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  • Clean Water at Your Fingertips: A Review of Counter Top Reverse Osmosis Products

    February 13, 2024 5 min read

    The pursuit of clean, safe, and tasty water has been a human endeavor since time immemorial. And in today's world, one of the most effective ways to attain this is through reverse osmosis (RO) technology. RO is a filtration process that removes many types of large molecules and ions from solutions by applying pressure to the solution on one side of a selective membrane. And when this technology is brought right onto your counter top, pure water becomes just a tap away.

    In this article, we'll guide you through a comprehensive review of counter top reverse osmosis systems available on the market. We've hand-picked products from the Awesome Water Filters range that deserve your attention.

    Before we dive into the product reviews, let's first understand what counter top RO systems are and why you should consider one for your home.

    What is a Counter Top Reverse Osmosis System?

    A counter top reverse osmosis system is a portable, usually compact, water purification device that can be placed directly on your kitchen counter or any flat surface. It connects directly to your faucet and purifies the water on-demand, ensuring you have clean, filtered water whenever you need it.

    These systems utilize a multi-stage filtration process that removes contaminants like lead, chlorine, and harmful bacteria, providing you with water that's not only safe to drink but also tastes great.

    Why Use a Counter Top RO System?

    1. Space-saving: They're compact and portable, making them perfect for small homes, apartments, RVs, or even office spaces.
    2. Installation-free: Most models require no complex installation. You simply connect them to your faucet, and you're good to go.
    3. Quality Water: They use RO technology, which is considered one of the most effective methods for water purification.

    Now, let's look at some top-notch counter top RO systems that you might want to consider.

    1. RO-4000 Benchtop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System with American Alkaline

    reverse osmosis with standard alklaine

    RO-4000 Benchtop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System with American Alkaline from Awesome Water Filters offers a fantastic balance between quality, cost, and performance.

    The RO-4000 not only uses reverse osmosis technology but also incorporates an American Alkaline filter. This means it restores the essential minerals that are often stripped away during the filtration process, giving you water that is not only pure but also nutritionally balanced.


    • Easy to install and operate
    • Restores essential minerals
    • High flow rate


    • Larger than some other countertop models

    2. Portable RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

    portable ro reverse osmosis water filter system

    For those seeking portability, this Portable RO system should be your go-to. Its compact design makes it perfect for small kitchens, offices, or for those who love to travel but don't want to compromise on water quality. Despite its small size, this unit is still powerful, providing the same level of filtration as larger models.


    • Highly portable, perfect for travel
    • Comprehensive 4-stage filtration
    • Easy to connect and use


    • The small size might mean more frequent filter changes

    3. RO-3000 Benchtop Reverse Osmosis Portable Alkaline Filtered Water Unit

    ro 3000 water filter system

    The RO-3000 is another excellent option for those seeking clean, pure water. This unit not only removes contaminants but also reintroduces beneficial minerals back into the water through its alkaline filter.

    This system uses a six-stage filtration process, ensuring that the water you drink is of the highest quality possible. The inclusion of the alkaline filter is a standout feature, as it raises the pH level of the water, making it healthier and tastier.


    • Six-stage filtration process for superior water quality
    • Alkaline filter for mineral reintroduction
    • Compact and easy to use


    • May require more counter space than other models

    To top it all off, all these models from Awesome Water Filters come with a promise of quality and customer service that has made the company a trusted name in the water filtration industry.

    How to Choose the Right Counter Top RO System

    Now that we've reviewed some top-quality counter top RO systems, let's discuss what you should consider when choosing the right one for you.

    1. Space: Take a good look at where you plan to place the system. Some units may be too large for cramped kitchens or small offices, while others are compact enough to fit just about anywhere.

    2. Filtration Stages: More stages usually mean better filtration, but it can also mean a larger unit. Decide what's more important for you – space or filtration quality.

    3. Alkaline Filter: Systems with alkaline filters not only purify water, but they also add beneficial minerals back in. If this is important to you, choose a system that includes this feature.

    4. Ease of Installation and Use: A system that's easy to install and use can save you a lot of time and hassle. Consider this, especially if you're not particularly handy or don't want to spend a lot of time on setup and maintenance.

    5. Budget: Of course, cost is always a factor. Decide what features are most important to you, and find a system that offers those within your budget.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Counter Top Reverse Osmosis Systems

    1. How does a counter top reverse osmosis system work?

    A counter top reverse osmosis system works by forcing water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane filters out contaminants, including harmful bacteria, heavy metals, and organic materials, leaving you with clean and pure water.

    2. How often should I change the filters on my counter top RO system?

    The frequency of changing filters will depend on the model of your RO system and the quality of your water. Generally, pre-filters (sediment and carbon filters) should be replaced every 6-12 months, and the RO membrane itself every 2-3 years. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for the best advice.

    3. Does reverse osmosis remove healthy minerals from water?

    Yes, the RO process does remove some healthy minerals from water. However, many RO systems, like the RO-4000 and RO-3000 from Awesome Water Filters, include a remineralization stage that adds beneficial minerals back into the purified water.

    4. Can a counter top RO system be used with any type of faucet?

    Most counter top RO systems are designed to fit standard kitchen faucets. If your faucet is non-standard, you might need an adaptor, which is usually readily available.

    5. Do counter top RO systems waste water?

    Yes, like all RO systems, counter top models do produce some waste water. However, the ratio of purified water to waste water has been improving in recent years with technological advancements. You can use the waste water for plants, cleaning, or other non-drinking purposes.

    6. Are counter top RO systems expensive to maintain?

    While there are costs associated with replacing filters and membranes, they are generally not excessive. The exact cost will depend on your model and the quality of your source water. In the long run, having an RO system can be more cost-effective than buying bottled water.

    7. How does water from a counter top RO system taste?

    Water purified by an RO system typically tastes fresh, clean, and delicious. This is because the process removes contaminants and impurities that can give water a bad taste. Systems with remineralization stages can even enhance the taste by adding beneficial minerals back into the water.


    In conclusion, a counter top reverse osmosis system can be a great addition to your home or office, providing clean, safe, and tasty water on-demand. The products from Awesome Water Filters mentioned in this review are some of the best in the market, offering a balance of quality, ease of use, and affordability. With this guide, we hope you'll find the perfect system to meet your hydration needs.

    So, are you ready to enjoy the taste of clean, pure water right at your fingertips? It's time to invest in a counter top reverse osmosis system!