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How and Who Repairs Water Coolers?

July 05, 2021 4 min read

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Let’s face it. One of the best investments we made in our adulthood is a water cooler dispenser. It gives us the freedom to enjoy cold water whenever we like. We rely on our water coolers for an endless sparkling clean hot and cold water supply in offices, homes, schools, and gyms. So, what should you do if your water cooler breaks down? How and who repairs water coolers when they finally give up?

It’s a cost-effective and relatively simple task to repair a water cooler dispenser on your own. Hot or cold water that is too tepid and spouts that do not dispense rapidly enough due to wear or blockage are common symptoms of needing repairs.

What are the Basic Troubleshooting Techniques?

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If your water cooler isn’t operating, it’s most likely the issue is with the power source. Check that it is properly plugged in at the wall. Also, check if the mains power is on.


Next, check your water supply if it’s turned on but not distributing water. In the case of bottle-filled water coolers, make sure the bottle isn’t empty and that the reservoir has enough water.


Airlocks can form in water coolers with top-filled bottles, restricting the flow of water to the taps. You can solve this by simply removing and replacing the bottle.


A faulty connection of the hose between the probe head (on top of the bottle) and the water pump is a common cause of flow troubles with bottom-filled water coolers. Make to complete place the hose into both.

#5 CHECK THE MAIN TAP (if applicable)

If your water cooler has a proper connection to the mains, make sure that the switch of the main tap is on. Check any pipes and couplings to see if the unit is linked to the mains water supply. Look for any leaks behind or around the base of the water cooler.

Who Repairs Water Coolers?


If you think you have a basic knowledge or a guide to help you do a DIY repair, then why not? Depending on the nature of the issue with your water cooler, you may be able to resolve it quickly. Maintaining your water cooler is critical for avoiding costly problems later on. When a need for a repair arises, if you keep your water cooler regularly, you are more likely to know which cooler element is causing the problem.

If you think you’ve done all basic troubleshooting and it’s still not working, then maybe it’s time to call a water cooler dispenser in Australia. 

How to Basic Repair a Water Cooler Dispenser by Yourself?


Before everything else, make sure your water dispenser is not connected to a power source, or you’ll get shocked. Yes, even if it’s not working as it should be.


Remove the water jug from the water cooler and the top covering. You will eventually find coils inside that’s responsible for keeping your water hot and cold. Clean it thoroughly until all debris is gone. Experts recommend using a mild cleaning solution to clean the coils properly.


There’s a general reset method in water coolers but make sure to read your manual if it has any special reset process. Any residual water should be drained and wiped dry. Replace the jug after plugging your cooler back into the electrical outlet. Instead, look for the switch on the back, which also serves as a reset button. Please turn it off and unplug your cooler again, leaving it unplugged overnight. Wait three to five hours after plugging it back in the next day before putting a new jug in the reservoir and utilizing your water cooler dispenser again. Using this resetting technique can usually solve temperature problems.


For most modern water dispensers, replacement parts are easily accessible from their makers. You can install these parts with a screwdriver.

With dispenser coils, corrosion is a typical issue over time. When installing the replacements, ensure sure they’re all in the same area and, if applicable, test both dispenser spouts. The same procedure applies to installing your new water spouts. It may take some work to lock these into place fully, and it’s a good idea to check for leaks around the edges, reduced water flow, and other issues after that.


Finally, get a new, unopened water jug to replace your old one. If you plan on storing your spare water jugs for an extended period, you should test the water in both the jars and your dispenser for pollutants regularly.

How and Who Repairs Water Coolers: FINAL THOUGHTS

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How and who repairs water coolers is a piece of essential knowledge, especially if a water cooler is the main thing in your home or office. Always remember that if you don’t feel safe or comfortable repairing your dispenser, you can always call for professional help. You can try and contact your local dispenser manufacturer so you can also avail of a warranty.

To avoid such circumstances, it’s also a must to regularly maintain the cleanliness of your water cooler. Read these tips to keep your water cooler safe and clean.

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