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  • A Guide To Alkaline Water Benefits

    April 08, 2022 10 min read

    When it comes to our health, water is essential and there’s no other substance as necessary for our bodies as water. If we’re drinking enough water, we’re already doing something great benefits of our health You may have heard  rumors about alkaline water which say that it can help you in various health problems. It seems that it can also slow aging process and it has the ability to prevent some chronic disease like cancer.

    Let’s have a look at what exactly this alkaline water is, what’s the chemistry behind it and why there is all this hype around it:

    What is Alkaline Water?


    Term alkaline refers to the water’s pH level. This pH level represents a number which measures the acidity or how alkaline a substance is on a scale of 0 to 14. For instance, if a substance has a pH of 1 this means that it is a very acidic one, and if another substance has a pH of 13, it’s a very alkaline one.

    It has a higher pH than tap water or than any other regular drinking water, and this is the main reason for which lots of specialists claim that alkaline water can neutralize acidity in our bodies. Regular water has a pH of 7 and alkaline water’s pH is generally 8 or 9.

    Naturally itis found when it passes over rocks (we’re talking for instance about springs) and it picks up some minerals which will have an effect of increasing the water’s alkaline level.

    There are already lots of companies who sell their products and they claim that through some chemical processes called electrolysis water becomes alkaline. They say that electricity is used in order to separate the acidic molecules from water or from the ones that are more alkaline.

    The Science behind it

    It contains many active hydrogen molecules, therefore it can act as a very powerful antioxidant which finds and destroys the free radicals called reactive oxygen species. These free radicals are created by digestive and metabolic processes from our bodies and as they travel through our organisms, they have the ability of damaging DNA and cells, becoming responsible for various diseases including cancers. This damage also increases the risk for diabetes and ulcers. When the hydrogen molecules from alkaline water find and eliminate these bad free radicals, they also have a beneficial effect on preventing and even lowering the risk level of developing the disease.

    It is very rich in alkalizing compounds including silica, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate and magnesium. There are also people who claim that a more alkaline diet, apparently including the use of alkaline water, is able to help our bodies to buffer acidity and this will lead to better overall health. There are already some studies which support these claims, but there are also people who remain skeptical to all of these.

    Water Basics and the Acid-Based Balance in our Body

    We all know the great importance for our health of drinking enough water. Our bodies are mostly made of water, and there are no substances which are this beneficial to our health and physiology. So there’s no wonder that many of us are feeling concerned about the problems regarding increased pollutants and the great variety of contaminants in the tap water we usually drink.

    Our bodies are doing an excellent job of maintaining the blood pH within a quite tight range and this means that some “chronic low-grade acidosis” definitely won’t appear on the lab reports.You might ask yourselves whether those lab reports might be deceptive or not. This is an entirely legit question and there are some proponents of alkaline water who have been arguing for a very long time that even if our pH levels look fine, our bodies might be drawing on stored buffers from our muscles and bones in order to maintain the pH within the optimal range. They say that this is not okay.

    The human body is incredibly complex and claiming that we all need to alkalinize might be too simple. For one thing each one of our organ systems has its very own unique range of pH. There are plenty of ways in which our bodies maintain the pH balance, and if the pH is not optimal it’s critical that we find out the cause. That’s why we definitely need to see a specialist because without knowing the cause, we’ll never be able to know if it will actually help us. But it can help, that’s for sure and it has already been proven.[2]

    Benefits of Alkaline Water

    1. It has Powerful Antioxidant Properties

    Antioxidant substances have the ability to protect our bodies from free radicals which are one of the leading causes of various health issues ranging from superficial to very severe. As shown above, free radicals can cause considerable damage to our bodies especially by hurting our immunity. When our immunity becomes compromised, this can cause infections and all kinds of diseases ranging from minor to extremely severe degenerative ones.

    There are a variety of sources for these free radicals and they include: pollution, exposure to various toxic substances and even to everyday household products with harmful effects on our health. Our bodies need antioxidants in order to be able to combat the adverse effects of free radicals, and a great source for these is alkaline water.

    It’s as simple as this: in order to help our body and protect it from serious health problems, it’s a big plus if we drink this kind of water. Studies have already reported that it has a more effectiveness than most capsules or products available on the market. The reason is simple: It is in liquid form therefore it’s better assimilated and absorbed by our organism.

    1. It Optimizes the pH Levels from Our Bodies

    Fortunately, our bodies naturally try to maintain a proper balance in the acid-alkaline levels, but when they’re overly acidic our systems have to work extremely hard to keep that balance in good shape. Such a thing can produce adverse effects like stress in different areas of the body. When our bodies become too acidic, this acidic environment can interfere with the activity of every cell from our organism.

    Our typical diets consist of cheeses, fatty meats and butter and they contribute to creating an overly acidic environment. Also drinking coffee, smoking, alcohol consumption and the processed sugars play some hard negative roles.

    Consuming all these in large quantities will have the effect of depositing acid waste in our bodies and this will automatically cause disease because health issues thrive in acidic environments.

    Alkaline water has the ability to neutralize acid levels from our bodies and a cure which promotes a quick recovery.

    1. Hydrates our Bodies

    It’s fascinating that alkaline water has a smaller molecular content than regular water and this makes it easier for it to be absorbed by the body. This means a better hydration and a more efficient one, so it’s obviously better if you drink alkaline water instead of tap water. The minerals from its composition will also help the blood circulation to be more efficient which will lead to better functions and processes of our bodies.

    1. Can Detox Our Bodies

    An essential benefit if we drink alkaline water is the fact that it has the ability to eliminate toxins and bad substances which may cause the developing of infections and illness in our body. Also drinking plenty of alkaline water is crucial for optimal health.

    Every detox diet we read about in all kinds of magazines and medical articles stresses the importance of drinking enough water every day. Eating healthy and lots of vegetables and fruits will help as well, but there’s nothing better than drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day for a great foundation of detoxing our body.

    Many detox programs also began to recommend purchasing an alkaline water machine or filter which can ensure that our water is free of impurities or harmful minerals. There’s obviously no benefit for our health if we drink those 8 glasses of nasty water loaded with all kinds of bacteria if we’re trying to cleanse our organism.

    Boosts our Immunity

    We can boost our immune system by keeping our bodies in a more alkaline environment because this is a natural result of neutralizing the free radicals and their harmful effects. An alkaline state for our bodies will also help in cleansing the body of toxic substances.

    Studies and lots of research have proven that a regular intake of alkaline water can significantly contribute to improving our immunity and this is crucial to our long-term health.

    • It helps with Weight Loss

    It is beneficial for people who have problems related to weight excess. Today’s diets are mostly and unfortunately based on junk food and this increases the acidic environment from our bodies. In exchange, our bodies create a large number of fat cells in order to neutralize the acid, and this will, of course, result in unwanted kilos.

    Alkaline water will naturally neutralize the acids from our bodies, and people who regularly consume it won’t need to create more fat cells in order to neutralize the acids. This way, drinking alkaline water will help with weight loss by reducing fat storage. If our bodies have a healthy level of alkaline, we’ll be able to lose unwanted weight much easier than someone whose body has higher levels of acidity.

    • Prevents and Fights Cancer

    It’s important to remember that cancer cells won’t be able to live in an environment with a pH which is neutral. Cancer cells thrive in an acid environment. An alkaline balance in our bodies is essential for preventing the growth and the development of malignant cells. Everything we eat has the ability to contribute to the acidity levels in our bodies, and if we use alkaline water this will keep the acids from our organism neutral. We should maintain a pH level of 7.0 to 7.2 in our body in order to be as healthy as possible, and we can do this if we drink alkaline water.

    Alkaline water is very useful in the prevention of the development and growth of cancer cells. So, even the healthiest person is advised to drink it as a measure of prevention.

    • It Prevents Diabetes

    Some studies which have been released confirm the importance of the relationship between alkaline water and our sugar intake. Dr. Theodore Baroody talks in his study about the dependency of our pancreas on correct alkaline diets. As a result, the pancreas will produce alkaline digestive enzymes and sodium bicarbonate, reducing the acidity excess. Our pancreas also has the ability to regulate the levels of blood sugar and to create energy in our bodies. As a conclusion, an optimal blood sugar balance will be maintained by alkaline forming diets.

    Japanese Dr. Keijiro Kuwabara who has been treating diabetes using alkaline water has become popular for many years. His opinion is that even if you drink alkaline water for only a month, this will significantly optimize your blood sugar levels.

    • Can Reduce the Symptoms of Psoriasis

    Psoriasis is a skin disease which we already know has no cure. Its symptoms include silver flaky patches of skin on the neck, face, legs and more affected areas. This is a chronic disease which develops when our immunity is threatened by the healthy skin and the result is an inflamed and red appearance.

    It seems that alkaline water can reduce the symptoms of the disorder when applied to the affected skin. It’s also very helpful to switch to drinking only alkaline water instead of regular tap water.

    • Can Reduce the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

    Studies have shown that alkaline water generated a much lower glycation level and reduced liver damage in rats which had poor sugar blood. If you’re wondering why this is important, we’ll also give you an explanation.

    Glycation represents the reaction which takes place when simple sugar molecules such as glucose and fructose become attached to lipid fats or to proteins without the regular moderation which comes from an enzyme. This causes the formation of rogue molecules which are known as advanced glycation end products or AGEs. They are linked to high health risks such as diabetes and also Alzheimer’s.

    • Helps In Other Health Conditions such as Acid Reflux, High Blood Pressure or High Cholesterol

    There are also a few more studies which show that alkaline water can also help in case of other health conditions.  A study from 2012 demonstrated that by drinking alkaline water with a pH of 8.8 you could deactivate pepsin which is the most important enzyme that causes the development of acid reflux. Other studies suggest that it may also have benefits for patients who suffer from high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

    • People Who Don’t Exercise

    Along with diet, exercise can also alter our pH balance. A diet high in fresh veggies will result in greater levels of alkalinity. It’s also important that the benefits of drinking alkaline water are more visible in people who don’t exercise much or in those who have lots of processed foods in their diets.

    Healthy individuals who have healthy diets and who regularly exercise might fail to notice much change in their state from drinking this kind of water, but it’s also beneficial for prevention. Be very sure that even if you don’t notice much change, you’ll definitely benefit from drinking alkaline water.

    • It is Great for Athletes

    Intense physical activity results in the production of more hydrogen ions by our muscles which our body has a hard time removing efficiently. This will cause an increased fatigue and drink alkaline water will enhance the body’s buffering capacity, tempering the acidity levels and also improving the physical performance.

    The minerals have the ability to decrease cardio-respiratory stress and blood lactate responses, and it also improves power output in endurance athletes.

    • Alkaline Water Maintains Gut Health

    Oxidation reduction potential also known as ORP represents a measure of the tendency to gain or lose electrons when a new species is present. ORP seems to be related to bacteria from our gut and it can influence it. Alkaline water possesses a negative ORP which means that it might offer some powerful disinfectant properties and it protects our gut from dangerous microorganisms.

    • Start Saving Money With an Alkaline Water Machine

    If you purchase an alkaline water machine, you’ll see that it is significantly cheaper than lots of products which are available on the market and this is also a one-time purchase. You can consider the costs of some fancy supplements over the years, buying bottled water and don’t forget lots of visits to the doctors. It’s better if you invest in an alkaline ionizing water machine which you’ll have for the rest of your life having access to antioxidants that will ensure an overall good health.

    As you can see, the benefits of drinking alkaline water are plenty, and taking into consideration all the ways in which this kind of water can improve your health, you shouldn’t wait any longer before making the switch. By drinking alkaline water you diminish the risks of developing serious health issues.

    Drinking alkaline water is generally considered a safe thing to do since its composition includes minerals which are beneficial to our overall health, but – important to remember- only for some people, and only in certain circumstances.

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