Awesome 7 Stage Water Alumina Fluoride Reduction Filter


 Our class leading 7 stage water alumina fluoride reduction filter are suitable for most water coolers.

 This is the perfect solution for anyone looking for pure alkaline, fluoride-free drinking water

Removes 69.8% fluoride in your tap water

 Awesome Water Filters Value Combo’s

  1 x filter $50

  2 x filter $80

  3 x filter $110

  4 x filter $130

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    Awesome 8 Stage Water Alumina Fluoride Reduction Filter4 stage alumina filter

    Awesome 8 Stage Water Alumina Fluoride Reduction Filter

    Our Awesome 8 Stage Water Alumina Fluoride Reduction Filter are great for converting your tap water into a great-tasting, mineralized, alkalised, and fluoride-reduced awesome water.  In addition, every water drop drips through our famous class-leading awesome 8-stage water filter system. When compared to a 3-stage water filter, it’s definitely far more superior. You will notice a change in taste and odor in your water. No more bad taste and chlorinated odor.


    For instance, with the help of Activated Alumina Media, you’ll surely get a reduction of fluoride in your water. Therefore, our awesome water filters clean and infuse your water with earth-derived natural minerals.  In conclusion, it’s the perfect solution for home water filters or office water filters.

    Awesome 8 Stage Water Alumina Fluoride Reduction Filter Stages Explained:

    7 stage alumina water filter

    1. Dome –Primary filter felt pads – effectively removes rust and sediment particles while stopping the propagation of bacteria

    2. KDF Media– Assists the next stage (activated carbon) to remove chlorine, organic matter & heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury & arsenic.

    3.Activated Carbon – Removes chlorine, organic sediment as well as the bad smells & taste associated with chlorine used in town water.

    4. Activated Alumina – The impurities like fluoride, arsenic, organic and inorganic waste are stopped from moving further. After the filtration is over, only pure drinking water passes through.

    5. Mineralised Balls – These natural minerals derived from natural clay’s adding back valuable minerals to the body. Examples of these minerals are iron, zinc, lithium, magnesium, potassium & iodine.

    6.Activated Carbon – Finer grade of stage 2 above.

    7. Far-infrared Ceramic Balls – It has an effective absorption of lead, Chromium (Cr + +), and other toxic heavy metals, and makes dissolved zinc lithium, iodine, selenium, and other trace elements in over 20.

    8. Ceramic Plate – Final stage of filtration that has the potential to remove some forms of bacteria.

    What is Activated Alumina?


    Activated Alumina is perfect for reducing fluoride from your drinking water.

    Yes, carbon filters are able to reduce fluoride but not as effective as the Activated Alumina.

    How does it work?

    For it to be really effective, the contact time in the water should be at least 10 minutes or more.

    In addition, the longer the water is exposed in the alumina media, the less fluoride will be in the final water.

    Likewise, it can also lower the pH water (acidic water) effectively.

    The activated alumina filter reduces lead, arsenic, and fluoride in your water without adding any harmful chemicals or substances to the water.

    Activated Alumina is widely used as a catalyst for recovering sulfur in the petrochemical industry. Most importantly, it’s an excellent fluoridation agent for drinking water. It works as a deflouridation agent for recycling alkyl-hydrocarbon in alkylbenzene production. It also works as a reclaiming agent for de-acidification in transformer oil. Experts also use it as a de-arsenic agent in acid industry. It’s an  adsorbent in the production of hydrogen peroxide solution. It can also be a catalyst for polyhydric-ammonia by substituting silica gel with the ball-shaped product, desiccator. In addition, it’s a purifying agent for different kinds of gases and liquids.

    Chemical Composition

    Al2O3 > 93%

    SiO2 0.06%

    Fe2O 3 0.03%

    Na2O 0.5%

    Typical Properties- Activated Alumina

    BET-surface 300 ± 20 m²/ g

    Pore-volume 0.4 ± 0.02 ml/ g

    LOI @ 400 ºC < 6%

    Water absorption capacity @60% R.H. 20.0% min.

    % Fines 0.05% max.

    Bulk density 0.7 ± 0.02 kg/ l

    Crush strength 120 N min.

    Fluoride uptake 1-2500 mg/ kg

    Filter Cartridges fit all standard filter housings.

    How long will the awesome 7 stage water alumina fluoride reduction filter last?

    It all depends on the water source and its usage rate.

    For a family of 5, 5 litres daily (20 glasses).

    Change the filters every 6 months to maintain its optimum effectiveness to convert tap water into an alkaline state.

    Similarly, replacing the water filter takes less than 10 minutes and will return to full filtration, pH-balanced, antioxidant water in a few minutes.

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