RO 4000 Benchtop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System with Standard Alkaline


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  • Removes Heavy Metals
  • Chlorine & Fluoride Gone
  • pH level 8.5 – 9.5

    RO 4000 Benchtop Reverse Osmosis System with Standard Alkaline

    Please Note: This product is made here in Australia. Please be aware it might be up to 2 weeks for the delivery.

    A multi-stage water treatment system that combines convenience and outstanding filtration performance.

    If your serious and want to remove fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals and other nasty chemicals from your household drinking water before drinking, this is a very good product to use.

    It allows reverse osmosis filtration for anyone, as the filter connects straight onto your kitchen tap spout. It is factory tested with a 5-year warranty. It produces pure water free from contamination. Time tested over many years to continually perform without issues.

    This reverse osmosis water filter is part of the RO 4000 range. This range of water filters is available in 3 different models. All 3 models have the exact same 4 stages of American filtration, but models 2 & 3 have the added benefits of an alkaliser cartridge fitted on top of the system.

    Why this extra Alkaliser cartridge is so important is the fact that after the water has passed through the reverse osmosis water filtration system, all the minerals have been removed from the water, so the pH level of the water as the water flows out will be quite acidic with a pH level around the 6 pH mark. Humans need to drink water with a pH level above 7 pH or the water will strip your body of minerals.

    What Makes it Unique?

    What makes this complete range of RO 4000 Systems so unique is that we have dismantled this system into small pieces on the work bench, identified any possible issues and then rebuilt our own special RO 4000 complete with a massive 100 GPD membrane which is double the size of any other membrane normally used.

    Then we added the flush valve/flow restrictor, with more and more contamination found in our water supplies nowadays, all that muck builds up inside filters while they operate.

    With the New RO 4000 only from My Water Filter you can simply press down on the flush valve and rush water through the waste line to clear any blockages, saving you the hassle of slow water flow or repairs. It is very neatly concealed inside the stylish white housing so it is easy to wipe clean which makes it very hygienic and looks nice on any benchtop.

    5 Filtration Stages:

    The Benchtop Reverse Osmosis System with Standard Alkaline (RO 4000) is a five stage filtration system that enhances the quality of your drinking water.

    Micron Polyspun Sediment Filter

    STAGE 1 – 5 Micron Polyspun Sediment Filter (Made in USA)

    The first filter in this filtration system is built from spun polypropylene which effectively removes sediment, dirt, sand, rust or any particles from your drinking water to protect the following cartridges which allows them to work at their optimum.

    micro carbon fiilter

    STAGE 2 – 5 Micron Carbon Filter (Made in USA)

    This granular activated carbon (GAC) filter removes organic pollutants from your drinking water. At this stage, chlorine & chemicals are removed from the drinking water which helps to protect the membrane also.

    high purity membrane

    STAGE 3 – High Purity (0.0005 micron) Membrane (Made in USA)

    The third stage in this filtration system is the 100 GPD ultra fine TFC RO membrane, which carefully filters out viruses, fluoride, heavy metals, lead, copper, mercury any many other contaminants.

    • Sodium 92-98%
    • Calcium 93-98%
    • Magnesium 93-98%
    • Potassium 92-96%
    • Iron 96-98%
    • Manganese 96-98%
    • Radioactivity 93-97%
    • Silica 80-90%
    • Boron 50-70%
    • Aluminum 96-98%
    • Ammonium 85-90%
    • Copper 96-98%
    • Nickel 96-98%
    • Zinc 96-98%
    • Strontium 95-97%
    • Cadmium 95-97%
    • Silver 93-96%
    • Mercury 94-97%
    • Barium 94-96%
    • Bacteria 99+%
    • Chromium 94-96%
    • Lead 95-98%
    • Chloride 92-95%
    • Bicarbonate 85-95%
    • Nitrate 90-95%
    • Fluoride 92-95%
    • Silicate 95-95%
    • Phosphate 95-98%
    • Othophosphate 96-98%
    • Chromate 85-95%
    • Cyanide 85-95%
    • Sulphite 94-96%
    • Thiosulfate 96-98%
    • Ferrocyanide 96-98%
    • Bromide 85-90%
    • Borate 30-50%
    • Sulphate 96-98%
    • Arsenic 90-95%
    • Selenium 90-95%

    micro carbon fiilter

    STAGE 4 – 5 Micron Carbon Filter (Made in USA)

    This granular activated carbon (GAC) filter also known as the carbon polishing post filter which is responsible for polishing up the water after the harsh filtration process through the membrane producing excellent tasting drinking water.

    ro4000 filter cartridge replacement

    STAGE 5 – Standard Alkaliser Cartridge

    At this point in the filtration process the water is still acidic at around the 6 pH level. As the water flows through the Alkaliser cartridge, the water will disolve & absorb the mineral it requires. This elevates the pH levels of your water while increasing its quality. The pH reading with a new alkaliser will be up to 9.5 pH then as the system is used the alkaliser will wear down over time and can be replaced when required.


    Installation is DIY and is made easy so that anyone can set one up. Find a perfect spot on your kitchen benchtop or in your laundry, and connect this filter to your faucet by following our consumer-friendly instructions.

    Maintenance And Replacement Cartridges

    After 12 months, expect that the filters have accumulated enough sludge that results in a decline of their efficiency. We encourage you to replace your cartridges as outlined below:

    • We recommend you renew & replace cartridge 1 annually
    • Replace cartridge 2 with the existing cartridge 4 as it only polishes up the water so still in good conditionr
    • Then renew & replace cartridge 4
    • pH test the alkaline cartridge annually and only replace when the Alkalinity drops lower than what you require
    • Only renew the RO Membrane every 4 – 6 years or in HARSH water areas replace when water quality drops or TDS increases

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