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  • Why Filter Showers are Essential for Your Bathroom: A Comprehensive Guide

    January 20, 2024 5 min read

    why filter showers are essential for your bathroom a comprehensive guide

    We all crave that refreshing, invigorating feeling that comes from a good shower. But, have you ever stopped to wonder about the quality of the water cascading over you? Surprisingly, it's a detail often overlooked by many. That's where filter showers come in, becoming increasingly popular in homes worldwide. This comprehensive guide dives into why filter showers are essential for your bathroom, focusing on the top-rated products from Awesome Water Filters.

    First, let's break down what a filter shower is. Essentially, it's a device that filters your shower water before it hits your skin. By doing so, it removes harmful substances like chlorine, heavy metals, and other impurities. This ensures that every shower you take is not only refreshing but also healthy for your skin and hair.

    Why Filter Showers are Essential for Your Bathroom

    why filter showers are essential for your bathroom a comprehensive guide

    So, why should a filter shower be a staple in your bathroom? Here are several compelling reasons.

    1. Healthier Skin and Hair

    Chlorine and hard water are known to be harsh on the skin and hair. They can cause dryness, irritation, and even exacerbate conditions like eczema and dandruff. By removing these elements, filter showers can significantly improve your skin and hair health, leaving you with softer, smoother skin and shinier, healthier hair.

    2. Reduced Allergen Exposure

    Filter showers also reduce the exposure to allergens present in water, like certain bacteria and fungi. This can help alleviate allergies and asthma symptoms, making your showers a truly relaxing experience.

    3. A More Eco-friendly Choice

    By reducing the need for bottled water for washing and rinsing purposes, filter showers are a more sustainable choice. They use less plastic and energy, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

    Awesome Water Filters

    sprite slimline shower filter cartridge

    Now, onto the fun part—introducing the best filter shower products that Awesome Water Filters has to offer:

    1. Sprite Slimline Shower Filter Cartridge

    This sleek and compact shower filter cartridge removes chlorine, heavy metals, and more, providing a healthier, more enjoyable shower experience. Easy to install and replace, the Sprite Slimline Shower Filter Cartridge is a worthwhile investment for any home.

    2. Sprite Universal Shower Hose Filter

    Perfect for all shower types, the Sprite Universal Shower Hose Filter effectively removes impurities from your water. The convenience of its universal fitting makes it an excellent choice for all households.

    3. Sprite Handheld Filter Cartridge

    The Sprite Handheld Filter Cartridge is the go-to solution for handheld shower lovers. It's engineered to ensure your handheld showers are as clean and healthy as possible.

    4. Sprite HOC High Output Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge

    Designed for high-performance filtering, the Sprite HOC High Output Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge is an absolute must-have. With advanced filtration technology, this cartridge ensures maximum contaminant removal for a truly invigorating shower experience.

    5. Sprite High Output Chrome Shower Filter - White

    Style meets function with the Sprite High Output Chrome Shower Filter. This filter not only cleans your water but also adds a modern touch to your bathroom with its sleek white chrome finish.

    6. Hand-Held Shower Pure 7-Setting Shower Filter - Brushed Nickel

    This luxurious shower filter offers seven settings for the perfect shower experience. With its brushed nickel finish, the Hand-Held Shower Pure 7-Setting Shower Filter is a stylish and practical addition to any bathroom.

    How to Choose the Best Shower Filter

    sprite universal shower hose filter

    With these quality products from Awesome Water Filters, you are guaranteed an enhanced showering experience. But how do you choose the perfect one for your needs? Here are a few things to consider:

    • Water Quality in Your Area: The level of filtration you require heavily depends on the quality of your water supply. If your water is heavily chlorinated or contains a high level of hard minerals, opt for high-performance filters like the Sprite HOC High Output Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge.
    • Type of Shower: The type of shower you have at home will also determine the kind of filter shower that suits you best. For instance, if you use a handheld shower, the Sprite Handheld Filter Cartridge is your best bet.
    • Your Bathroom Décor: Let's not forget aesthetics. Your shower filter should match your bathroom décor. If you have a modern design, the sleek and stylish Sprite High Output Chrome Shower Filter - White would be a great match.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    sprite high output chrome shower filter white

    1. What is a filter shower?

    A filter shower is a device that cleanses the water flowing from your showerhead, removing impurities such as chlorine, heavy metals, and bacteria. It helps to enhance the quality of your showers by making them healthier and more beneficial for your skin and hair.

    2. How do filter showers work?

    Filter showers work by channeling water through a filtration media, usually a cartridge. This media is designed to trap and neutralize a variety of contaminants, ensuring that only clean, healthy water comes out of your showerhead.

    3. How often should I change my shower filter cartridge?

    The frequency of changing your shower filter cartridge depends on the specific product and your water quality. However, a general guideline is to replace it every 6 to 12 months. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

    4. Will a filter shower affect the water pressure?

    High-quality shower filters like those from Awesome Water Filters are designed not to significantly affect your water pressure. Some users may notice a slight decrease in pressure, but this is usually minimal and does not affect the overall shower experience.

    5. Are filter showers hard to install?

    No, most shower filters are straightforward to install, often requiring no more than a few minutes and basic tools. Always refer to the product manual for proper installation instructions.

    6. Can a filter shower help with skin conditions?

    Yes, filter showers can be beneficial for individuals with skin conditions such as eczema or dry skin. By filtering out irritants and harsh chemicals, they help to soothe the skin, reducing inflammation and dryness.

    7. Which shower filter is the best for me?

    The best shower filter for you depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Factors like your local water quality, the type of shower you have, and even your bathroom decor can influence your choice. Awesome Water Filters offers a range of top-quality shower filters to suit various needs and preferences.


    Once you've chosen your shower filter, you'll need to install it. While most shower filters are easy to install, if you are unsure, don't hesitate to call in a professional plumber. They can ensure the filter is correctly fitted, ensuring maximum performance.

    Maintaining your shower filter is equally important. Over time, shower filters accumulate the substances they've filtered out, reducing their efficiency. This makes regular cartridge replacement crucial. Each product comes with a recommendation on when to replace the filter—make sure you adhere to this schedule to enjoy optimal benefits.

    In conclusion, filter showers are more than a luxury—they are a health necessity. They not only protect your skin and hair but also reduce your exposure to allergens. With their added eco-friendly advantage, they are indeed a bathroom essential.

    If you haven't considered investing in a shower filter before, now is the time. Choose from the variety of filter showers offered by Awesome Water Filters to ensure your showers are as healthy as they are refreshing.

    Bathing should be a luxurious experience, and with filter showers, it can be just that. Don't just wash—nourish your skin, rejuvenate your senses, and step out of the shower feeling truly clean, truly refreshed, and truly healthy.

    Investing in a filter shower is a decision you'll thank yourself for each time you step under the cascading streams of water. Experience the difference today with Awesome Water Filters!