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  • When To Change A Whole House Water Filter Cartridge?

    July 10, 2021 5 min read

    Change A Whole House Water Filter
    Pure water in glass and water filters on the blurred background. Household filtration system.

    You need a whole house water filtration system if you want to offer your family clean, safe, and delicious water from every tap in your home. These systems are extremely effective and simple to operate. But water filters, like air filters in your air conditioner or car, have a limited lifespan. The technique of changing the filter is quite simple, as specified in the owner’s manual. But how often do we need to change a whole house water filter?

    It’s critical to look after your whole-house water filter. Especially if you want it to keep functioning well for years to come. If you have recently installed one, though, you may be unsure how to care for it. As a result, you may turn to the internet to figure out how to replace it. In this article, we’ll talk all about changing a whole house water filter.

    Why do we need to change a whole house filter?

    Why do we need to change a whole house filter?
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    Filters might become less and less effective over time if you use them frequently. You must replace these filters regularly to ensure that they continue to perform properly. After a few months of usage, the filters may begin to collect material and clog. If the filters become too clogged, water can be difficult to pass through. However, if you change the filters regularly, the system will function smoothly and efficiently. You allow it to perform at its best.

    How Frequently Should I Replace the Replaceable Filters?

    triple big blue whole house filter

    Depending on your local water conditions, the frequency of filter replacement may vary. Sediment pre-filters should be updated every three to six months in most cases. If you have a sub-micron post-filter, you should replace it every nine months or once a year.

    Sediment Pre-Filter

    Many water filter systems include a sediment pre-filter as a standard component, and it is frequently the first step in the filtration process. It is in charge of collecting and eliminating all sediments. However, due to accumulated dirt and debris, the sediment pre-filter can become clogged over time.

    Experts say that owners must replace it every 3 to 6 months to avoid clogging. You can also replace it if you notice that it isn’t working properly or if the color of the water has changed.

    Iron Filters

    Iron filters are in charge of ensuring that the water flows properly and smoothly. Owners must replace it as soon as they notice a change in the water flow. If you don’t replace the iron filter on time, it will dissolve in the water, rendering it unfit to drink. The poor water flow indicates corrosion, which is why it’s critical to change the filter as soon as possible.

    You should update certain components of your whole house filtration system to guarantee the system’s best performance. You’ll need to keep an eye on a few other things as well. If you observe a change in the flow of water, discoloration, or a difference in the taste of water, it means these components have lost their ability to clean water. It needs replacement, ASAP.

    Sub-Micron Post-Filter

    The sub-micron filter ensures that the water is clear of any dangerous microscopic particles in the water, such as harmful protozoa, that other filters may have missed. Although a sub-micron post-filter is an optional add-on, it is a good decision.

    Because these particles are not always present in different water types, the filter has been made optional depending on the water source. You may not require this filter and do not have to install it if you believe your water source is clean enough and does not contain any dangerous particles.

    It is, nevertheless, always preferable to stay on the cautious side. Installing it in your whole-house water filtration system will only add to the security and safety of your home. This sub-micron post-filter should be replaced every 9 to 12 months, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

    When Should I Replace the Tanks?

    A water treatment professional will also need to change the tanks regularly. The capacity of your whole home water filter will determine when it needs replacement. If your entire house filter system has a rated capacity of FB300, it will need replacement every 300,000 gallons or every three years. It will require replacement every 1,000,000 gallons or ten years if the ability is FB1000. If you have a salt-free water softener, you should replace it every six years.

    Is it possible to reuse a water filter cartridge?

    You can rinse and reuse a conventional sediment filter. Still, experts don’t recommend reusing a cellulose (paper) sediment filter cartridge since the cellulose surface may tear and allow sediment into your home.

    If you want to reuse a sediment filter, experts recommend using a polyester filter rather than a cellulose filter cartridge because it will be much stronger.

    What is the best water filter cartridge?

    Many individuals believe that using the lowest micron filter cartridge possible will offer them the purest water possible.

    While this is true, if your water does not contain extremely fine particles, utilizing a very fine water filter cartridge will only reduce your water pressure. It requires you to replace the filter cartridge more frequently.

    When filtering out non-dissolved iron from your water or if you have a problem with very fine particles, we recommend using a low micron water filter cartridge.

    When possible, choose a higher micron pleated polyester filter cartridge, which will offer enough filtration in most cases and require less frequent replacement.


    change whole house water filter

    A variety of things determines a whole house water filter’s lifespan. These can include the following:

    • How much water do you consume daily?
    • The mineral and sediment content of your water
    • The capacity and size of your filters

    Water filters are available in various sizes, which might help you save money or extend the life of your filter. Water filters are evaluated by how much water they can process before they need to be replaced. For example, a filter might have a rate to process 100,000 gallons of water over its lifetime.

    Whole-house water filters typically last for the following amounts of time:

    • Pre-Filter: 3-6 MONTHS
    • Carbon Filter: 12 MONTHS
    • Post-Filter: Up to 1 Year

    Do you have any tips on how I can remember when to replace it?

    Make a note of it.

    It’s fairly uncommon in today’s fast-paced world to forget things now and then, especially when you’re preoccupied with work or other vital tasks. As a result, it is always a good idea to have reminders for your house issues not to forget any critical jobs around the house. It’s also a good idea to create reminders for filter replacements.

    Order replacements ahead of time.

    If you fear you’ll forget to replace filters until the last possible moment, it’s a good idea to order or buy them in bulk. It will save you the trouble of remembering and fussing over when to purchase new filters.

    Use your calendar.

    Mark the day on the calendar you expect to update the filters based on the supplied replacement time, and then order them as the date approaches. You can save it to your phone’s calendar, and it will remind you when the date approaches. Using a calendar to remind yourself is a terrific idea.

    How Often Do We Need To Change A Whole House Water Filter?: FINAL THOUGHTS

    How often do we need to change a whole house water filter? It depends on how you’re using your water filtration system. To make sure you’re taking care of your whole house water filter properly, you may opt to consult from the company or contact a professional.

    Are you looking for a whole house water filter or some of its replacement parts? Awesome Water Filters can provide for any water filtering needs in Australia.