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Tips In Getting A Water Cooler Dispenser

April 21, 2019 3 min read

Think Twice About Tap Water

Does your office provide drinking water through a water cooler dispenser or do you drink water from the tap at your home? Keep reading to uncover differences in the quality of water from the tap, a bottled water cooler dispenser!


If you’re still drinking tap water at the office, think twice before turning on the tap the next time. While tap water is potable, there are options for better tasting water.

First, you may be wondering what qualifies as drinking water? Water flowing through indoor taps must pass minimum health regulations from the Australian Water Association (AWA) to qualify as drinkable. Regulations test water safety by looking for contaminants such as lead and bacteria that, if present in tap water, could cause serious illness. The purpose of a public or private water treatment facility is to make water potable, safe to drink, and good tasting.

Unfortunately, water can become impure after it leaves a treatment facility. It can even pick up some additives from the facility itself. Most municipalities add chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine, or chloramines to treated water, to help protect your teeth and to keep the water free of harmful germs on its way to your tap.

Beyond that, silt, sediment, and other minerals can build up inside water mains and household plumbing. When a water main breaks or is repaired or replaced, it’s possible for silt, sediment, and microorganisms to enter the system.

Even if your tap water is safe, does it taste good? When offices install water filtration systems like a reverse osmosis filter or a water cooler, employees reap the benefits of better quality and better tasting water.

Are Water Cooler Dispenser Better?


A water cooler dispenser is one of the best ways to deliver fresh, cool water at your home but have you ever considered the quality of the water from your water cooler? When was the last time your cooler was cleaned? Are there sanitary procedures in place for replacing the bottles? Your homemay have a cooler and you never gave thought to the quality of the water dispensed.

Our home often use bottled water coolers to provide drinking water. While the water probably tastes better than your average tap water, there are health risks that come with maintaining a bottled cooler. The bottle, by design, will need to be changed often. This leaves room for bacteria to enter the “cooler” during bottle changes. This most often results from the person who handles the bottle and from airborne contaminants. Many bottled coolers are not cleaned regularly, leaving opportunity for additional contamination.

Another important benefit to using bottleless water cooler is their environmental impact. Bottleless coolers are more eco-friendly than bottled coolers and bottled water.

Eco friendly

When you stop using bottles, the cost of transporting, storing and disposing of bottles is eliminated. This adds up to a 72% carbon footprint reduction.* Additionally, the more environmentally friendly water you use, the lower your carbon footprint will be by comparison.

You’ll stop contributing to plastic bottles piling into landfill and reduce dependence on oil-derived plastics. When it comes to eco-friendly water, everyone can play a part with it.

A Final Review 

To sum up, here are the top four reasons to switch to water cooler dispenser:

  1. Seals within the cooler reduce the risk of contamination from airborne contaminants and the bottleneck area that is handled during changes.
  2. It’s Convenient = Low Maintenance
  3. It Saves Money = Less Overhead for Your Business