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Why Activated Charcoal Water Filter Is Effective

June 30, 2021 5 min read


As responsible adults, we always strive hard to achieve optimum health. One of the frequent things we always hear from medical experts is to drink plenty of water. But what if the water that’s supposed to be saving us from illnesses contains harmful contaminants? Something we don’t see with our naked eyes? No worries. You can make sure you only use safe and clean water when you buy activated charcoal for water filter. Find out why you should own one today!


Is Distilled and Filtered Water the Same

Highly porous charcoals with surface areas of 300-2,000 square meters per gram production using unique production procedures. Active charcoals, also known as activated charcoals, are commonly used to adsorb odorous or colored compounds from gases or liquids. Activated charcoal consists of carbon atoms that have been treated with oxygen to create millions of microscopic pores between them.

The word adsorb is crucial in this context. When a material adsorbs something, it forms a chemical bond with it. Activated charcoal has a large surface area, meaning it has a lot of bonding sites. Certain compounds bind to the carbon surface and become trapped when they pass near it.


Here are some of the popular advantages that will make you want to buy activated charcoal for water filter:

It provides healthier, safer water.

Charcoal filters offer more than just filtration. It improves the quality of water, for example, by supplying needed minerals. It also helps the water keep its nutrients while also increasing its flavor. Calcium, iron, and magnesium are examples of such elements.

It improves water taste.

Is there a peculiar taste in your mouth if you drink tap water? You might blame this circumstance on the chemicals employed in treatment plants to filter water.

Because of the odor and smell of tap water, some individuals may avoid it. They will have to endure hours of thirst in the end, especially if they cannot discover another source of water.

Charcoal filters can quickly eliminate the distinct taste and odor in tap water. They can remove any flavor or color from municipal water. Finally, you’ll get to enjoy a delicious glass of water without worries.

It retains the mineral salts in the water.

Minerals and salts in freshwater can benefit your overall health. However, the water may include hazardous particles, making it unsuitable for drinking. It can effectively remove these pollutants with a whole-house water filter.

Unfortunately, the filter also eliminates the water’s essential minerals. As a result, you’ll get fewer benefits than you anticipated. You will ruin all of the nutrients in the water if you additionally distill it but activated charcoal aids in the retention of minerals in the water. It accomplishes this by enabling poisons and particles to pass past its surface while trapping them.

It’s easy to maintain.

You will spend less time caring for the filter after investing a budget-friendly amount on it. After all, it doesn’t need regular checking or repairing. Replace the filter element to keep this item in good working order.

A new filter might last a long time. However, after four months of use, make sure they’re still working. Due to the following variables, the time frame maybe longer.

If your home uses a lot of water, you could have to go through many filters in a short period. However, if the water has an unusual color or taste, you will need to replace the unit.

If you observe a decrease in water flow, you may need to replace the filter. When there is a lot of debris in the unit, this is crucial. You can quickly replace the filter elements because the filter parts are inexpensive.

It’s budget-friendly.

Consider obtaining a charcoal water filter if you’re seeking a low-cost option. These units are less expensive than traditional systems. In the end, you’ll have a better filtration system at a lower cost.

It doesn’t require an energy source.

There’s no need to connect this model to a power source if you wish to use it—instead, the activated charcoal and water pressure power the filter. One of the major advantages of charcoal water filters is that you will save money on utility expenses.


There are at least 81 identified compounds as being removed by activated carbon filters. They also have a moderate effect on 22 other compounds and are effective against 30 others. Activated carbon is the only filter recommended by the experts for removing all 32 known organic pollutants, including THMs. It’s similar for all 14 pesticides and 12 herbicides on the list.

The advantages of using a charcoal water filter have been popular since ancient times. People in 17th century Japan, for example, employed activated charcoal sticks as water filters.

The material can collect impurities found in freshwater since it has an absorbent surface. Activated charcoal adds minerals to the liquid in addition to acting as a substitute for a water distiller. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of using a charcoal water filter at home.

BUY ACTIVATED CHARCOAL FOR WATER FILTER: What does it remove and retain?

What chemicals and contaminants will it be able to get rid of? Is it capable of removing every particle that could impair a person’s health? Some of the pollutants and substances it eliminates are listed below.

  • Pesticides – chlordecone, chlordane, lindane, etc.,
  • Chlorine – removes about 95% of chlorine in your water
  • Chlorine bi-products – THMs, etc.
  • Nitrate – removes 50-70% of excess nitrate.
  • Microplastics – these are small fragments of plastic
  • Chloride – removes 50-70%
  • PFOS – a synthetic chemical


Where can I use activated charcoal?

You can find charcoal filters in a variety of filtration systems, not simply water filters. However, experts categorize them into two types: powdered block filters and granular activated filters.

Is it wise to invest in an activated charcoal for water filter?

Activated carbon, often known as charcoal, is a fantastic water filtering method. In both industrialized and developing countries, an effective activated carbon filter may quickly alleviate various water contamination issues. It’s crucial to note, too, that activated carbon isn’t the be-all and end-all of filtration. There are some toxins for which it’s ineffective.

The greatest advice we can give you when looking for an all-purpose water filter, whether for your home or travel, is to look for one that uses various filtering methods. It doesn’t have to be only activated carbon (with activated carbon still being one of the most important and effective).


Taking care of your and your family’s health means drinking healthy water. When you buy activated charcoal for water filter, you’ll be sure that you drink only clean water. In polluted water, an active carbon filter aids in the removal of pollutants and particulates. It accomplishes this purpose by attracting hazardous substances to its surface. Unlike a water softener, it keeps the minerals in the water while providing exceptional flavor and various other advantages.

Toxins are killed in tap water by chlorine treatment plants. This chemical imparts an odd flavor and odor to the water. However, by removing the chlorine, active carbon can make the water more pleasant to drink. As a result, I urge that you invest in an active charcoal filter.