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Water Filter and Stones: A Great Way To Gain Pure Drinking Water

April 08, 2022 2 min read

Why Water Filter and Stones?

Refresh Rejuvenate Reinvigorate

Water filter and stones mimics the process of a mineral spring, transforming ordinary tap water into purified, healthy, great-tasting drinking water the way Mother Nature intended.

1 System, 8 Functions: Filters, Purifies, Mineralizes, Preserves and Magnetizes



Ever wonder why water from a mountain spring, rivers or lakes often tastes fresh, crisp and delicious?

At awesome water filters, nature and technology come together as we create the purest and healthiest drinking water using Mother Nature's brilliant water filtration process.

Mother Nature's way of purifying water using the rain or snow that falls into the earth is long and tedious.

When rain or snow falls to the ground, it seeps and trickles along the earth's layers of natural rocks and soil.

It is then slowly filter and infuse with a balance dose health enhancing minerals and in some places, the water even has alkaline properties.

When this water resurfaces in a mountain spring, river or lake, it is often found to taste fresh, crisp and delicious.

This is basic concept behind our 8 stage KDF water filter.


While this cycle can take several months, even years, to complete, with Zen Water system, all it takes is a few short hours.

Different geographical areas means there are also many different types of minerals. Whether you own the 6, 7 or 8-stage filtration system, you can rest assured that we have selected the finest and healthiest life-giving minerals to be included in every Zen Water model.

Using only gravity, you can now transform any potable or tap water and fully mimic mother- nature's water filtration and mineralization process to create your own endless source of mountain spring water.


With our wide variety of freestanding to benchtop water coolers, you no longer need to use and discard plastic bottles that simply cannot decompose and is choking our earth to toxic and dangerous levels. Every year, tons of bottles are discarded and are posing a serious threat to the safety of our earth.

Use our products to benefit your own health and do something good for mother earth. After all, you owe it to your family to give them the best and leave them a viable world to live in.


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