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Awesome Under Sink Water Filter System


What's So Great About This Filter?

  • Fits right under your kitchen sink and works with your regular tap
  • Super flexible - you can install it standing up or lying down
  • Uses advanced four-stage filtering to make your water clean and tasty
  • Removes tiny particles as small as 0.5 microns (that's really small!)
  • Gives you great-tasting, healthy water straight from your tap
  • No need for a separate filtered water tap
  • Changing filters is quick and easy - you can do it yourself!
  • Helps keep your glasses sparkly clean
  • Easy to install, even if you have a fancy stone countertop

What Does It Filter Out?

  • Dirt, rust, and other yucky stuff
  • Nasty tastes and smells
  • Chlorine and other chemicals
  • Harmful things like lead
  • Even tiny parasites like Giardia and Cryptosporidium

How Does It Work?

Picture this: Your tap water goes on a mini adventure through four different filtering stages. Each stage tackles different problems:

  1. Catches big particles like dirt and rust
  2. Grabs smaller particles and some chemicals
  3. Uses special carbon to remove bad tastes, smells, and more chemicals
  4. Does a final cleanup to catch anything that snuck through

By the time the water comes out of your tap, it's clean, safe, and delicious!

Some Cool Facts

  • It can handle up to 8 liters of water per minute
  • Works with water from 2°C to 38°C (that's cold to pretty warm!)
  • Can filter up to 37,500 liters before needing a new cartridge
  • Removes over 97% of chlorine
  • Gets rid of 99.99% of nasty microscopic bugs called cysts

What Comes in the Box?

  • The filter head and main unit
  • A filter cartridge
  • Brackets to mount it
  • Flexible hoses to connect everything

How Big Is It?

  • If you stand it up: 450 mm tall and 215 mm wide
  • If you lay it down: 215 mm tall and 450 mm wide

Remember, this filter is great for making your tap water taste better and be healthier, but it's not meant for water that might have dangerous germs. If you're not sure about your water quality, check with a grown-up or your local water company first! Visit Awesome Filters now!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Victorine Hayes

Please contact me at [****]
I would like to order a couple more filters to keep this undersink filter refill.
Thank you.


Noah Parisian
Amazing Taste

The water tastes amazing.

Lilly Pop

Love that I dont need to buy bottled waters anymore!