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Water Dispenser For Home – Is It Worth To Get One?

April 21, 2019 2 min read

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to our website – for the coolest, funkiest home water coolers this planet ever did see! Especially if you are in Australia and looking for a chilled water dispenser for home.

So lets read your mind…you saw our name somewhere, got home, had a cuppa while checking your inbox and thought …mmm, what was that name again?…Let’s check them out.

And here you are – Congratulations! – Now lets keep this mind reading game going – you are maybe thinking??…


“The kids will love a cold water dispenser and it will finally get them off cola.”

kids drinking awesome water

Yes, you’re right. We promise you that once the three year old learns to master the taps (and they will!), you will wonder how you ever did without a home water cooler.

“Maybe a dispenser will look good in the home”

For sure it will, either in the kitchen, dining room or home office – It’s the latest in trendy home appliances.

“Chilled quality drinking water on tap – sounds good”

Sounds very good and you will be making a healthy statement to yourself, your family and visitors to your home. A filtered water is a healthy way to get your family into proper hydration.

Up to now, plain white water dispensers for home have grown by the zillion in offices and waiting rooms and have become an everyday part of modern life all over this fine country. Then its quite understandable that you are beginning to wonder why your family shouldn’t also have cool, fresh Natural Mineral water on tap at home, ideally from a dispenser that looks great too!

So at long last there’s an easy alternative to lugging bottles back from the supermarket and cramming them in the fridge: as much bottled water as you want delivered straight to your home and chilled in your very own stylish water dispenser!

So, where do you go from here?

Point that mouse of yours to the sections at the top for more info about our service and products – What we do seems a good place to start. Hope you enjoy the surf and end up being one of our great customers. We love you as much as we Love Water! Get a home water cooler today!

Take a look at what our home customer have to say. PS – We also do a HUGE range of water coolers and filter taps. Give us a call to find out more!

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