But why? Here’s how drinking high-quality, filtered water from an office water dispenser can benefit your employees.

Boosts Productivity

It has long been suggested that there is a link between dehydration and decreased cognition. According to a 2014 study by Weill Cornell Medical College’s Brain and Mind Research Institute, even mild dehydration can cause employees to fall into the dreaded afternoon slump. The study claims that water loss of less than 5 percent can suppress blood flow to the brain, which reduces cognitive performance, reaction time, and attention. You can combat dehydration by installing a water dispenser for your office that offers employees delicious, fresh, and clean water on demand, all throughout the day. The abundance of healthy, great-tasting water will keep your workers’ minds on their work, and their bodies ready to tackle every task.

Less Sick Days

Did you know that 35 percent of all gastrointestinal illness is water-related? When employees call off work for stomach bugs, productivity certainly suffers. Additionally, workers can often feel more stressed when they return to work with a larger workload from taking time off for illnesses that can be prevented in the first place. Eliminate your office’s risk of gastrointestinal illnesses and business liability by purchasing the right office water filtration system. Installing a filtered water cooler for office with technology that provides total irradiation can eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses, and ensure that your employees stay healthy and working.

Builds Workplace Culture, Engages Employees

Studies show that employees can actually benefit from “office water cooler” chat. Everyone needs time to decompress during the workday, and when your employees take a break to gather around an office water dispenser, it allows them to engage with one another, thus boosting morale and productivity. These gatherings also often improve workplace culture by providing casual “facetime” with supervisors and upper management, while also allowing for the opportunity to collaborate with workers from other departments. These water breaks give employees ample opportunity to also discover shared interests and hobbies which can improve camaraderie and inclusiveness within your organization.

Employee wellness is worth the investment as it is directly related to employee longevity and happiness. If you need a simple way to improve the wellbeing of your workers, installing a water cooler for office can be a great start to ensuring employees stay productive, healthy, and engaged for years to come.

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