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Water Cooler Newcastle: Do I need a Water Filter?

April 25, 2019 4 min read

Water Cooler Newcastle: Do I need a Water Filter?

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People often say – “it comes out of my tap clear and it tastes ok so why do I need a filter?

Water from Sydney came from natural sources. It’s filter to the high standards set by the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

This ensures it’s safe to drink straight from the tap.

But most contaminants can still be found in our drinking water have no taste and do not add any color to the water so how do you really know it is safe for your family to drink?

By installing a water cooler in Newcastle, you’re already making a difference in today’s challenge to reduce waste. The water cooler system is reducing CO2 emissions associate with transporting bottled water and waste of used bottles.

The reality is we are using so many chemicals in our manufacturing, processing, farming and everyday lives today, way more than in any other period. Where do all these chemicals go after their use? Do they mysteriously disappear somewhere?

Most Chemicals End Up in Our Water Supply

Whatever chemicals we use in today’s world end up as a waste product and typically end up in the ground and then get wash into our rivers, lakes, groundwater, and oceans. When we burn fossil fuels sulphur dioxide (S02) and nitrogen oxide(N0x) are released into the atmosphere.

These chemicals gases react with water, oxygen, and other substances and to form mild solutions of sulfuric and nitric acid.

Winds can spread these acidic solutions across the atmosphere and for many hundreds of miles resulting in acid rain entering our streams, lakes and oceans. When lakes become acidic the plant life dies first followed by the fish, neither can live in acidic water.

What about Pharmaceuticals in the Water?

What about all the pharmaceuticals we are now consuming? Many of the compounds in the drugs we consume excretes from our bodies and end up flush down the drain and ultimately end up in our drinking water and groundwater.

When chemicals get mix up, they create a chemical change (or chemicalreaction) when two substances are mixed they transform into a third substance.  We are not able to test for these new substances in our drinking water and in many cases we have not developed tests for existing substances.

So do you want to take the chance your tap water that looks clear and has no taste other than the chlorine taste does not have any extra un-wanted mixture of ingredients in it? Are any of these substances good for our health? Do you really want to serve this unknown beverage to your family?

Protect your Families Drinking Water!

The obvious answer is every household should have a water cooler in Newcaslte to protect their families health by installing a good quality water filter for drinking and cooking. We cannot keep our head in the sand and continue saying our water is clear and the city gives it to me so is “good enough” Nor can we expect our water provider to eliminate these unwanted substances from the water. They could not even test for these contaminants nor could they afford to treat it to remove all the unwanted substances, nor do we need all water treated to that level for things like flushing the toilet, dishes, washing the car, etc.

It is up to all of us as individuals to ensure our drinking and cooking water is safe to drink and protect our families health.

General Results of Filtered Water

Filtered water can be installed in any place at your home, which makes filtered water available all the time, or from point sources like sink and showerhead filters. This filtered water is good for general uses like drinking water and showering, but also for uses like cooking and health purposes, especially removing toxins from the water. Some of the general results of filtered water are:


Filter water from the tap is frequently better tasting and better smelling than unfiltered water. Many people don’t drink enough water because they just don’t like the taste and/or smell of it.

Chlorine and chlorine by-products

Filters remove chlorine and chlorine by-products from the water, both of which proves to be harmful to human health over long periods of time.


Having a water filter on sources like a few taps or using whole house filters can be a last line of defense against over 2,100 toxins that can get into your water after it is filtered by your water provider.


Water filters also remove lead in the water right before you receive it, reducing the risk that it will regain any of that lead before you drink it.


Having filtered water come directly from the tap is much cheaper over time than buying bottle after bottle of water, where you’re paying for the plastic as well as the water inside.

Final thoughts

Purchasing a water cooler in Newcastle, ensure our drinking and cooking water is safe to drink and protect our families health.

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