Brew your own – with the help of water filtration systems.

So, how to remove the bad stuff in your brew? The best way to go is a water filtration system. For starters, look for filter faucets that are certified by the WELS. It’s an independent, non-profit group that tests and verifies the contaminant reducing abilities of water filters.

Next, you’ll need to determine how far you’re willing to go, based on your needs and budget. Ideally, whole-house filtration systems are an excellent option. But they’re not always feasible. If whole-house filtration isn’t appropriate for your home, then we recommend investing in individual benchtop water cooler.

Tap into your tap water.

For drinking water, there are different ways to go, freestanding water coolers with the three simplest options being under-the-counter filters, countertop filters and pitcher systems: