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Single Countertop Water Filter 10"

Single Countertop Water Filter generates clean water from tap water (chlorinated or non-chlorinated water supplies).


  • A quality, cost effective, portable method of water filtration.
  • Standard Single Countertop stands conveniently on the sink for easy ‘self’ installation to the kitchen tap, using the special diverter valve provided. Fitted with an Doulton Carbon 0.5 micron cartridge to provide you with the best quality water possible from a single countertop filter.
  • Perfect for renters, students, holiday homes and granny flats.

    It sits on the counter and connects to the kitchen faucet. This Single Countertop Water countertop filter will not connect to pull out kitchen faucets. 

    Depending on the selection in drop-down menus we will supply per below:

    Item Listed Filtering Media * Particles Reduced Additional Filter Information
    No Filter Filter Not Included Not Applicable Filter Not Included With System
    5 Micron Carbon Block [CBC] > 5uM Nominal Our WFF Brand Made in Taiwan
    1uMa Carbon Carbon Block [CBC] > 1uM Absolute** Our WFF Brand Made in Taiwan
    0.5uM Carbon Carbon Block [CBC] > 0.5uM Nominal** Our WFF Brand Made in Taiwan
    1uMa Metals CBC + Metal Resin**** > 1uM Absolute** Our WFF Brand Made in Taiwan
    1uMa Fluoride CBC + Fluoride Resin**** > 1uM Absolute** Our WFF Brand Made in Taiwan
    0.5uM Pentek Carbon Block [CBC] > 0.5uM Nominal** USA Pentek Brand Made In China
    0.5um Matrikx Carbon Block [CBC] > 0.5uM Nominal** USA Matrikx Brand Made In India
    0.5uM Pentek Metals CBC + Metal Resin**** > 0.5uM Nominal** USA Pentek Brand Made In China
    0.5uM Matrikx Metals CBC + Metal Resin**** > 0.5uM Nominal** USA Matrikx Brand Made In India
    1uMa Silver Infused*** CBC Silver Anti-Bacterial 0.5 Nom | 1uM Abs** Made in Thailand to NSF Standard

    * Carbon removes or reduces chlorine, volatile organic compounds. It also removes a wide range of chemical impurities like pesticides, herbicides, insecticides. It also improves the taste and odour of drinking water.

    ** Both 0.5uM nominal and 1uM absolute will remove 99.9% of parasitic micro-organisms. It removes giardia, cryptosporidium, blastocysts, and cysts if present in water.
    ***  Silver infused filters are typically used with water that may have high levels of bacteria like rainwater tank water.
    **** Inner core coated with specific targeting resin to reduce either fluoride or heavy metals in drinking water.

    This system is locally assembled using high-quality approved parts. | All parts are made from approved food-grade materials.

    No plumbing required | Connect to standard* mixer taps by removing the aerator and connecting diverter taps supplied with the item.

    * Standard mixer taps refer to a mixer tap where you can unscrew the aerator on the end of the tap. It will be left with either a 20mm female thread or a 23mm male thread. If you have the 20mm female thread you'll need to use the inside to outside thread converter [supplied with the diverter valve] to connect. But if you have a 23mm male thread after removing the aerator you won't need to use the thread converter.

    Countertop unit with a filter to last 6-12-months if carbon block water filter option/s selected.

    Includes all fittings, fixtures, faucet, tubing, and wrench to connect to the end of the sink mixer tap.

    Manufactured according to NSF, WQA, and FDA standards where applicable.


    1x sediment + 1x coconut carbon block 10"x2.5" water filters | Available in micron [uM] filtration sizes per drop-down menu combination

    Actual measurements for sediment spun water filters are +/- [25cm] x +/- [7cm]

    Measurements of coconut carbon block water filters are +/- [25cm] x +/- [7cm]

    5uM carbon filters remove/reduce chlorine, odour, taste, volatile organic compounds. It also filters a wide range of chemicals, pesticides, and other impurities in water.

    0.5uM nominal and 1uM absolute carbon block filters remove the above impurities as well as micro-organisms [giardia, cryptosporidium, and blastocysts.

    Heavy metals and fluoride water filters will filter all the items stated above as well as reduce heavy metals or fluoride if present in your drinking water.

    It's dependent on water turbidity and usage filters should last 6-12 months or 9,500 liters.

    This unit has a 2-year warranty which is subject to our warranty terms and conditions, regular filter changes are to be done as recommended using our replacement filters, media, and consumables and are installed inside and not in direct sunlight.