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  • Guidelines to Water Filter Maintenance

    July 15, 2022 3 min read

    Our body needs clean and safe drinking water to survive. With all the drinking bottle options, filtered drinking water is the safest, cleanest, most economical, and most environment-friendly option. It's perfect for home or office.


    Drinking water filtration systems are devoid of chemicals and bacteria. But it leaves the important minerals that our body needs like magnesium, zinc, and calcium which our water filters provide.

    An Awesome Water Filters premium quality 8-Stage KDF water filter is designed to remove impurities, bacteria, and chemicals from water. It aims to produce healthy pure clean and safe drinking water for your home, office or workplace. Hence, it's a good investment to have a water filter or water dispenser in your home or office. It helps ensure that you get safe and clean drinking water anytime at an affordable price.

    However, owning a water filter or water purifier is only the beginning. You have to maintain and take care of your water filter or water purifier as well. Having a poorly maintained water filter or water dispenser is just as bad as drinking contaminated water.

    How to keep your water filter at its optimal performance level?


    Quality water filtration systems, backed by a reliable customer service team, ensure that the filtration process is efficient and effective. Regular cartridge replacement is important for maintaining high-quality water filtration and ensuring that the system is working optimally. With the right water filter, homeowners and businesses can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their drinking water is safe and healthy.

    Here are a few things to consider to properly maintain your water filter, water purifier or water dispenser:

    Utilise only the cleanest water possible.

    The function of a water filter, water purifier or water dispenser is to filter water of impurities. However, using water that is too murky and dirty may actually cut short the life of your premium quality 8 stage KDF water filter cartridges. Don't use water that is too dirty. Too many impurities and large sediments will clog and reduce the life span of your water filter too quickly.

    Instead, try to use the cleanest water by letting the impurities and sediments settle at the bottom of the container then separate the water before you put it into your water dispenser or water purifier.

    Create a six-month schedule to inspect and clean your 8-stage KDF water filter.

    You have to inspect and replace your water filter cartridge every six months ensuring the best possible performance. Clean the inside of the bottle set where the 8-stage KDF water filter screws into with vinegar & water. You can also use water and bicarb soda. Don't use harsh chemicals whenever it's time for a water filter change.

    If you simply can't be bothered doing it yourself, we have an established professional dealer network

    Australia wide that can do this for you, simply call 1800 789 781 to book a time that suits you.

    Replace the water filter cartridge properly and regularly every six months.

    Your premium quality 8-stage KDF water filter cartridge is where dirt and impurities accumulate. When your water filter cartridge has saturated dirt, it may not be able to filter impurities effectively. This may also reduce water flow from your water filter affecting your water dispenser or water purifier's performance.

    You may also run the risk of drinking contaminated water when the capacity of your water cartridge to filter water diminishes. Know the lifespan of your cartridge (6 months) so you can replace them when needed. Don't let any water filter cartridge go on for 12 months.

    You can also ask Awesome Water Filters to keep a record of your last filter change. Then, we will contact you when your water filter is due for replacement. Awesome Water Filters sell replacement parts like replacement

    bottles and premium quality 8-stage KDF water filter cartridges. Make sure to follow instructions on how to install them properly. You can also call 1800 789 781 to be put in touch with one of our professional dealers.

    Contact us for expert advice on water filter maintenance.

    These Guidelines for Water Filter Maintenance will help you use your water filters efficiently. Taking care of your water filter, water purifier or water dispenser is one of the surest ways to get pure healthy premium quality drinking water 24/7. Using a water filter in a water dispenser can also function as a hot and cold water

    dispenser. It's a good healthy investment for your home or office. Keep your home or office water filters, water purifier or water dispenser working all-day, every day, through regular check-up and maintenance.

    If you want a reliable, safe and efficient water filter, water purifier or hot and cold water dispenser place your orders today at Awesome Water Filters, we are waiting for your call 1800 789 781.