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Magnetic Paper Cup Holder For Water Dispensers


Simplify Your Life with the Awesome Magnetic Paper Cup Holder

Are you tired of having paper cups scattered around your office or home water cooler? Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for a cup or constantly refilling a cup holder with the Awesome Magnetic Paper Cup Holder for Water Coolers or Dispensers.


This innovative and practical cup holder easily attaches to your water cooler or dispenser, allowing you to store your paper cups neatly and organized. A Magnetic Paper Cup Holder for Water Coolers is a convenient and practical accessory that can be used to hold paper cups and water bottles in one convenient location. This holder attaches easily to the side of a water cooler using a magnetic backing and can hold cups of various sizes and 4L water bottles. It is an ideal addition to any office or communal area where people need to access cups or water bottles quickly and can be easily obtained through click-and-collect services.


The magnetic design ensures that your cups are always within reach, making it easy for you and your colleagues or family members to grab a cup of water whenever needed. With its sleek and compact design, the Awesome Magnetic Paper Cup Holder is perfect for any space, big or small.

Upgrade your water cooler experience and order yours today!

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Magnetic Convenience: This ingenious cup holder easily attaches to the side of your water dispenser, thanks to its powerful magnetic backing. Say goodbye to the days of searching for cups or dealing with cluttered cup holders.

  2. Hygienic Hinged Lid: The cup holder features a hygienic hinged lid that not only keeps your cups clean but also allows for quick and easy access. Just open the lid, grab a cup, and you're ready to hydrate.

  3. Versatile Cup Compatibility: Whether you prefer paper cups or plastic ones, this magnetic holder can accommodate various cup sizes. It's designed to adapt to your needs, ensuring that every cup is within arm's reach.

  4. Sleek and Modern Design: Designed to complement contemporary water dispensers, this cup holder adds a touch of elegance to your space. Its streamlined design enhances the aesthetics of any environment, from busy office settings to cozy homes.

  5. Dishwasher Safe: Cleaning and maintaining the cup holder couldn't be easier. It's dishwasher safe, ensuring effortless upkeep and long-lasting use.

How It Works:

The magic lies in the magnetic backing of the cup holder. It securely attaches to the side of your water dispenser, staying firmly in place. The hinged lid guarantees hygienic cup storage while providing easy access. The holder's self-adjusting feature ensures compatibility with most water cups, making it incredibly user-friendly for you, your colleagues, or your family.

By upgrading your water dispenser with the Awesome Magnetic Paper Cup Holder, you're not only keeping things tidy but also adding a touch of convenience and sophistication to your hydration experience. Bid farewell to cup clutter and welcome a streamlined and efficient way to quench your thirst.

Ready to embrace a clutter-free and more convenient water dispenser area? To order your Magnetic Paper Cup Holder and inquire about shipping details, including fees and delivery times, please reach out to us today. Elevate your hydration game with this practical accessory that combines functionality and style seamlessly.