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  • Choosing a Whole House Water Filter Cartridge

    July 04, 2021 5 min read

    choosing a whole house water filter cartridge
    Pure water in glass and water filters on the blurred background. Household filtration system.

    A whole house water filter system can protect you and your family from illnesses caused by contaminants lurking in your water. Unfortunately, this type of filtration system usually has cartridge filters that you have to replace from time to time. Choosing the best whole house water filter cartridge will ensure that you use clean and safe water every day.

    Cartridge filters have the advantages of being inexpensive, simple to install, and produces no wastewater. However, one of the disadvantages of cartridge filters is that silt can eventually clog the pores of the Water Filter Cartridge membrane, causing pressure drops and reducing water pressure in the house or office.

    The good thing is that they’re very easy to replace! Some pleated cartridges, for example, are even simple to clean and reuse. Cartridge filters are frequently in series installation, with a bigger micron-rated cartridge filter installed first. It’s followed by smaller micron-rated cartridge filters, all the way down to 1 micron.

    Types of Whole House Water Filter Cartridge

    choosing a whole house water filter cartridge

    Filter cartridges for the whole house fall into different categories based on the filter medium or medium they use.


    Filtration of surface water requires the use of a filter. To create a large filtering area, you can use nylon, polypropylene sheets, Teflon, and other materials.

    The pollutants will settle on the filter, forming a layer that will aid with filtration. You must remove the filter cartridge when the pressure drops. You can either wash the filter cartridge or replace it with a fresh one. It’s the most significant benefit of the surface filter.


    Depth filters come in a variety of configurations. Filters out just various sized particles of the surface in water, such as wound string, melt blown or spun cartridges. This item works well when there are many particles in the water and ensures a high degree of efficiency while lowering the rate of water pressure drop.

    When filtering a variety of particle sizes, they operate well. For example, a depth filter cartridge removes and holds more silt in general than a surface filter cartridge without losing pressure.


    One of the most common cartridges used in most water filtration systems is the activated carbon filter cartridge. The filter is extremely effective at removing various chemicals, sediments, and other pollutants from water. The cartridge’s porous membrane can filter out 81 different compounds as well as 50 additional contaminants.


    k series k 2540 micron sediment filter

    Sediment cartridges, which come in a range of styles and micron sizes, remove grit, sand, and rust often found in water that passes through old pipes (pore size of the cartridge).

    In most cases, the sediment filter cartridge is found in the first stage of whole-house filtration. It also prevents big particles from clogging the other section of the water filter, extending its longevity.

    Choosing a Whole House Water Filter Cartridge

    choosing a whole house water filter cartridge

    A whole-house water filtration system ensures that you always have clean water streaming through your bathtubs, faucets, showers, and heating. Unfortunately, there are a lot of variants in the market, making purchasing a bit complicated. However, you do not need to be confused because we will discuss some elements when purchasing a whole-house water filter.


    Household water filters come in a variety of stages. In addition, there are single and multiple stages. It includes several steps in some of the best household water filter cartridges.

    Fortunately, most people prefer multiple-stage water filters over single-stage filters. It’s because of their ability to remove diverse quantities of contaminants, large and small.

    Using multiple-stage filters, it can successfully remove sediments, rust, heavy metals, and chemicals like chlorine from water. In addition, some filters include additional features such as a post-filter, UV filter, and water softener. As a result, it ensures that your water is clean and free, and safe to consume.


    The size of a complete water filter’s port is critical in determining the water flow’s pressure. Therefore, a water filter of this size is ideal. 


    A water filtration unit with 2.5-inch-by-20-inch filters, on the other hand, can deliver enough water to your home appliances without lowering the pressure.

    Even though installing a whole house water filter method is difficult and time-consuming, it’s worthwhile. It’s also important to pay attention to whether or not the unit you’re buying is simple to set up. It shouldn’t be too difficult to install because you can always hire an expert to do it for you.


    It isn’t the best method because you don’t want to switch off the water supply every month to change the filter cartridges. So go ahead and check for the filter cartridges mentioned above to ensure quality and longevity!

    The longer your filter cartridge lasts, the less you’ll have to change it and maintain it! So, have a look at the product we reviewed above, and keep your wallets open for long-lasting water filter cartridges!

    COMMON QUESTIONS: Whole House Water Filter Cartridge

    choosing a whole house water filter cartridge

    What Whole House Water Filter is the Best?

    One benefit of whole-house filter housings is that you may try out several water filter cartridges to find which one works best for your needs.

    In general, pleated 50-micron filter cartridges are recommended, followed by a dual-grade 25/1 micron depth filter.

    Dual-grade depth filters are recommended for very fine particles in the 1 to the 5-micron range. It filters starting at 50 microns on the exterior and filters down to 5 microns on the inside, making them particularly effective against various silt particles.

    Standard spun or string wound filters remove 2.3 times the silt that dual-grade filter cartridges remove.

    Is It Necessary To Have A Whole House Filter Cartridge?

    If you’re unwilling to invest a few dollars on a whole home filter cartridge, your healthy lifestyle will be at risk. Water-borne illnesses, according to WHO reports, pose a significant threat to human life.

    So, if you want to be on the safe side, choose high-quality filter cartridges! A high-quality product guarantees long-term efficacy and trust.

    How Often Should Filter Cartridges Be Replaced?

    It depends on how long your filter has been in use and how much you’ve used it. The normal filter life is about three months, but if your drinking water is dusty, you’ll need to replace your filter cartridge.


    Choosing a great whole house filter cartridge together with a good filtration system model is the key to ensuring that you use clean and safe water. Choose a water filter cartridge with a Gallons Per Minute rating of 2x the desired flow rate if possible. In addition, the cartridge will last closer to or up to the suggested six-month replacement duration for best cost efficiency.